Shy Glizzy Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Shy Glizzy Net Worth, Age, Height

Shy Glizzy

Net Worth: $800,000
Birthday: Dec 12, 1992
Age: 29 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (172cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @jefe
Last Updated: December, 2022

Marquis Amonte, AKA Shy Glizzy, is a 29 years old American rapper, hip hop artist, solo song producer, songwriter, stage dancer, singer and discographer. As of the recent report of December 2022, he has a net worth of $800,000. Marquis Amonte King is best known for his stage name Shy Glizzy. His hit songs Awesome and Free Tha Gang made him a famous hip hop artist and a popular rapper in the United States, which were released in 2014.

He has released more than 10 solo music albums and produced 3 hits of hip hop mixtapes, which are listed on the top list of 10 New DMV Rappers To Watch Out For and 15 unsigned Rappers Who Should Get a Deal After SXSW.

His professional career has enabled him to receive Grammy Award in the category of Best Rap Song Performance and has got him many other nominations in the field of Hip Hop.

Let’s look deep into his career and uncover the interesting facts and important events, which helped him in becoming an internationally renowned figure.

How Did Shy Glizzy Become Rich?

Shy Glizzy was born on 12 December 1992 and grew up with his mother in a household. His early life has witnessed many ups and downs. Firstly his father was killed with a gun before his first birthday and secondly, he has been charged several times for petty larceny. At the age of sixteen, he was arrested for a robbery and spent 13 months in juvenile.

Before starting his professional career, he was willing to write books and biographies but eventually, his writing skills turned into songwriting and also credited his own voice to his songs.

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He released his debut mixtape No Brainer, Law and Street Hottest Youngin in 2011. All his newly debut mixtapes became popular in the western country and The Washington City Paper referred to them as A Well Connected Mixtape. At the beginning of his career, his good collection of songs and the paper report helped him to create a fan base and his name started getting recognition in the United States.

Later in 2014, he released his fourth mixtape Fly Money, which contained 11 collaborative tracks with Jose Guapo and FXCK RAP, featuring a guest appearance of Trinidad James. Both his albums touched one of the highest watched at the end of 2014 and became the reason for listing him in the 15 unsigned new rappers Who Should  Get a Deal After SXSW.

After becoming well recognized in the world of rap music, he came up with his new studio album Fully Loaded in October of 2018, which includes the guest appearance of Young Thug, Rick Rose, Gunna and Liz Uzi Vert. The album received national appraisal throughout the US. In the first week, over 15,335 copies were sold out and peaked at number 30 on the US Billboard 200.

To date, Glizzy pursues his professional as a rapper and hip hop star and continues mesmerizing his large fan base with his singing artistry.

What Is Shy Glizzy Net Worth?

As of the recent report of December 2022, Glizzy has a net worth of $800,000. He has established such an extensive net worth from his professional music career. He is a well know and famous rap singer in the United States and has released more than 12 mixtapes and one studio albums, which ultimately helped him to boost his net worth. He has got good sales of the album that he has released and it is estimated that he has earned $30,000 from his mixtapes and albums.

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Along with this, he is performing in TV Shows, discographies, guest appearances, and musical live concerts that are adding up to his net worth and enable him to generate a great worth of $200,000 from these.

Apart from these, being a famous celebrity, he has adornment with different companies and he works as an ambassador for well known multinational companies. This plays a vital role in increasing his net worth. Reports suggest that he annually earns an estimated worth of $100,000 from his endorsements with multinational brands.

In addition, he is a YouTuber as well and has a monetized channel with the name of Glizzy Gang, having around 500k subscribers. His music albums have crossed millions of views and he gets paid per view as per the PPV ads terms of YouTube. Given his fanbase and followers, his YouTube channel also plays an important role in increasing his wealth.

How Shy Glizzy Spends His Money?

Currently, Shy Glizzy is living a luxurious life with his family in Southeast, Washington, D.C, in a deluxe and lavish house. His house has an estimated cost of $30000.

Besides his professional career, he is a family-loving person. Mostly, he likes to spend his free time with his siblings and has a hobby of traveling to different countries. He makes plans every 3 months to take a rest and go for a vacation with his family.

His early life is a witness of up and downs and has an experience of being poor, the rockstar has a generous heart in helping the poor. Since becoming a rich celebrity, he is always in the front row of donators and makes donations every year for the betterment of society. He provides social and educational needs for the needy, food supplements for the poor families throughout the United States.

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Glizzy has made a good collection of cars in his garage as a devoted car enthusiast. He owns Audi A4 Sedan, which has a projected worth of $39,000 and Honda Accord Hybrid which has a cost of $24,500.

Interesting Facts

  • His real name is Marquis Amonte and has received his nickname Shy Glizzy from his early childhood.
  • Before his first birthday, his father was killed with a gun.
  • He was charged at the age of 9for involving in theft. At the age of 15, he was arrested for a robbery and spend 15 months in juvenile detention.
  • Initially, he was trying to write a book but eventually, he became a songwriter.
  • Glizzy has released 13 mixtapes and 3 studio albums throughout his two decade long career.