xQc Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

XQC Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth

Félix Lengyel (xQc)

Net Worth: $6 Million
Birthday: Nov 12, 1995
Age: 27 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (188cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Professional Overwatch player, Streamer
Twitch xqcow
YouTube xQcOW
Instagram @xqcow1
Last Updated: June, 2023

Félix Lengyel, known as xQc for general public, is a former Canadian professional Overwatch player and Twitch streamer as of now. He has 6 million followers on Twitch and 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Being one of the most famous Twitch personalities, his net worth is estimated between 5 to 7 million USD.

How Did xQc Become Rich?

xQc began his Twitch career in 2014, but at a time streaming wasn’t so popular and he wasn’t getting any good money out of it. Hence he tried his skills in eSport, first in League of Legends and later in Overwatch. The latter was his lucky ticket and after applying for the team DatZit Gaming he won his first prize at the Dreamhack Montreal in 2016.

From 2016 to 2019 was a period when he tried to himself in a different eSport teams. After DatZit Gaming he got recruited into team ‘Q?’. The team was financed by Denial eSports, but it was short-lived as the players weren’t receiving their money. Later xQc claimed, that Denial eSports still owns him and his former team members $2,900.

At a time he wasn’t popular Twitch streamer, although that was the time when he got his first die hard fans and followers. Playing on a professional Overwatch stage definitely helps to grow an audience and Félix knew that very well. So he kept trying to get into eSport, assembling a team called ‘YIKES!’. But this name was short-lived and after they got Blizzard attention the team’s name was changed to Arc 6.

With this team, xQc qualified into Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders but never got past the group stage. The next tournament was more successful as they got into semi-finals of the Beat Invitational: Season 2 and won their third place. In July 2017 xQc left the team and reasons for that are still unknown.

He later played for Team Canada, Dallas Fuel, GOATS and Gladiators Legion from the period of 2017 to 2019. In the last year of his eSports career he got suspended, but that wasn’t a big deal for Félix Lengyel: he got his publicity level necessary to become an independent from anyone full-time Twitch streamer. At a time he already had 1 million followers and more than 30 000 subscribers each months which was earning him a decent amount of cash. Down below we brake xQc net worth and how much he earns from Twitch, YouTube and paid sponsorships.

What Is xQc Net Worth?

xQc net worth is estimated to be around 4-6 million $. The exact number is unknown, but here we can brake it into several categories to find how much money xQc earns per year or month from different platforms and how to calculate his net worth.

Let’s start with xQc’s sources of income.

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How much money xQc makes from Twitch

Currently, Twitch is the main source of income for xQc. Having 6 million followers and over 70 0000 paid subscribers is not something every average Joe has (but dreams of!) and Félix is making good amount of money from them. But how?

First of all, paid subscriptions. As of October 2021, xQc has around 75 thousand subscribers. For the simplicity sake, let’s pretend all of them are $4.99 and ignore $9.99 or $24.99. Twitch takes 50% as fees, so $4.99 x 76 000 x .5 gives us $189 620 alone! But that’s not all! If you are a premium streamer (and Félix is definitely one of them), Twitch cut is lower and only 30%. Thus, 4.99 x 76 000 x .7  will give us 265 468 USD xQc has made in the last month from paid Twitch subscribers alone.

Moving on we have twitch ads which run from time to time when a user watches someone’s stream. They are paid per view (PPV), so when someone is watching xQc’s stream and in a middle of it gets some ad that’s when the streamer gets his money. PPV ads are counted per 1000 views, but rates for Twitch are unknown. Some say that for the US rates are 3.5 dollars per 100 views, some say that it is a little over $1 per 1000 US-viewers. Different Twitch calculators present different information as well. But even if we assume that Twitch pays 1 dollar per 1000 views, the sum is going to be high anyway: the last month xQC had over 28 million views (!), so this results in 28 000 USD. If rates for ads are higher, the estimate earnings increases to 56 000 ($2 per 1000) or to 84 000 ($3 per 1000).

Paid promotions and direct advertisements. This is goldmine for you if you are as famous as xQc: your direct messages will be spammed to death with deals from game developers, manufacturers and ad agencies to promote their game, gaming accessory, raise their brand awareness and so on and so forth. xQc was and is a part of such deals: in October 2020 xQc signed a deal with Luminosity Gaming to be a content creator. Although that wasn’t an only deal that year: apart from some “minor” advertisements, xQc took his part in promoting Valorant closed beta in march 2020. It was very successful for him, as he installed his new record of 222,720 peak users. That stream has 1,971,819 unique users and this record still holds as well.

