Shordie Shordie Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Shordie Shordie Net Worth, Age, Height

Shordie Shordie

Net Worth: $2,3 Million
Birthday: Aug 06, 1996
Age: 26 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (178cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @shordieshordie
Last Updated: October, 2022

Shordie Shordie is an American rapper, entertainer and former member of the Baltimore music trio “Peso Da Mafia”. He is a well-known artist within the music industry and has an approximate net worth of 2,300,000 US Dollars.

How Did Shordie Shordie Become Rich?

Shordie Shordie was born Raquan Hudson on August 6th 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He lives in North East Baltimore.

Despite not having any initial interest in music, he formed the music group “Peso Da Mafia” in 2015 with his brother and cousin. After he dropped out of school at seventeen years old, his friends encouraged him to record his music and to pursue a career in rap/music.

The group gained accolade and acclaim in 2016 when they released their first-ever single, “Pray on My Knees”. In 2017 they followed it with “What Matters Most”. Their single, “Money Man” became a hit and pushed them into their second project in 2018, “Never a Drought”. They got to perform in Austin, Texas at the SXSW festival in 2018, where they opened up for  Shordie Shordie’s oldest cousin, Kobang, and well-known performer Kodak Black.

Opening for Kodak Black while in Peso Da Mafia helped Shordie Shordie gain a following with Kodak’s audience. He recognizes this but also states that it has helped him grow his audience organically.

When Shordie Shordie initially went solo he was signed to D1 Entertainment where he released his single “Holidays” as well as other singles – “Lonely” and “Stripper Love”.

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After the success of Peso Da Mafia and his singles, he released his first mixtape in December 2018 titled “Captain Hook,” which was considered a hit. The song “Bitchuary” was the most well-known song off of the mixtape. It’s streamed on YouTube over a million times; the song is odd to his love life and women who have different partners without being honest about it.


In 2020 he released a few more songs, including L.O.V., Gotchu Like, Two and others.

Shordie Shordie’s 2021 project includes a collaboration with producer Murda Beatz. The mixtape is entitled “Memory Lane”. The singles off the projects that gained popularity are “Seattle,” “Doctors” and “LOV Pt2” with rapper Trippie Redd.

He had tours in Virginia, Arizona and other states through the group and as a solo artist between 2018-2019. He acknowledges that his energy and performance on stage also helped grow his audience. Presently he is signed to Warner Records.

What Is Shordie Shordie Net Worth?

Shordie Shordie’s net worth is approximated to be at 2,300,000 US Dollars.

There is no breakdown of his yearly income, but his revenue comprises of sales from selling merchandise (such as clothing and illustrations), record deals, fans streaming his music/selling his music, tours and performing/opening at concerts and events.

Shordie Shordie also owns and operates several LLCs, a recording studio and a label with his partner, Lucas Berry. He owns the rights to his music, meaning he receives royalties from the streams off of old songs.

His YouTube channel has over 400,000 subscribers, over 240,000,000 total video views and almost 50 videos. His estimated earnings are between 90,000 and 542,000 US Dollars. In a span of a week, he makes nearly 1,550 US Dollars.

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In January of 2020, he made 6,380 US Dollars. In February of 2020, he made 6,630 US Dollars. In July 2020, he made 4,150 US Dollars. In August 2020, he made 5,330 US Dollars. In September 2020, he made 5,370 US Dollars. In October of 2020, he made 4,570 US Dollars. His accumulated revenue in 2020 was 32,430 US Dollars.

In February 2021, he made 7,350 US Dollars. In March 2021, he made 9,200 US Dollars. In April 2021, he made 6,720 US Dollars. In May 2021, he made 7,130 US Dollars. In June 2021, he made 7,600 US Dollars. In July 2021, he made 2,710 US Dollars. In August 2021, he made 4,800 US Dollars. In autumn of 2021 around 10k and in December he made 5,550 US Dollars.

How Shordie Shordie Spends His Money?

Shordie Shordie spends his money on his tattoos, convertible cars, jewelry like grillz and diamond necklaces/chains. Since he is an entrepreneur and businessman, he puts his money back into his LLCs and record label/studio.

Interesting Facts

  • He gave himself the nickname “Captain Hook” because he is talented at writing hooks in his songs.
  • He cites well-known rappers and musicians Boosie, Nas, Lil Wayne and Eminem as his musical and rap influences. He states that he likes to write about sentimental topics like love, self-internalization and his life.
  • He has amassed over 500,000 million streams on his music; he acknowledges how it took him a lot of work and effort to learn how to curate streams and YouTube views.
  • The single “Money Man” created a viral dance trend in Baltimore in 2017; this helped the song gain popularity. His song “Net worth” with Murda Beatz became a viral TikTok dance challenge in 2021.
  • He is a private individual preferring to keep his life outside of music away from the public eye. But it is known that he has a seven year old son.
  • He is very active on social media when he needs to drop a snippet or a teaser for a song or a project.
  • He is considered very popular; he has amassed over 400,000 Instagram followers., over 15,000 Twitter followers and over 40,000 Facebook fans. His fans enjoy his music, but they also like his fashion sense and unique hairstyles.
  • He has previously withheld putting out music and projects for months because someone leaked his music.
  • When he is not making music, he is gaming; call of duty and madden are two of his favourite games to play.