Yanet Garcia Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Yanet Garcia Net Worth, Age, Height

Yanet Garcia

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Nov 14, 1990
Age: 32 years old
Height:  5.5feet (168cm)
Birthplace: Mexico
Occupation: TV-personality, Actress
Instagram @iamyanetgarcia
Last Updated: February, 2023

Yanet Cristal Garcia is a well-known Mexican meteorologist, social media influencer and former model, born in Monterrey, Mexico, in November 1990.Garcia has quickly made a name for herself in the Latin American media. Known for her looks, body and charm, it is not surprising that Garcia is worth 5 million US Dollars in 2023.

How Did Yanet Garcia Become Rich?

Garcia began her career as a small-scale model at the age of fifteen years old. Garcia continued down this career path until she landed a career in the media industry.

Garcia got offered a position with Televisa Monterrey News as a meteorologist, the beginning of her fame.

She became known as the meteorologist who dressed in well-fitted outfits for her job in media. She proved, to the public, that a woman can be professional and still dress in a way that accentuates her womanhood.

Eventually, she became the official meteorologist for Sports News and Sports Grid. Once her fame increased, she opened her modelling school in Monterrey at twenty years old, ‘Yanet Garcia Models’ to train upcoming models.

Garcia proved herself to be a multi-faceted individual as she moved into social media influencing by starting a YouTube channel. The channel has gained over 500,000 subscribers by now.

The content Garcia posts include workout videos, vlogs, questions and answers videos and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Her Instagram page gained traction as she began to post clips from her news channel segments, pictures of her in various outfits and promoting various brands (from brand deals).

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The brands she works with include, but are not limited to, LatinGal Boutique, Maxim, AWA Hydrate, Studio F Mexico.

In April of 2020, Garcia confirmed, on Instagram, that she had started an OnlyFans account. The monthly charge per user was 20 US Dollars.

Garcia has also appeared in movies such as Access Hollywood, Bellezonismo and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

With an Instagram following of 14 million and a Twitter account of nearly 1,500,000 million followers, it is safe to assume she gets paid for advertising and influencing.

What Is Yanet Garcia Net Worth?

Garcia does not look like she has any intention of slowing down with her success. If her current success is a show of anything, her net worth will grow in the coming years.

In 2019, Garcia had a net worth an estimated 3 million US Dollars. In February, 2023, Garcia is estimated to have a net worth of over 5 million US Dollars; although there is no exact breakdown of her income, her wealth has accumulated through various career paths – her careers in modelling, television and influencing.

Her OnlyFans is rumored to make anywhere between 314,000 to 524,000 US Dollars a month.

Garcia estimated salary annually is 61,143 US Dollars and one of her monthly salaries is said to be about 8000 US Dollars.

How Yanet Garcia Spends Her Money?

There is not a lot of information about how she spends her money but it is known that Garcia owns a Jeep Wrangler car and a bike collection.

It can also be assumed that she spends her money on her healthy lifestyle; through gym memberships, meal plans among other ways.

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Interesting Facts

  • Garcia became famous for her being an unconventional weather news presenter; as she is considered conventionally attractive.
  • Garcia dated a professional gaming Youtuber, Faze Censor. They broke up because they both wanted to focus on their careers. Her next partner was a professional football player; they broke up because Garcia created an OnlyFans account.
  • Garcia is passionate about fitness and often posts clips/reels on Instagram of her workouts at the gym; she is a student of nutrition and a professional fitness trainer.
  • Garcia comes from a single-parent home (a single mother) and has one sibling; Garcia is a very private individual; there is not a lot of information about her online and most of the available information is based on rumors and speculation. Garcia herself never responds to or clears up the rumors.
  • Garcia is multilingual; she speaks English and Spanish.