Trevor Jackson Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Trevor Jackson Net Worth, Age, Height

Trevor Jackson

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Aug 30, 1996
Age: 26 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (188cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Instagram @trevorjackson5
Last Updated: June, 2023

Trevor Jackson is known to have a net worth of $2 million. He is a multi-hyphenate individual and has various professional hats. He believes a person should not only have one profession if they want to venture into multiple industries, they should do it. Trevor is a dancer, actor, producer, singer, and songwriter. He is most famous for his role as Kevin Blake on Eureka the original television series. Although he started acting at a young age with little to no experience, he is perfecting his acting and musical craft and is now known as one of the best in Hollywood. Trevor clearly distinguishes his musical and acting career.

Trevor is also known as a philanthropist. He supports multiple charities like NBA Cares and Ronald McDonald House. He is known to be exceptional at being an actor as he has won various awards. It is his dream to be continuing to inspire people and help as many people in need as possible. Trevor believes his music and acting is a way to turn trials, tribulations, and life struggles into something beautiful. He attributes all his success and where he is in life today to God. He aims to outdo himself in everything he does.

How Did Trevor Jackson Become Rich?

Trevor was born in 1996 in Indianapolis in Indiana. Although he is known as Trevor Jackson his full name is Trevor Howard Lawrence Jackson. He has 1 sibling. Growing up Trevor’s family loved basketball. However, Trevor decided at the early age of 8 that he was interested in the entertainment industry. His parents were there for him throughout his career and helped him remember who he is. Trevor loves that his family and they have kept him humble and as such fame did not get into his head. He learned the art of giving from his parents growing up and to this day he supports a lot of charities. Trevor sharpened his acting and musical skills in his hometown.

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Trevor began his career in 2004 when he got the opportunity to play Young Simba on The Lion King Broadway musical. In 2010 at the age of 14, he was a guest star on Cold Case. Between 2010 and 2012, Trevor starred in Eureka, a television series as Kevin Blake. He was in this for two seasons namely seasons 5 and 4. In 2016 he was Kevin LaCroix in a TV series called America Crime. He starred as Willie Blue in a series called Harry’s Law. His outstanding performance won him the Best Performance in a TV series. The name of the award is the Young Artist award.

More films that Trevor started in are Burning Sand, Juveniles and A beautiful soul. Trevor was Kris McDuffy on Let It Shine in 2012 on the Disney Channels movie. In 2017 Trevor starred in Burning Sands as Zurich Condoll. In 2018 Trevor played a priest on Superfly, a crime drama movie. He also played as Aaron Jackson in Grown-ish.

Trevor’s musical career began in 2012 when he released Like We Grown. He released this song when he was part of Atlantic records. In 2013 he released a song called #NewThang. He also released No guns Allowed in support of a campaign by Snoop Dogg. In 2015 Trevor released My Feelings. This was a mixtape. Trevor released an album in 2017 called Mrs Jackson. With regards to his achievements, Trevor’s famous hit is Drop it. On the US R&B chart, Trevor’s famous single Drop It was #44. In 2018 Trevor released an album called Rough Drafts part 1 and in June 2019 he released Rough Drafts Part 2.

Recently in 2021, he released The love language. The love Trevor has for his music goes as far as not only being the singer and rapper but also directing the music videos for his music. Trevor is known to do this is because he does not think anyone can do a better job than him. He is known as a perfectionist for his art.

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His talent was recognized when he won the Best Performance in a TV series where he was the guest star. They gave him the Young Artist award. Some award nominations include Artist Award for Let It Shine and Eureka. He was also selected for the Black Reel Award. This was for Let It Shine. Trevor is one of the 25 Young Guns of Black Hollywood; this is an award given by Ebony. In 2019 Trevor got the Soul Train Certified Award.

Trevor is also involved in giving help to the Annual Teen Youth Empowered Summit. This foundation helps with education, health and mentoring young people.

What Is Trevor Jackson Net Worth?

Trevor has a net worth of $2 million. He earns a salary of $336 000 per year. Trevor makes money from his music releases and acting career. He does a lot of tours which also earned him a lot of money. Trevor has 484 000 subscribers on YouTube. His 114 video uploads have a total combined viewership of over 96 000 000. He earns approximately $14 000 000 from YouTube views.

How Trevor Jackson Spends His Money?

Although exact amounts are unknown with regards to his spending, Trevor loves spending on vintage cars, the latest fashion trends, parties and travelling the world. He is known to spend money on duffel bags ($200), deodorants and the latest technology releases such as Apple Air Pods. He also spends money on musical equipment. His travelling guitar cost him $500. Trevor also bought a house with an undisclosed amount of money. Trevor is an adrenaline junk who enjoys surfing. Trevor spends a lot of money on buying surfboards.

Interesting Facts

  • He loves giving to charity where he volunteers at Ronald McDonald House Charities, NBA Cares, Bowling Charity Event and The League of Young Voters Education Fund.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • He loves skateboarding and playing basketball.
  • His favorite musicians are Michael Jackson, Gregory Hines, Drake, and Donny Hathaway.
  • He wears earrings.
  • When acting Trevor performs his stunts.
  • Trevor did capoeira for nine years.
  • Despite him being lactose intolerant, Trevor is a cheese fanatic, and his favorite is High Plains Cheddar cheese.
  • Trevor has a background in gymnastics.
  • Trevor’s favorite color combination is white and black.
  • Trevor says he does not have a girlfriend because he is focusing on his career.
  • Trevor has tattoos on his shoulder, back and neck and each tattoo has a story.
  • He always travels with his physical copy of a bible.
  • He goes surfing not only as a hobby but also to release stress.
  • Trevor aspires to win more than 12 Grammys.
  • The hairstyle Trevor had for Rough Drafts 1 is called the dragon tail.
  • Although he is a perfectionist, Trevor says his room is not the neatest.
  • He believes people should join the entertainment industry for art.
  • The best advice he has ever received was: Keep God first and all things will be added unto you.
  • His dog’s name is Matilda, and he calls the dog his daughter.
  • Trevor currently lives in Los Angeles.