Tsu Surf Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Tsu Surf Net Worth, Age, Height

Tsu Surf

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Jan 15, 1990
Age: 33 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @tsu_surf
Last Updated: March, 2023

Tsu Surf, who is originally named as Rahjon Cox and also known as The Devil’s Grandson, is a rapper based in New York known for his domineering collection of rap pieces. Cox found his way to fame through his experiences in the battle rap arena wherein he expressed such talent that he did not know would push him to a higher level of artistry and performance. With all this career success, Tsu Surf net worth in 2023 is approximately more than $2 million.

How Did Tsu Surf Become Rich?

Cox was born on January 15, 1990 in New Jersey to both Afro-American parents. They were a mediocre family, but he was raised in a place with a lot of crimes and other illegal activities going on. Since no parent would want harm towards their son, Cox was very protected at that time. He was told to just stay at home in fear of his parents that he would be involved in unpleasant activities. Despite all these, Cox was still introduced to a bent lifestyle. He began giving his time to the people of their neighborhood who were nothing but bad influences to him and each other. He got exposed to various illegal activities such as drug-dealing.

On a positive note, Cox has always had a knack for music. He was heavily inspired by the famous rappers, Jada Kiss and Jay Z. Further improving his exceptional talent, he was able to be featured in different rap events or so-called “battles” in which he competed with several rappers like Geechi Gotti, Rum Nitty, and Hollow da Don.

Cox also had a chance to collaborate with Joe Budden on numerous projects. With his strong lyrical brilliance and wordplay, he continued working hard until he featured Kevin Durant in one of his songs entitled “Want It”. Unfortunately, in 2017, he was imprisoned for aggravated assault charges. Prior to this, he was also known for having charges related to guns, but in 2018, the hashtag Free Cox trended online and Cox was always mentioned in rap battles.

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In January 2019, he released his album, Seven25, as his way of transitioning from the battle rap era. The said album earned significant spots on iTunes and Billboard which features MOZZY. Moreover, its second single features Tokyo Jet and Beanie Siegel.

The year 2019 had been nothing but one of Cox’s best ones. He fully established himself as an artist. At that time, his album hit the charts at the same year that he was defending his title as one of the best battle rappers in the world.

From being one of too many battlers, he has become a host in the same SMACK/URL events he used to participate in. Despite this transition, Cox believes that the battler in him will never go away from his spirit, as he started everything from the battle era, and has credited him as a veteran rapper of the arena.

Cox sealed his 2019 with a collaboration with MOZZY once again and worked with several others like Don Q and Boosie Badazz in their album entitled Blood Cuzzins. The next year, he released a follow-up for Blood Cuzzins which is his project named “MSKYM” which stands for “Make Sure You Kill Me”. This has been dedicated to his “new” chance in life which also showcased Cox’s incredible talent in lyricism and collaborations.

The famous rapper continues promoting MSKYM in 2021 wherein he dropped its Deluxe version in January. Cox also confirmed that he has another mixtape and album coming up which will both feature more collaborations with biggest artists in the industry. He is surely dedicated to achieve more and show the world how his talent is worth sharing beyond the United States.

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What Is Tsu Surf Net Worth?

Belonging to the music industry can both be overwhelmingly good and frustratingly uncertain at times. After all, it is the demand of the people for an artist’s music that keeps them earning. Hence, the pressure to maintain the groove and improve their quality of music. Not to mention, that they have to uphold their image almost flawlessly since they are considered a celebrity; however, with Cox, he managed to just grow and widen his career from battle rap stages to music festivals along with the big rapper stars. All of his projects and streams lead Tsu Surf to owning a wealth of more than $2 million as of 2023.

Since the world is digitized now, his songs and albums can be found, streamed, and bought from several sources like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. From this, Cox earns $400,000-$600,000 from the streams his albums have. Moreover, he also generates his wealth from the orders of his CDs, his guest appearances, which approximately cost around $0.05 to $0.06 per CD for every 100,000 s0ld and $25,000-$50,000 for every show.

Tsu Surf has also conquered YouTube, having 69,500 subscribers and a total of almost 12 million views of all his videos as of writing. There he uploads his music videos, songs, and others that feature him. With this, he earns about $250,000 annually.

His career in battle rapping also gave him the opportunity to earn around $10,000-$20,000 per battle. With his dazzling talent in putting out his lyrics and style, he sure has been keeping sake for a large amount.

How Tsu Surf Spends His Money?

Tsu Surf had been earning ever since his battle rap career a decade ago. With this, he had been able to buy himself cars including a yellow Lamborghini, more trendy and expensive outfits, and even jewelry and other accessories.

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Unfortunately, one of the things he bought from his hard-earned money which was his car, witnessed himself almost die last July 25, 2018. He was shot 5 times in his upper torso and shoulder as he was trying to pull up in Lyons Ave, Newark. Cox had to go surgeries for him to fully recover.

Despite this, Cox survived and is even more optimistic in life up to date. In fact, he even wrote a song about his “new chance” in life.

Interesting Facts

  • Cox featured one of the well-known basketball stars, Kevin Durant, in his song “Want It” which was released in 2013.
  • He is much of a fitness fanatic; taking work-outs and healthy living seriously.
  • He is fond of having pets, and one of his favorite colors is yellow which are both quite odd for his image as a rapper.
  • Tsu Surf is single as of 2023. Reports say that he has had one relationship prior to this date and has not been engaged in the past.