Yung Miami Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Yung Miami Net Worth, Age, Height

Yung Miami

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Feb 11, 1994
Age: 28 years old
Height: 5.3 feet (160cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @yungmiami305
Last Updated: December, 2022

Yung Miami is a member of the City Girls, an American hip-hop band. Her net worth is estimated to be around 3 million US dollars. Yung Miami started out as a regular girl from the strip and nightclubs, but she quickly rose to fame thanks to her rap songs. Especially the track “Fuck Dat Nigga“. She is now a well-known rapper and trap musician, and she is still in the band with her partner JT.

How Did Yung Miami Become Rich?

Yung Miami was born in February of 1994. Her birthplace is Miami, Florida. She was born with the name Caresha Romeka Brownlee.

Yung mentioned that she went to school with her boyfriend but the name is not mentioned. During that time, she listened to trap music a lot. At an early age, she was an Instagram influencer and promoted her own fashion line.

Yung Miami and her partner JT began their careers in 2017. City Girls is the name of their duo. Their professional career began when they recorded their first album track, “Fuck Dat Nigga” for their ex-boyfriends. Their ex-boyfriends, according to the duo, did not assist them by giving them cash since they were in need of personal matters. Yung afterward advertised their songs on social media and paid club DJs to play their songs in their Clubs. As a result, their song was sold by thousands and thousands of units in a short period of time. They made over $75,000 in revenue as a result of this. Their performance became so well-known that it was covered by rapper Trina in 2018 and included on the album “Control the Stress, Volume 1“. After that, they gained an additional 100,000.

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After making the new album “Period” in 2018, Yung gained a lot more public attention. Observing their activities throughout the Billboard charts Hot 100 and Social 50, they were even named the most popular developing artist of the week. Within a month, their New album was ranked in the top 16 of Heatseekers Albums. But it was after she participated in an uncredited appearance on Drake’s rap song “In My Feelings” that Yung Miami became a mainstream celebrity. They became more well-known after that, and in November 2018, they launched a new album called “Girl Code“. On the Billboard 200 chart, it was ranked 63rd. Yung Miami is said to have earned a total of $700,000 over this time span.

The City Girls then released a new album called “City on Lock” in June 2020. The album was well-received, and in March 2021, a City Girls song called “Twerkulator” became viral. The song became quite popular, with over 1.1 million usages on TikTok. According to the report, Yung Miami earned a total of over 1 million US dollars during this time.

What Is Yung Miami Net Worth?

Yung Miami has a net worth of 3 million dollars. Let’s go to work on the math. Yung Miami earned a total of 85,000 dollars in their last job. Once that, she made a total of 100,000 USD after her debut song became more popular. She then went on to record two albums during her breakout time. She made more than 600,000 dollars after that. She has now made nearly a million dollars from her most recent record. It’s also been stated that she made an additional $400,000 from various sources.

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Yung Miami owns a residence in Florida. The house, plus the land, is believed to be worth close to 1 million US dollars. She owns two vehicles.  BMW is one of them, and another is Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Their combined net worth is $150,000.

So, Yung Miami total worth is around 3 million US dollars.

How Yung Miami Spends Her Money?

Yung Miami has one son and one daughter. She bears most of the expense of her kids. According to her, she did not have a proper childhood, did not get proper education. So, she will protect her children and make sure that they are getting proper education and lifestyle.

Yung Miami used a significant portion of her earnings to purchase and furnish her home and properties. She also spent her money on high-end automobiles and clothing in order to publicize her celebrity. Yung Miami spends money to promote their albums. It is reported that Yung used to pay various clubs to play their rap songs and promote their hip hop band City Girls.

Interesting Facts

  • Yung Miami grew up in a difficult part of town. She grew up in Liberty City, a very violent and drug-infested neighborhood. She was not properly educated or supervised by her parents. Her mother was a drug addict, therefore she did not have a happy childhood, she said. At the age of 17, she attended strip clubs and nightclubs. She had a lover who she requested money from since she was in need, but he refused. As a result, she ended her relationship with him. This is the primary reason for her fortune and current status.
  • Yung Miami had a boyfriend that is mentioned earlier. She is married to two men. From one of them, she had a son and a daughter from another one. But sadly, the father of her son died in 2020 as he was shot to death. Her other husband is a famous American record producer known as Southside.
  • Yung Miami has a controversy of being homophobic. In 2013, Yung Miami posted that she would not let her son become a gay. She will stop him by beating him if she has to. This stormed social media with angry fans claiming that Yung Miami is homophobic and insulting the LGBTQ community. Later on, Yung Miami made a public apology that she did not intend to hurt their feelings but everything was intended for her son only. She does not want a gay son but she loves the community as she has friends from the community.
  • When JT was in jail, Yung Miami continued to work hard and promote their City Girls band. She used to make paid promotions of their songs during the time. It is Ying Miami that kept the band alive.