Tyrus Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Tyrus Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Feb 21, 1973
Age: 49 years old
Height: 6.6 feet (201cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Wrestler, Actor
Instagram @tyrussmash
Last Updated: December, 2022

The American George Murdoch, popularly known as Tyrus, is a professional wrestler, actor, and political commentator on cable television. The wrestler is known primarily for his stint with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as Brodus Clay. He adopted the name Tyrus during his time in Impact Wrestling and continues to use this name now. National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) signed him on 11th March 2021, and he is their Television Champion now. His net worth is estimated to be around 2 million USD.

How Did Tyrus Become Rich?

On 21st February 1973, George Murdoch was born to a white mother, who was 15-years-old and a black father, who was 19-years-old, making him a biracial child. In one of his interviews, he mentioned his abusive father’s assault damaged his eye. That incident was detrimental to the extent that his mother took him and his brother and left their father for good. Sadly, the siblings were not welcome at their maternal grandparent’s home due to their biracial nature. George Murdoch had to live in a foster home for years, which made him obsessed about changing his skin color so that he could be reunited with his mother. Although he was reunited with his family, he departed his home at the young age of 15.

He used to go to the Quartz Hill High School, in Los Angeles, California in 1990; and later attended the Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California in 1992. He studied to become a teacher in University of Nebraska in Kearney, Nebraska. Although he played college football, his career came to an abrupt end when a surgery severed nerve endings in his leg. As a result, he walks with a permanent limp.

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His life took a turn for the better when he was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) in 2006. He performed in their developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling (DSW) under the ring name G-Rilla. His gimmick was that of a street thug. His first stint with WWE ended in 2008 when they released him from his contract.

He was later resigned by WWE in January 2010 and shipped to the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), another WWE developmental territory. Although he used his previous ring name G-Rilla initially, it was later changed to Brodus Clay in May 2010. The name was a witty play on American rapper Snoop Dogg’s real name.

He was moved up to WWE’s NXT brand, where Ted DiBiase Jr. and Maryse Ouellet Mizanin were his mentors. His breakthrough came when he aligned himself with Mexican American star Alberto Del Rio. He started working as Alberto Del Rio’s bodyguard and debuted on the main roster of WWE’s RAW on 7th March 2011.

In the meantime, in 2011, he briefly disappeared from WWE for three months as he had the opportunity to act in a film named No One Lives, which was released in 2012. On his return to WWE, he adopted the fun-loving fan-favourite gimmick called the Funkasaurus while aligning himself with Naomi and Cameron, who were collectively known as the Funkadactyls. As Brodus Clay, he participated on various storylines throughout WWE before his eventual departure from the company in 2014.

After his departure, he joined Impact Wrestling, formerly known as the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and renamed himself as Tyrus in 2014. He was involved in several storylines with revered wrestlers, such as Eric Young, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ethan Carter III, Bobby Lashley, Eli Drake, etc. His request to leave was granted by the promotion on 18th August 2017 because he did not want to work with Jeff Jarrett and his GFW promotion.

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Yet, five months later, he returned to Impact Wrestling to face Ethan Carter III. It was a short term return as he left the company again on 18th April 2018. His reasoning behind the departure was poor decision making and creativity regarding his gimmick.

After leaving Impact Wrestling, he wrestling for a few wrestling promotions in the independent circuit, including Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore on 8th December 2018. He keeps using his Impact Wrestling ring name ‘Tyrus’ everywhere.

Currently, he is signed to National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), whom he joined on 11th March 2021. Within five months on joining the company, he won their NWA World Television Championship by defeating The Pope on NWA Extra Power.

While wrestling and acting, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld offered him the opportunity to make an appearance as a guest commentator on the Greg Gutfeld Show. Afterwards, he began to regularly contribute to the Daily Briefing with Fox News host Dana Perino.

He was also the co-host of Un-PC, which aired on Fox Nation between 2018 and 2019. He also premiered another show called Nuff Said on Fox Nation in 2019. However, in 2019, his co-host from Un-PC, Britt McHenry, accused him of sexual harassment. The issue was investigated and resolved internally by Fox News. Yet, Britt McHenry filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him and Fox News on 10th December 2019.

On the personal front, since 2014, George ‘Tyrus’ Murdoch is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend Ingrid Rinck, founder of Sensible Meals and an advocate for mental health. According to his Twitter post, he proposed his girlfriend on 26th April 2020. The couple have a daughter, Georgia (born in 2014), from their relationship and Tyrus also has two other children from a previous relationship.

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What Is Tyrus Net Worth?

Tyrus’ primary earnings come from his career as a professional wrestler. He has also acted in several movies and hosted a handful of shows. As a result, his net worth his reported to be around 2 million USD.

How Tyrus Spends His Money?

Although he a well-known celebrity, he does not like to flaunt his personal life on social media like others. He shares occasional glimpses into his life, so there is not much data available on how he spends his hard-earned money.

Interesting Facts

  • He worked as a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg.
  • His ring name Brodus Clay was a spin on Snoop Dogg’s real name.
  • He allegedly sexually harassed his co-host Britt McHenry.
  • He weighs around 170kg (375 pounds).
  • He is 2.06 m (6 feet 9 inches) tall.