SypherPK Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

SypherPK Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: May 10, 1996
Age: 27 years old
Height: 6.4 feet (195cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber, Twitch streamer
Instagram @SypherPK
Last Updated: June, 2023

SypherPK as of 2023 has a net worth of 3 million dollars. He has found success in the gaming niche of YouTube and has earned his net worth mainly from it.

How Did SypherPK Become Rich?

Ali Hassan better known as SypherPK was born on May 10, 1996. He was born in Austin, Texas and went on to school there. He is currently 27 years old. He has two brothers named Junior and Otto. Both of his brothers love gaming as well and streamed just like SypherPK.

SypherPK’s love for gaming originated when his father bought him a PlayStation 2 on his eighth birthday. He would often be found playing popular games at the time like Crash Bandicoot and Jack and dexter. SypherPK has made a living from doing something he loves as he is currently a streamer and content creator for YouTube and Twitch.

SypherPK started out playing a game called RuneScape where he would record himself using Hypercam. He learned to play the game in middle school from other young gamers. He is now most known for his series dedicated to showing players “How To Win” Fortnite. In middle school is where most of his interest in gaming developed. When given a project to do, SypherPK ended up connecting with many young gamers and questioning them on how to play games he was interested in. From there he grew to like content creating and wanted to learn more about it so he went home and researched for himself. After finding the information he was looking for he concluded that when he grew up he had to have a job in this field. He set out to create a YouTube channel and officially started his journey in gaming professionally.

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Fast-forwarding to the present, SypherPK is also well known for his high kill gameplays in Fortnite and his collaborations with other big YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. SypherPK streams on an average of five times a week. When he isn’t streaming he would take a day off and call it his content day. This day is simply dedicated to recording himself gaming off stream.

SypherPK started off his YouTube channel in 2011 playing games like Runescape. Later he moved on to Elder Scrolls and ESO. His brothers live-streamed with him at the time and helped him record and edit videos. Unfortunately, they later quit around the time he started streaming on Twitch. Thanks to Twitch his popularity skyrocketed and so did his subscriber count on YouTube.

After moving up the popularity chain he started branching out to play other games like  Overwatch and For Honor until he found something like “stuck”. Finally, he moved on to his current videos and, they are almost exclusively Battle Royale or Fortnite based. After gaining the most views for these types of videos, Sypher thought of it as smart to make it his brand. On his channels, you will find other games but it’s hard to notice Fortnite videos are mainly his content. Some of SypherPK’s latest videos are Fortnite drops a secret last update, Reacting to Fortnite tik toks, and Fortnite dual mode with Nick Eh 30.

Currently, he has over five million subscribers on YouTube and has thousands of views consistently on a daily basis. He also has a fan club that is called SypherHood. In it there are thousands dedicated to buying merchandise, watching videos, and being there for live streams. SypherPk has one of the largest followings for a gaming channel.

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SypherPK currently has three gaming channels on YouTube to date. He also has an IRL channel for his dogs. His wife and sister-in-law help with that channel.

SypherPK streams gymming as well. Other than gaming, his YouTube channels go in-depth about his life and plans for the future, content he may create, and even q and a’s with his fans. He has collaborated with many other popular gamers online and on YouTube. A few of them are Nick Eh 30, Ninja, HighDistortion, and Myth. Sypher has also joined an online group of Fortnite players that call themselves  Luminosity’s Team Of Fortnite Players.

SypherPK is very popular and once in a month SypherPK does a sponsored stream for his Twitch subscribers. They all can compete for the chance to win up to one thousand dollars. A few times a month Sypher will show off his mouse and keyboard on his live streams to promote his ROCCAT mouse and keyboard. He has done numerous sponsor streams and has been known to be sponsored by companies like JBL, Brave, Visuals By Impulse, and Zaxby’s.

SypherPK also has a personal merchandise brand and a website.

What Is SypherPK Net Worth?

SypherPk’s 3 million net worth comes from more than one source but ultimately is the result of his YouTube channels. Sypher has four channels currently and they all have a high following so he makes thousands daily. Other than the channel he streams on Twitch where he and Twitch have a partnership and he is paid and endorsed by the company in exchange for promotion since he is very popular with large groups of gamers.

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Next, he makes money from his merchandise line. He has merchandise that his large following faithfully buys. He pulls in money from YouTube ads and also has multiple partnerships with companies other than Twitch. He gets brand deals often and earns big from them because of his large following and popularity and influence among gamers.

Finally, SypherPK owns a house and car.

How SypherPK Spends His Money?

SypherPK makes tons of money so naturally, he spends more than the average joe. He invests in his gaming channels. He has bought equipment like multiple computers, monitors, cameras and so on for creating his content on YouTube and Twitch He also spends money on producing his merchandise. He has bought a property and built a home on it out of his money. He also owns a car.

Interesting Facts

  • SypherPK is currently married to Daniella. They have been married for three years. The couple doesn’t have children yet.