Stephen Pearcy Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Stephen Pearcy Net Worth, Age, Height

Stephen Pearcy

Net Worth: $10 Million
Birthday: Jul 03, 1956
Age: 66 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (176cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Instagram @septopfuel
Last Updated: February, 2023

Stephen Pearcy as of 2023 has an estimated net worth of 10 million dollars. This is accumulated from various avenues. His primary source of income is in his career in music.

How Did Stephen Pearcy Become Rich?

Stephen Pearcy was born in the year 1956. His birth month is July and he was born on the third. He is currently sixty-five years old. His birthplace is California, USA.His parents are Mike and Cynthia Pearcy. He attended Clairemont High School in San Diego, California.

After graduating, Stephen Pearcy started out trying to pursue a career in race car driving. At the time he had not planned to do anything else, especially not music. The closest he had gotten was attending concerts; however, everything changed for Stephen Pearcy after his brush with death.

Unfortunately, sometime in the summer of 1970, Stephen had been struck off his motorcycle while riding. He spent close to two months in the hospital trying to recover from his injuries. During his time there a stranger gave Stephen a guitar. It was an acoustic one and Stephen had never played before. During his time in recovery, Stephen had occasionally attempted to learn to play it. He soon began learning notes and riffs.

After a while, Stephan Pearcy changed his mind about driving as a career and switched to becoming a musician or singer. After being released from the hospital, Stephan found other aspiring artists and brought them together to create a band. He created a band called Firedome and later went on to create another band named Crystal Pystal.

After a while, he began trying his hand at writing music and created music for a band called Mickey Ratt. This band was also one of his creations. The band had been created around the year 1977. The members were found in San Diego. Mickey Ratt was stationed in San Diego for a while before Stephen decided to move them to Los Angeles in the year 1980. He made this choice after he saw a local band perform live.

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After the band had gotten settled in Los Angeles Stephen Pearcy proceeded to change their name. The name was changed to Ratt in an attempt to make it easier to remember and catchier.

Later on, in 1983, the band’s lineup had been solidified. Ratt went on to play at different clubs and locations. Some of the places where they performed their songs are The Roxy and The Troubadour. In a relatively short amount of time, the band had gained a significant amount of fame and exposure. Their following grew quickly.

Upon noticing this the band thought it would be a good decision to release an EP for their fans. They went on to create an EP with six tracks on it. The project was available for purchase in 1983 and went on to be received positively and went on to sell over two hundred thousand copies. Stephen Pearcy and his band then created and released an album. This album was titled Out Of The Cellar. This album had been released under a label called Atlantic Records. This label was popular at the time and had gained interest in Stephen’s band in the 1980s. Stephen’s project Out Of The Cellar had become platinum over four times and gained the band even more attention.

Soon Stephen Pearcy and his band went on to perform at arena shows. He has also performed with the band on tours for numerous artists. Some of the artists they have been known to work with are ZZ Top and Billy Squier. The band went on to have their own tours in various places around the world. They have toured for over a decade together and released popular songs and projects. Many of their projects have been successful and went platinum and gold. Stephen Pearcy’s band named Ratt has three gold albums. After a long and successful career as a musician and writer for the band, Stephen decided to leave it in the year 1992.

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Pearcy then joined a drummer by the name of Fred Coury and together they formed a new band called Arcade. This band was formed in 1992. Arcade went on to release an album in the year 1993. This album was titled after the band’s name. Just one year later they released their second album.

Pearcy started diversifying himself when he began to get involved with a metal band around the year 1996. This band was called Vertex. Stephen later rejoined his former band Ratt but left again. His reasoning for leaving the second time was that he and the other members had an altercation over finances. They argued about the way their money was being shared with members. Stephen left the band right before their tour in 2000.

Stephen Pearcy began working on a new venture which turned out to be his own label company. He announced this to fans and supporters in 2014. He then went on to release a series of records under his own label. His label is named Top Fuel Records. In the year 2018, Stephen Pearcy released View To Thrill.

He later tried his hand in writing books and published his first book in the year 2014. His book was titled Sex Drugs & Ratt n Roll. Pearcy later rejoined his band Ratt once again with a new lineup. They went on to perform shows in the year 2018.

The following year Stephen Pearcy and the band went on a tour. He has begun writing music again alongside a man named Juan Croucier. The band also went on tour in 2020 during the month of August. They have also been in a popular insurance company commercial. The company is named GEICO Insurance.

What Is Stephen Pearcy Net Worth?

Currently Stephen Pearcy has an estimated net worth of ten million dollars. Of this estimate the majority comes from his music career. He has a band that has been successful in the music industry.

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He also writes music and books. He has earned from the sales of his books.

Stephen owns a record label company that makes him money.

How Stephen Pearcy Spends His Money?

Stephen has many outlets for spending his millions. He spends money on the upkeep and running of his label company. He spends on the publishing of his books. He also spends money to pay for the crew his band uses during tour. He has invested in buying musical and recording equipment.

Finally, Stephen has bought a house and car. His largest purchase to date is the money that he continually pumps into his label company.

Interesting Facts

  • Stephen Pearcy is not married. He is engaged to a woman named Kristi Adair.