Sofie Dossi Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Sofie Dossi Net Worth, Age, Height

Sofie Dossi

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jun 21, 2001
Age: 21 years old
Height: 5 feet (155cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: TV-personality, Youtuber, Instagram celebrity
Instagram @sofiedossi
Last Updated: June, 2023

Sofie Dossi as of 2023, has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars. She has found success in being a gymnast, contortionist, television personality and social media influencer. Her primary source of income however lies in her contortions career.

How Did Sofie Dossi Become Rich?

Sofie Dossi was born in the year 2001. Her birth month is June and she was born on the 21st. She is currently 21 years old. Her birthplace is Cypress, California, USA.  Her father’s name is Mike Dossi and her mother’s name is Abir Dossi. Her father was a business owner and her mother was a pilates instructor. She has one brother named Zak Dossi and he is a music producer. Her father is Italian and her mother is Arab. Sofie was taught from home with the assistance of Springs Charter School.

At a young age, Sofie started learning to do contortion. She recalls being inspired by a YouTube video and learning from there. Sofie did not have any professional training. She is completely self taught. With the help of YouTube, she was able to make a career by doing contortion. Sofie is known to perform at her family’s events as well and is popular among family and friends because of it.

In the year 2013, Sofie launched her YouTube channel. She never posted on it until 2016 when she uploaded a video that was titled Training with Sofie Dossi.

Sofie Dossi’s official Big Break came from America’s Got Talent. The same year Sofie Dossi signed up to be a contestant on the show. It was the eleventh season of the show. At the time Reba McEntire was fulfilling the role of a guest judge. Sofie first appeared in round two and in a short time Sofie had completely wowed the Judges. In her first performance she did a routine where she shot arrows using only her feet while eating an apple. Sofie received a yes from all four of the judges and was able to move on to the next round.

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Sofie’s second performance was on the same night. This performance was the one to earn her a golden buzzer from the guest judge Reba McEntire. Because of receiving a golden buzzer, Sofie was accepted into performances at a live show. Sofie Dossi moved on in the show and performed in the quarter finals. There, she once again impressed the judges and earned herself a spot in the semi-finals. At the semi-finals Sofie performed an outstanding routine that gave her the positive votes she needed by the judges to make it to the finals.

The finals took place on September the 13th. At the finals Sofie performed in the first round as the ninth contestant and unfortunately did not make it. The winner of the show that season was a singer and ukulele player by the name of Grace Vanderwaal. The runners up were a magician duo. Nevertheless she finished strong as one of the top ten contestants on the show for that season. Sofie has also earned a massive following thanks to the publicity she received on the show.

Later that year Sofie began posting videos on her YouTube channel where her subscriber count had grown substantially. Her views were well in the thousands and she began to earn from her channel. Her subscriber count is over six million in 2023.

Since the show Sofie has been on multiple popular shows. She made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the year of 2016 and 2017. On the show, Ellen interviewed Sofie about her time on America’s Got Talent and her profession. The second time Sofie appeared she performed for Ellen and the audience doing her famous apple-eating contortion routine. Sofie also had an interview on The Doctors in 2018. Later that year Sofie had also been on the show Good Mythical Morning. Her last show appearance that year was on The Talent Show.

Sofie had found success in her contortion career and went on to perform all over the world. Later on, Sofie Dossi had stepped out of her profession as a contortionist to pursue acting for a while. She landed roles in popular shows and movies. She landed a role in a Disney Channel show called KC Undercover in the year 2015. She later made another appearance in a comedy show by Disney called Bizaardvark. She scored this role in the year 2017. The following year she was given the role of a character named Dani that was in a Brat’s web series. The series was called Boss Cheer.

In her career, Sofie has won several awards and nominations. She has won a Streamy Award for her live-streamed shows in 2017. She went on to win two more Streamy’s for her collaborations. In specific, they were for collaborating videos with Youtubers Miranda Sings and Matt Steffanina in the years 2018 and 2019. In the year 2020,  Sofie had also won a nomination in the category of Dance. It was the tenth annual Streamy Award show and it was held in Los Vegas. In the year 2017, Sofie had also been honored by receiving the title of Halftime performer of the year by Sports Illustrated Magazine.

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Dossi’s family has impacted her and her rise to fame and social media success. They all have chipped in to help her become successful. Her mother home-schooled her so that she was able to keep up with all of the traveling she had. Her father has been credited with making the majority of the equipment that she uses in her contortion. Routines and performances. Her brother does multiple jobs for her. He records, edits, and produces videos for her. He also is a co-star. Zak has a YouTube channel of his own. His channel has a subscriber count of over forty thousand.

Other than fame through social media and acting Sofie also has launched her clothing line. Her line is called Shop Sofie Dossi. Sofie is also a TikTok star with millions of followers. She usually creates comedy content, dancing, and singing videos.

What Is Sofie Dossi Net Worth?

Sofie Dossi currently has a net worth of three million dollars. This net worth stems from multiple sources of income. First, she has a career in contortions where she performs on shows and travels around the world. She earns the majority of her money doing so.

Next, she has a YouTube channel where she posts her daily life and behind the scenes of some of her shows. She earns thousands of dollars daily from YouTube as she has a large following there. She also earns from YouTube ads.

Sofie has her clothing line which her fans faithfully support making her more money to add to her net worth. Sofie has dabbled in acting and earned roles in many Disney films which pay her. Finally, Sofie owns a car. She also owns a home.

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How Sofie Dossi Spends Her Money?

Sofie Dossi spends her money on investments as well as splurging. She has spent on investing in her clothing line and manufacturing. She spends on travel as she is constantly traveling due to her career. She spends money on YouTube and has to pay her team of cameramen and editors. She has bought a house and a car.

Her biggest purchase to date is her house.

Interesting Facts

  • Sofie Dossi has stated that her religion is Christianity.
  • Sofie Dossi is currently not married. She does not have any children.