Snow Tha Product Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Snow Tha Product Net Worth, Age, Height

Snow Tha Product

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jun 24, 1987
Age: 35 years old
Height: 5.2 feet (157cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Actress
Instagram @snowthaproduct
Last Updated: August, 2022

Snow Tha Product (real name Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza) was born to Mexican parents in San Jose. She is a recording artist, label owner, rapper, actress and entrepreneur. Her breakthrough year was 2010 when she moved to Texas and performed at the South by Southwest festival. Snow Tha Product has a net worth of $3 million.

How Did Snow Tha Product Become Rich?

Snow’s initial plan was to become a social worker. She even joined college to study social work but soon dropped out to pursue music. Music had always been a big part of life and when she was 6 she used to perform in singing talent shows. However, it is not until when she was 19 when she decided to take her music career seriously and focused on becoming a rapper.

In 2012 Snow Tha Product released her first album that introduced her to the world. Her album Unorthodox (released in 2011) was a success and some of the singles like Drunk Love have gathered millions of views on YouTube. Her success in this album made her to get noticed by big record labels. She was signed by Atlantic records and her music career finally took off.

In 2015 Snow Tha Product released her first mixtape The Rest Comes Later. During this time she started going on tour to market her music and mix tape. Snow has performed in different cities in the United States and has also been a part of major music festivals.

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Since starting her music career in 2010, Snow Tha Product has released five albums and two music tapes. She has always been consistent with her music career and has garnered fans from different parts of the world. Her music receives millions streams and views on different platforms online.

What Is Snow Tha Product Net Worth?

Snow’s largest percentage of her net worth comes from music. Snow Tha Product has been singing for more than a decade and has managed to accumulate over $3 million in net worth. From a fairly long music career she has five albums that are doing well. Her main source of revenue is from internet views and streams in different platforms. It is estimated that she makes close to $200,000 per year from her music streaming online. When you add the money she makes from appearances and tours, the figure is likely to go up.

Apart from being a musician, she is also an entrepreneur. She owns a clothing line called Woke. The cloth line specializes in street wear and it is currently doing well. Despite being signed to Atlantic records, she also owns a record label that is called Product Entertainment and this adds to her income.

Her acting career is not much talked about but she has had a fairly successful career. She is not yet known for any major roles but has made minor roles and appearances in movies and television series. The most significant role that she played was Lil T in the television series Queen of the South. Acting also adds a good amount of income in her net worth.

How Snow Tha Product Spends Her Money?

Snow Tha product bought a house and four acres of land. She the house as a birthday present to herself during her birthday. In a YouTube video, she shared with her fans the moving process. She was clearly excited saying that she was happy that she is now finally moving to a ranch. It is not known how much the house and the land cost but it is definitely a big investment considering the size of the place where she moved to.

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Like any other rapper, Snow spends a lot of money in his music videos. Looking at his music videos you will know that money was not spared in coming up with good quality videos. There are luxury cars and high quality effects on the music videos.

Unlike other rappers, she does not spend a lot of money in jewelry and chains.  The rapper has tattoos but does not wear chains. Her lifestyle is definitely not flashy especially when you look at her Instagram account. She likes having fun but does not spend a lot of money.

Interesting Facts

  • She was once married. In an interview in 2018 she said that she was married for 10 years. From the marriage she had a son called Drew who is currently 10 years. She does not speak much about her marriage and many people do not even know about it.
  • Snow is bisexual. She is currently dating a woman called Juju and she continuously expresses her love for her on Instagram. Snow is passionate about speaking and fighting for the rights of members of the LGBTQ. She does not shy away from speaking about the issues the face and always fights for their rights.
  • She was first discovered for singing in Spanish. When she first started out in music she was popularly known for the Spanish genre of music. However, as she gained popularity she is now singing in English and has even managed to get fans outside the Spanish music community.
  • Snow Tha Product is Mexican. However, she is very local about issues happening the Black community. She has been seen chanting Blacks Live Matter and has been a big part of the movement. The singer is known to represent the minority groups and she is part of activism for the Black and LGBT community.
  • She won an MTV music award recently. Snow won in the category for the music video with a message.
  • Snow grew up in a traditional Mexican family in Norther California. She is very proud about her heritage and is always talking about it in interviews and music. Snow talks about how her heritage shaped her music all the time.