Steve Howey Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Steve Howey Net Worth, Age, Height

Steve Howey

Net Worth: $35 Million
Birthday: Jul 12, 1977
Age: 45 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (192cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actor
Instagram @stevehowey
Last Updated: June, 2023

Steve Howey is an American actor. His net worth is approximately 35 million US dollars. He had a huge potential in basketball. But he chooses to be an actor and this decision changed his life forever and made Steve a millionaire. He acted in many renowned TV shows and films.

How Did Steve Howey Become Rich?

Steve Howey was born on the 12th of July, 1977. He was born in San Antonio, Texas. The name of his father is Bill Howey and his mother is Carla Novinger. His father was a director and acting coach. Nothing much about his mother’s occupation is found.

Steve graduated from high school in Denver, Colorado. Steve was really good at athletics. He was a basketball champion. After graduating from high school, Steve got admitted to Northeastern Junior Collage by a scholarship he got by winning basketball matches. During the time, Steve worked as a waiter at the Grady’s American Grill restaurant and earned a small amount of money just to cover his tuition and other expenses.

Afterwards, he even spent a large amount of time in US Navy after graduation. Steve was taken into the Navy for his athletic skills and his brilliant results. He earned a lot as a veteran Navy solder. During that time, his yearly income was around 45,000 US dollars. He worked as a Navy soldier and sailed the Pacific Coasts from the year of 1992 to the year of 1997. Despite being in such a good position and being so good in athletics, Steve Howey decided to make acting his career. Even if he had great potential in basketball but his passion was in acting.

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Steve started his acting career in 1998. He produced an independent film category named “Class” where his father, Bill Howey was the director. The movie was selected in the Denver International Film Festival and Steve earned a total of 950,000 US dollars from the film. Later on, in 1999, Steve acted in the “Pacific Blue” drama and also made an appearance as a guest in the Fox Network show “Get Real”. His total earning was around 400,000 US dollars from these sources.

One of his most famous roles was Van Montgomery of Reba. He acted in 125 episodes from 2001 to 2007. He earned more than 12 million US dollars from here. Steve became famous for this role. Steve’s other famous was in CTRL web drama where his role was known as “Ben Piller”. He acted in 10 episodes in total and his earnings were around 1 million US dollars.

Some of Steve’s other roles are Kevin Ball of Shameless, Frank in Jennifer Falls, Zack of Twins, Terry of Losing control, Sam in the movie Unleashed and many more. It is reported that his total earning from these sources were around 20 million US dollars.

What Is Steve Howey Net Worth?

Steve Howey has a net worth of 35 million US dollars. During his early carrier, Steves earned a total of 250,000 US dollars. After that, he earned 950,000 US dollars from his first independent film. He also made 400,000 Us dollars by appearing as a guest on Fox Network. One of his significant incomes was from Reba where he earned around 12 million US dollars. After that, another major earning of Steve Howey was from CTRL where he received nearly 1 million US dollars. It is also reported that Steve earned additional 20 million US dollars from other sources such as property and other films.

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As for his property, Steve has a house in Los Angeles that has an approximate worth of 1.2 Million US dollars. Steve has 3 motorcycles and 2 cars. They are worth 250,000 Us dollars.

Steve has a lot of liabilities. It is reported that Steve owes his ex-wife a total of 750,000 US dollars and 350,000 US dollars to the government as they did not pay tax.

So, after deducting the liabilities, Steve’s net worth is nearly 35 million US dollars.

How Steve Howey Spends His Money?

Steve Howey mainly spends his money on producing films. Naturally, he spends money on his three kids. Steve spent an exponential amount of money to buy his properties and vehicles. He also spent a huge amount of money in the case of his nanny. It is also reported that he had to pay some cash to the government as he did not pay the tax of 2019.

On the bright side, Steve runs a non-profit organization named “Starlight Children’s foundation” where they help the poor and sick children and their families as well.

Interesting Facts

  • Bill Howey, the father of Steve was a director and acting coach. Despite having great potential in basketball, Steve chose to become an actor as he was influenced by his father. His father even directed his first independent film “Class”.
  • Steve married his wife, Sarah Shahi on February 7, 2009. Hey knew each other since 2004. The couple has three children. Currently, they are divorced and Steve doesn’t seem to be dating another girl. But their nanny Sarah Alasari claimed that his wife often shared stories about her having affairs with top Hollywood actors.
  • Steve practices martial arts, rides motorcycles, plays poker, and coaches rising talents during his free time.
  • Steve and his wife have a major controversy about sexual and mental harassment to their nanny Sarah Alasari. According to them, her fault was that she was a Muslim so, she dressed in a certain way and prayed in their house when the prayer time came. Steve and his wife used to say vulgar things about Sarah’s religion and encouraged her to do inappropriate things. Later on, Steve’s wife fired Sarah in a false claiming of her being a criminal. After that, Sarah charged a case against them which shook the media and damaged their reputation severely. But eventually, Alasari requested to dismiss the case. It is said that the couple blackmailed her and made her dismiss the case.