ZackTTG Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

ZackTTG Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $1,15 Million
Birthday: Jan 19, 1989
Age: 34 years old
Height: 6 feet (182cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber, Twitch streamer
Instagram @zackttg
Last Updated: June, 2023

ZackTTG also known as Zack Mowley, Zack TTG or The Traveling Gamer is a famous Youtuber and Twitch streamer with an estimate net worth of $1,15 to $1,61 million. He loves sports like football and basketball and his content it’s mostly about sports. Most of his YouTube videos are basketball related. He shows himself with friends playing and carrying out different challenges to keep his viewers engaged. He gets income from engineering jobs, promoting, advertising, Twitch donations and his YouTube channel.

How Did ZackTTG Become Rich?

Zack Mowley was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA on a 19th of January of 1989, which makes him 34 years old at the date of writing this article. He was always interested in video games and sports. He attended Chino Hills High School where he played basketball. After graduating as an electrical engineer in Los Angeles, California, he started to work all around the United States of America and Canada and started to record himself on a travel vlog which he called The Traveling Gamer.

In 11th of July of 2015 he opened his YouTube channel, where he has over a million subscribers, and later on the same year his Twitch account where he holds more than 160k followers. This success is mainly possible because people watching his videos and live streams found them to be hilarious and engaging. As soon as he opened his YouTube channel, he flooded it with followers, and now he has over 1 million followers and more than 100,000,000 views.

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What Is ZackTTG Net Worth?

Can you guess where his money comes from? I bet you can. As we stated earlier he is an electrical engineer and that is one of his sources of income, he does some tasks as an electrical engineer. But what also made him famous was his Twitch account and YouTube channel.

We don’t know his exact net worth, but it is calculated at around $1,15 Million, which it’s only a minimum. We can calculate a total of $287 thousand per year in cash flow made from advertisements just by doing the simple calculation of his YouTube earnings. Knowing that YouTube pays around $4-$7 per every thousand views if we divide his views by one thousand and then multiply that for $7 we get a six-figure number of over $700,000 just in YouTube advertising revenue. When you add to that promotion contracts with the brands he promoted in his videos is where we think he passed the Million threshold.

He also gets donations on Twitch and has done some promotions for brands like McDonald, LG, Seat geek and Stance Socks. With all this, we estimate a net worth of $1.15 to $1.6 Million US Dollars.

TTG doubled his net worth in a week after he won a Custom Lamborghini after betting and wining a one on one to 12 points to FaZe Rug in his own home basketball court.

How ZackTTG Spends His Money?

Now what does he do with all that money? Well, we know that ZackTTG owns a Toyota Tacoma, we can also see in his Instagram post a picture of him in a jet ski and we know he likes to dress good, but apart from that, he keeps a low key and we don’t know much about that. We also know that he loves Lamborghini, maybe he is saving up to buy one.

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Interesting Facts

  • He attended the same High School as LaMelo Ball, a famous NBA player and also Zack’s friend.
  • Lamelo Ball also featured in some of Zack’s YouTube videos.
  • He is dating Jade Meadows another famous YouTuber and social media personality.
  • His first reaction video was a very controversial one, where he reacted to a Donald Trump’s inauguration speech and left him with loads of views and comments.
  • He is a great basketball player outside his Xbox. But did you know he represented the Dallas Cowboys team as a quarterback?
  • He has 1.6 Million hearts on TikTok and basically any content he does turns to gold.
  • ZackTTG partnered with PS4 to give $500 to anyone who could beat him playing NBA 2k19.
  • The travelling gamer is part of 2hype, a nba2k focus web group.
  • He just needed 10 months to reach 100,000 subscribers for his YouTube channel Zack TTG.
  • Zack shares an apartment with his two friends and also YouTubers Kristopher London and jezer the lazer.
  • What would you do for love? Zack Mowley sure did a lot when he took 3 years of violin lessons just to impress a girl he had a crush on.
  • His favorite color is yellow, and he is a fan of Los Angeles Lakers, is that a coincidence?
  • He played soccer for 13 years until the sport became to stressful for him and decided to change it for football.