Topper Guild Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Topper Guild Net Worth, Age, Height

Topper Guild

Net Worth: $1 Million
Birthday: Aug 21, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (173cm)
Birthplace: United States
Occupation: Youtuber, Tiktoker
Instagram @topperguild
Last Updated: June, 2023

Topper Guild is a Tiktok, Youtuber and Instagram star. He has over 35 million followers on all social platforms and his net worth is estimated at over 1 million USD. We uncover how he got wealthy and famous in this article.

How Did Topper GuildĀ Become Rich?

Topper Guild (real name is unknown) was born on August 21, 2002 in the United States of America. He was interested in videos from his teens and YouTube was always a part of his life and he even started a channel on July 9, 2014. With a launch of TikTok in the USA in 2016, many teens started posting videos on the platform and Topper was one of them.

In yearly 2015 Topper Guild started posting pranks, comedy sketches and lifestyle videos while being only 15 years old. He often posted videos featuring his friends and family, including his dad and mom.

Topper achieved a breakthrough in his career in November 2020, after posting several viral videos on YouTube channel and TikTok page topperguild. After that his videos started garnering more and more views. For example, in April 2020 all his YT videos managed to get 150 thousand views; this number grew to 390 million one year later. And in May 2021 he had made an absolute record of managing to attract almost 3,5 billion views with shorts on his YT channel!

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His official TikTok channel also was getting tens of millions of views in the spring and summer of 2021.

After several super successful months, Topper view count went downhill. In the last few months he receives from 200 million to 600 million views per months on his YT channel and smaller amount of views on TikTok channel.

In April 2022 Topper Guild starred in a Netflix series called Get Organized with The Home Edit 2.

What Is Topper Guild Net Worth?

Topper Guild net worth grew from several thousands in 2018 to over one million in 2023. Down below you can find a historical net worth by each year:

  • 2018: $10,000
  • 2019: $100,000
  • 2020: $300,000
  • 2021: $500,000
  • 2022: $1,000,000

Despite having over 6 billion views on his channel, most of these views come from YT shorts which are not monetized at the moment. However, Topper Guild has signed several deals to promote brands in the USA. These deals will increase his net worth even more.

How Topper Guild Spends His Money?

Topper is a fan of dogs, he bought himself a puppy as a Christmas present in 2019. But most of his money he has earned as a TikTok and YT star he had spent on cars. Lamborghini and McLaren are his favorite super cars.

He also spends money on healthy food, gym and travelling.

Interesting Facts

  • Topper Guild girlfriend is Colie.1. She is also a TikTok star and they became engaged in February 2021. They haven’t married yet.