For obvious reasons, information on how much xQc earns from direct promotions is unknown. The price for an advertisement ranges from several thousands dollars to tens of thousands or even more. And don’t forget about the money that he earns when someone buys through his affiliate links.

And don’t forget about donations! Some of them can be as low as few bucks but others are several hundred or thousand dollars each.

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All in all, from Twitch xQc earns some decent money. If we take the minimum value, it would be a little over 200 thousand US dollars per month. But this figure is too low and unrealistic, to be honest. The more realistic one is at least $300 000 per month without direct promotions and donations. If we take them into account as well we enter the area of speculations, and the final sum could be 20-40% higher, up to 400 000 USD and above.

How much money xQc makes from YouTube

xQc’s YouTube channel is not his primary source of income: he has less than 2 million subs on the platform and YouTube is known to be less money-making for creators rather than Twitch. Although Félix continues to develop his YT channel and as of summer 2021 he has over 775 million views and this number is growing.

As for the earnings, Socialblade.com gives us $9.1K  –  $146K estimated monthly earnings for 40 million views. The money value Socialblade generates is based on payment per 1000 views for different countries. For country like India 40 million views will be more likely to generate $9 100 while for the USA this money value is way higher. And since xQc is popular streamer in the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries we can safely assume that he makes from YouTube PPV ads way more than a little over 9k$. Is it 146 000 USD? Definitely, no! (Haven’t you heard about famous YT ad policies?) Probably, it is time to pick an average number of approximately 70 000$ per month which xQc makes from YT ads.

There are paid promotions as well, but since we do not have our hands on the information how much does xQc charges for direct advertisements we decide not to include them here.

Other sources of income

Apart from earning money from Twitch and YouTube, xQc owns a subreddit called xQcOW (what a surprise!) with a little over 200 thousand members which could potentially be another source of his wealth generation. For example, that is the site where his merchandise was promoted.

Apart from selling his merch, xQc’s offline activities can bring even more money to the table. Do you remember Ninja’s New Years Eve event? xQc one of the top Twitch streamers and he definitely can sign up for stuff like this (to bring us some memes, of course 🙂 .

So, what’s are xQc earnings per month in 2021? They range from $270 000 (too low and unrealistic) to $370 000 (more real) or even up to $400-450 thousands (too high, probably) per month. If he continues his streaming and YouTube careers he definitely can brake that half a million figure per month in 2022.

But what about his net worth, how do we calculate it? That’s a bit tough, but nothing is impossible. In 2021 he already made more than $2 million from all his sources combined. In 2020 he has made minimum of $1 372 250 from Twitch subscribers alone (approximately 550 000 times subscribed throughout the year; $4.99 per subscription and 50% is Twitch cut); add to this number Twitch ads, YT and paid promotions and $2 million looks like a real figure.

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XQC subcribers per month
The data for XQC subs per month up to January 2022. The data for the last month is incomplete.

In 2019 xQc average sub count per month was 24 000: this makes $60 000 per month or 720 000 USD from Twitch subscribers alone. Adding other sources of income we get a figure of at least $1 million dollars earned by the streamer in 2019.

Here you go: in 2019, 2020 and 2021 xQc has already made over $5 000 000 (probably much more, since this is a minimum value). If we add his previous years, we get the figure of at 5 million USD xQc net worth including his movable and immovable properties.

October 2021 UPDATE: If we are to believe the leak from 4chan dated October 6, XQC has made $750,000 in September of 2021. The total amount of money he has made from August 2019 to September 2021 subscribers amounts to 8,454,427.17 US dollars. Remember, this figure doesn’t include donations and promotional stuff he does time from time on his channel.

Based on that we can assume that XCQ in the latest quarter of 2021 has made at least 2 million USD.

How xQc Spends His Money?

Despite being born in Canada, xQc lives his life in Texas in his house. Not much information is available on how he spends his money, although based on his streams he lives a flamboyant lifestyle, getting from life as much as he can.

Interesting Facts

  • His nickname is made from the last letter of his name Félix and from postal acronym of the province Quebec where he was born.
  • xQc was banned several times from participating in the Overwatch  tournaments. The latest ban he received was in 2019 and that’s when he decided to abandon his eSports career and focus on streaming altogether.
  • He is not married but has a girlfriend Adept (her Instagram @adeptthebest). They broke up in the early 2021 but in December back together.
  • The streamer is known for getting banned several times from the GTA RP server NoPixel.
  • XQC is often found in the center of Twitch drama.