Shirley Jones Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Shirley Jones Net Worth, Age, Height

Shirley Jones

Net Worth: $25 Million
Birthday: Mar 31, 1934
Age: 89 years old
Height: 5.4 feet (166cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actress, Singer
Instagram Nonr
Last Updated: June, 2023

Shirley Jones as of 2023 has an estimated net worth of 25 million dollars. She has amassed this net worth primarily through her career in acting and singing.

How Did Shirley Jones Become Rich?

Shirley Mae Jones better known as Shirley Jones was born in the year 1934. Her birth month is March and she was born on the thirty-first. She is currently 89 years of age. Her birthplace is Pennsylvania. Her parents are Marjorie Williams and Paul Jones. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was the owner of a company. She attended South Huntingdon High School.

Shirley Jones began her passion of singing at the young age of six. She began singing at the Methodist church. She would later go on to have vocal lessons from a man named Ralph Lewando. To officially start her career Shirley auctioned for a part in a musical. Shirley had impressed the casting directors so much they went on to give her a contract.

Shirley Jones was the only one of their singers at the time to have one. She was cast in a minor role for the musical. She went on to debut in another musical titled Me and Juliet where she was allowed to understudy for the lead role. She was also a chorus girl.

The musical was received positively. Shirley Jones later went on to work with Hammerstein in a film adaptation. She had been cast as a leading character. The film’s name was Oklahoma! It was filmed in the year 1955.

The following year Shirley Jones made an appearance in a film titled Carousel. She then worked on musical films like Music Man and April Love. Around this time Shirley’s acting had begun causing her to be typecast. She would normally have the role of a sweet and friendly character.

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She finally broke the typecast when she performed in Elmer Gantry. In this film, her role had a new perspective. Shirley played a character that had been corrupted by another and was far off from a sweet person. In the beginning, a director was opposed to having her in the film however after the first scene was filmed they quickly changed their mind. The film went on to win Shirley an Academy Award.

Later on in the year 1970, Shirley had scored another role in The Partridge Family. This was a musical sitcom that was aired on ABC. The series was said to be loosely based on The Cowsills which was a family of musically inclined people.

While Shirley was ecstatic to land a role in the television sitcom, her agents were not too sure the move would age well. They believed that once she acted in the film she would be stuck playing the character until her old days. The agents she expressed had turned out to be right as she played the part for the majority of her career. She has shared that she has no regrets about the decision she made.

The show went on to become a sensation as in the very first season they had been aired in around seventy countries. Even her son had a role in the franchise and gained immense popularity from it. He started as more of a fresh face to acting and by the time the show had released a few seasons he was considered an idol among teens. Other than acting alone, the show had created several musical opportunities for Shirley.

Shirley Jones went on to create albums and songs for the show. One of her songs named I Think I Love You had made its way to BillBoard where it surpassed all songs to make it to the number one spot. In 1971 The Partridge Family was nominated to receive a Grammy Award. They had been nominated under the Best New Artist category.

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In the year 1974, the show had run its course and was ultimately canceled. After this Shirley went on to act in shows like TV land Confidential and A& E Biography. She had also made a guest appearance on The Today Show.

In 1979 Shirley had gone on to attempt television acting again when she joined the show called Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. The show had similarities to The Partridge Family however not have the same audience and ratings. The show was canceled in the middle of its first season.

Shirley Jones went on to act in a drama film. She played the role of wife to a terminally ill Alzheimer’s patient. Her performance in the film went on to earn her an Emmy Award nomination.

Later down in 1986 Shirley had shared with her fans and admirers that she received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She then appeared in an Operetta named Bitter Sweet.

She had taken a break from acting for a while before returning from her hiatus in the year 2004. Shirley Jones returned with a debut in 42nd Street. This was also a reintroduction to Broadway. She played a character named Dorothy Brock.

Two years later Shirley had received another nomination for an Emmy Award. This was for her role in the project Hidden Places. She went on to be featured in a film called Grandma’s Boy in the year 2006.

Shirley Jones then acted in the popular soap opera Days Of Our Lives as a character named Colleen. She also went on to perform in a revival of The Music Man. Later in 2014, she acted in General Hospital. She played the part of Mrs. McClain.

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What Is Shirley Jones Net Worth?

Shirley Jones currently has a net worth of twenty five million dollars. She has earned the majority of this net worth mainly from her career in acting.

Shirley has been a part of a popular television series for several years as one of its main characters. As a result she has earned millions over the years for this role.

She also earns money from the songs she released while on the show. Shirley Jones made multiple albums and songs that did well thanks to the popularity of the show in its prime.

How Shirley Jones Spends Her Money?

Shirley Jones spends her money to live comfortably. She bought a four million dollar home that sits on over two acres.

She has spent money on cars and fashion and traveling. Her biggest purchase to date is her home.

Interesting Facts

  • Shirley Jones is currently not married. She is a widow.
  • She has 3 children and and 9 grandchildren.