SwagBoyQ Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

SwagBoyQ Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Mar 11, 1999
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Tiktoker, Youtuber
Instagram @swagboyq
Last Updated: March, 2023

SwagBoyQ is an American Tiktoker, who is widely famous for his lip-sync videos, prank videos, comedic sketches and voice-over videos. SwagBoyQ is also a social media sensation with a fan following of millions on most social media platforms. SwagBoyQ has become a millionaire at the young age of twenty-two with a net worth somewhere around $1 million to $5 million. Most of which comes from TikTok and YouTube. He also earns a huge amount of money from sponsorships and collaborations on Instagram. He is considered to be one of the most famous and richest Tiktokers in the USA within two years of starting his TikTok account.

How Did SwagBoyQ Become Rich?

SwagBoyQ was born as Q Shamar Stenline on March 11, 1999, in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. He has two siblings. SwagBoyQ was raised in Texas and as a child, his every demand was fulfilled which has formed his personality and has made him a go-getter now, resulting in his successful career.

SwagBoyQ made his TikTok account in 2019 just for the fun of it and to follow trends. Even though SwagBoyQ always wanted to be famous, he never thought of it as a career or even as a source of part-time income. SwagBoyQ believes that one should do something one loves so that one can enjoy life so he started making videos on TikTok as he always wanted to act and have fun and the platform provided him with the opportunity.

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SwagBoyQ’s video named Hoodie Challenge made him go viral, garnering him 5.7 million views, 686.1k likes, and 20.9k shares. He is most famous for his prank videos, comedy sketches and lip-sync videos. Today, SwagBoyQ is not only a famous Tiktoker with more than 18 million followers but he is also a social media sensation with 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Some of SwaqboyQ’s famous videos are Trying to Get Siblings to Kiss for $70k, Let Me Take Your Girl on a Date for $30k.

As a little kid, SwagBoyQ enjoyed acting, dancing and modelling and considers that he manifested his dream of being famous through TikTok.

As a child, SwagBoyQ was a huge fan of Kevin Hart and Leonardo DiCaprio and wanted to make it as big as them in terms of fame. But later he realized the amount of hard work he would have to put in to reach there, so he decided to put that work into something worthwhile. He chose to spread happiness by means of entertainment.

Being a very popular and successful TikToker, SwagBoyQ earns good money from not only making videos but also from sponsorship posts on both Instagram and TikTok. Judging from his fan following on TikTok it is estimated that one sponsorship post might earn him somewhere between $25k – $45k. SwagBoyQ also earns from his YouTube channel. It is estimated that his monthly earnings from YouTube might be somewhere around $189.2k – $451.k. Besides this, SwagBoyQ also earns from his merchandise (includes apparel and accessories targeted at youth) that he sells on his website. All these income sources have rendered him a net worth of around $3 million.

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He is a talented and hardworking man, who does things from his heart. It is his hard work and determination that has made him what he is today.

What Is SwagBoyQ Net Worth?

Coming from a normal middle-class family, SwagBoyQ has made it big at a very young age of twenty-two despite the obstacles. He is a shining star in the world of social media and is expected to go a long way.

SwagBoyQ’s net worth is calculated to be somewhere between $1 million – $5 million, most of it coming from his TikTok videos. Apart from this he also earns through his Instagram page and YouTube channel where he posts his famous prank videos. With the huge fan following that SwagBoyQ has on Instagram, it is certain that he earns quite a good sum of money from sponsorship posts as well. Another source of his income that contributes to his net worth is the sale of his merchandise.

How SwagBoyQ Spends His Money?

Though SwagBoyQ has made a place for himself at a very young age, fame has not changed him. He is a grounded man and still likes to live a modest life. In an interview he said people should not be entirely focused on money, instead, they should be more focused on doing something that is also worthwhile. He does not open up a lot about his personal life or lifestyle. He has not revealed any information regarding where he lives or which car he owns.

Interesting Facts

  • SwagBoyQ has been kicked out of various stores like Walmart and Target several times for doing pranks on people.
  • SwagBoyQ has been very passionate about modelling and acting since he was a child.
  • SwagBoyQ enjoys travelling and his favorite destination is Paris.
  • SwagBoyQ’s motto in life is to spread happiness.
  • SwagBoyQ’s fans have a particular name for themselves, they are called “ShwaggyGang“.
  • Sometimes he’s referred as Swag Boy Q, but that’s not his official nickname.