Simon Rex Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Simon Rex Net Worth, Age, Height

Simon Rex

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jul 20, 1974
Age: 48 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (188cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Rapper, TV-personality, Model
Instagram @simonrex415
Last Updated: June, 2023

Simon Rex in 2023 has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars. He has amassed this net worth through several avenues with the main ones being in comedy, acting and modeling.

How Did Simon Rex Become Rich?

Simon Rex who is also known by the name Dirt Nasty was born in the year 1974. His birth month is July and he was born on the twentieth day. His birthplace is San Francisco, California. His parents are Zoe, who was an environmental consultant, and Paul, who was a relationship coach. Simon attended Alameda High School.

Simon Rex began his career at the age of nineteen. In the year 1993 Simon consented to a nude photography session for a Los Angeles magazine. Following this gig Simon went on to be filmed in a Club 1821 film. These films were adult entertainment based. Footage from his recording sessions had been reused in 2000.  In the year 1994 Simon Rex went on a tour for a well-known company named Tommy Hilfiger.

Simon Rex went on to debut in mainstream modeling jobs for more popular companies like Versace or Calvin Klein. By working with such established companies Simon Rex’s career had started becoming more successful.  In 1995 Simon Rex was hired by MTV. He worked there for a little over two years as a VJ. Later on, Simon had made an appearance in a comedy television series. This series was called Jack and Jill and it aired on the WB channel. The show had two seasons.

Simon then moved on to make an appearance in a TV show called Felicity. He played the role of a character named Eli. Some of his other appearances on television shows like Baywatch and Summerland.

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A few years later Simon and Amanda Bynes co-starred in a sitcom called What I like about you. He also had a cameo on a lifetime telenovela called Monarch Cove. This show ran for fourteen episodes. In the realm of television acting Simon Rex decided to make the transition into film acting. He managed to score the lead role in a film series called Scary Movie. He was the lead for the third, fourth and fifth films.

He also performed in Hotel California, King of the Avenue, and many more.

Simon Rex later starred in a short film where he played a character by the name of John.  The film was called Silver Street. For the next few years, Simon went on to star in many short films. He was also featured in a Comedy Central show. The show was called typical Rick and he, along with Nick’s Swardson, who was a comedian, debuted on it. The show ran for two seasons and ended in the year 2017.

Simmons’ career then took an unexpected turn as he entered the music industry. He made his debut in the year 2005 as a rapper. Around this time befriended Mickey Avalon who pushed him in his career. Simon Rex had also created an alter ego which he called Dirt Nasty. He went on to form a raptor along with Mickey Avalon. Their group was called Dyslexic Speedreaders.

Simon Rex had produced many of their songs. Their group went on to collaborate with an artist called Lil John on a song titled what do you say. This song had even made a cameo in a popular movie called The Hangover. This movie was a blockbuster comedy that was released in the year 2009. Thousand and seven Simon went on to release an album that was self-titled. Several years later in 2011, he released his second album titled Nasty as I wanna be. This album featured many other artists such as Too Short, Warren G, and Kesha. He also released his third album under his alter ego and the album was titled Palatial.

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Later down in 2020 during the month of October, a Director named Sean Baker contacted Siemon Rex about an audition tape he wanted him to send. At the time Simon did not even know the director and this was completely spontaneous. He sent in his audition tape using his iPhone and had barely prepared. Despite this, he landed the lead role in the comedy red rocket and how to travel to Texas for the filming that would be taking place in three days. The film made its big debut in the Palme d’Or during the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Other than his career in acting and music, Rex had invested in a nightclub located in New York City. This club was called the Plumm and it, unfortunately, closed in the year 2009. Simon has undoubtedly found success within his career and has made fans all over the world in the process.

What Is Simon Rex Net Worth?

Simon Rex currently has a net worth of three million dollars. This net worth is mostly amassed from his career in acting and modeling. He has worked in the adult entertainment industry and has become well-known among its peers. As a result, his acting gigs were paid handsomely.

He also starred in mainstream comedy films for which his salary was in the thousands. He also makes music the earnest money. Anytime he performs live he is paid a fee.

Simon Rex has bought a car and a house. His biggest purchase today is his home.

How Simon Rex Spends His Money?

Simon Rex spends his money mainly on himself. On his social platforms he can be seen traveling to various places around the world frequently and spends a lot of money doing so. He also spends money on food and living accommodations. Every now and then he purchases souvenirs from the places he visits.

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Simon also invests money into his music career.  He has bought recording equipment for him to make his music. He also has to pay a team that edits his music as well as anyone that comes up with his beats and instrumentals.

He has bought a car and a house. The majority of his money is spent on traveling.

Interesting Facts

  • Simon Rex is currently not married to anyone.