Torrei Hart Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Torrei Hart Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth

Torrei Hart

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Feb 28, 1978
Age: 45 years old
Height: 5.15 feet (157cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actress, Producer, Business Woman
Instagram @torreihart
Last Updated: June, 2023

Famous for acting and comedy and production, Torrei Hart (also known as former Kevin Hart’s Wife) is also a renowned social media influencer, TV personality, and Fitness Entrepreneur. Her net worth has been estimated to be $3 million as per the 2023 analysis. Torrei Initiated her career from small roles in movies but came out to be a big star. Over the years of her career, she overcame every hurdle in a way that can be a great inspiration for everyone who wishes to follow a similar path. To understand her career, we will have to walk through her journey. So, without further delay let’s get started on her success story, investment interests, and some interesting facts.

How Did Torrei Hart Become Rich?

Torrei grew up in Southern New Jersey and studied in Winslow Township Highschool. Like most artists, Torrei too had an eye for art since her childhood. She studied acting and Arts in school. In her teenage, she had a keen interest in making comic books and her work used to be praised.

During her higher studies at Community College of Philadelphia she met a start-up Comedian Kevin Hart. Having shared interests in comedy and Hollywood, they both dropped out of college, shifted to Los Angeles and began their career together. As a beginner, Torrei struggled to find the best-suited work for her and mostly found work in commercials like Toyota and eBay, small roles in movies like ”The Captive” and the ”Soul Plane”.

By 2003 Torrei had married Kevin and also managed to be a mother in the early years of her career. Her Husband Kevin grew faster than her and became very famous so she became to be known as his wife. She worked in Nickelodeon’s Parental Discretion. Her acting skills were highlighted in the movies “American Bad Boy“, “Dear Frank“, “But Deliver Us from Evil“. After working in several Hollywood movies she became a producer as well and she produced a movie called ”A Victim of Circumstance”. Torrei Hart wrote it with a team and it was based on her own life. It was famous in the world of short films for quite a while.

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Throughout her life she has worked with many famous stars like Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams, Alex Thomas, Tameka Raymond, Monica Shaw etc. In 2010 Torrei’s marriage ended in divorce and she was on a rough path in life. During that time, she worked on rebuilding herself as an individual figure. In 2012 she initiated her YouTube comedy Channel called ”Pretty Funny Fish” which became a somewhat known comedy show. After that she partnered with Russell Simons of ALL Def Digital Platforms where she worked as a writer, star and produced content as well.

In 2014 she started her Philanthropy Channel with her sister and they launched ”Starting Over Again Ready (S.O.A.R)”. It was a non-profit organization for empowering women and helping them grow. The year proved to be good for her as she also launched Skimpy Mixer and starred in a reality documentary television series called ”Atlanta Exes” by Vh1. In 2017 she introduced her cosmetic Brand ”Heavenly Hear hair Care”. This way she started a business that would provide future safety for her kids. With the ZEUS network she launched a talk show known as ”Talking Shit”.

Torrei also launched a fitness Brand ‘Skinny Bish Keto’ for a healthy lifestyle of women. Like many actors, Torrei Hart’s private life is also an online sensation. She also wrote a self-help book for Women. On Instagram, she has over 688K followers worldwide. She writes and produces content there as well. Her Recent IGTV video has over 87.5K views.

However, her Instagram is simple and filled with daily life posts and videos. Some posts also show her family members. One can also find her on Twitter and Tik Tok. She did a June bag Challenge on Tik Tok that went viral, it confirmed her independent growth after divorce. She still does stand-up Comedy on her YouTube channel. She may not be as famous as her Ex-husband but up till today, her passion has led her towards 15 Years of fruitful Career.

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What Is Torrei Hart Net Worth?

Knowing about Torrei’s diverse career, one might think that a lot has been added to her budget. She has an estimated net worth of $3 million (estimated in the year 2023). Throughout her life, she has earned from her acting, production, online brand, entrepreneurship ventures and her divorce settlement ($175 000 as some sources reported) as well. Although her acting vocation earned her the most money hence with her thriving career, Torrei is expected to upgrade her Net worth in the upcoming years.

How Torrei Hart Spends Her Money?

As been mentioned earlier, throughout the years, Torrie has had different ventures. She invested in S.0.AR was a non-profit organization empowering women. She has also invested in Businesses like Skimpy Mixers, Heavenly Hart Haircare. She has partnered with celebrities as well as channels. Some of her income goes to taking care of her children. She also lives a luxurious life and keeps updating it on social media.

Interesting Facts

  • Even after going on a rough path because of her divorce from Kevin Hart she did not stop working and growing.
  • Kevin hart had to pay a massive amount for divorce settlement and then child support as well. He said that was the reason behind their divorce were ‘Lies and Infidelity’.
  • Heavenly Hair Care is a great initiative by Torrie that provides solutions to natural hair problems for people of all ethnicities.
  • Torrei Loves dogs for being Loyal and calls them her Fur babies.
  • She has raised two kids and has had 8 years of married life along with her career.
  • Darious McCray and Torrei are close however they have not commented anything about dating each other.
  • Torrei belongs to an American Nationality and has an Afro-American ethnicity.
  • She has not disclosed a lot about her parents however she did post a picture with her mother on Instagram.
  • Despite having public disagreements and fights, Torrei and Kevin are now trying to do it better for their children.