Shanola Hampton Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Shanola Hampton Net Worth, Age, Height

Shanola Hampton

Net Worth: $1 Million
Birthday: May 27, 1977
Age: 45 years old
Height: 5.4 feet (165cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actress
Instagram @shanolahampton
Last Updated: December, 2022

Shanola Hampton is one of the most entertaining American actors we’ve ever seen, and her tale begins back on May 27, 1977, in South Carolina, the place where she was born.

Year goes by, and when she played a role in a comedy show named “Shameless” as Veronica fisher, an amazing American comedy show, with over 10+ seasons. That’s where she gets in the eyes of everyone.

She also played various roles including ‘Electra Woman’ & ‘Dyna Girl’ back in 2001. As for her net worth, sources suggest that she has made almost $1 Million

How Did Shanola Hampton Become Rich?

Gralin N. her father and her mother Anna Hampton raised not only beautiful but also talented girl, as she used to also sing in her childhood.

Everybody loved her talent, and she studies at Summerville High School then pursued her degree in theatre from Winthrop University.

In 2001, her fate leads her to Los Angeles, where she started doing commercials. Time-Lapsing to when she was 24, she got the chance of playing a theatre role in Hollywood in Tiffany Theatre.

And between, 2002-2004, she started to get a minor role like Strong Medicine in Miami. Also, in 2002 she made her debut movie as Sarah in Love and Basketball.

She has also made many great guest appearances in Reba. She started gaining more support from her fans and won their heart, and in 2012 she was cast in the movie Christmas in the City. And, finally, after everyone recognized her talent, she won the Grand Jury Prize back in 2013.

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But this one award didn’t stop her, she keeps on climbing, and again in 2013, she won Best actor in American Black Film Festival. Apart from Shameless, she also managed to play another leading role in Things Never Said.

Her love for Dianna Ross become incredible, when she saw her on local talent show. Dianna Ross become the reason of Shanola Hampton pursue her career as an Actress.

Everything goes on, but Shanola even today has a love for Winthrop University. As she talks about Winthrop positively in many of her interviews.

I’ve learnt more from Winthrop than from my graduate studies. Winthrop doesn’t put you in a box but its focus on defining you as an Actor/Actress, then training you how to grow what you have in you. Also the family there is very supportive.

She also said “My older sister went to Winthrop, and I always look forward to it. And in my opinion, Winthrop has the best theatre program in the world. I still use the methods taught me at Winthrop.

Shanola Hampton is the type of actress that you cannot underestimate, in every list, you’ll find her name. As a mother, sister, wife, actress and gamer. Also, she is kind-hearted, as she opened a Art School for the sake of benefiting others.

Shanola Hampton also has a great interest in gaming, as she used to watch television while playing games on a laptop.

She has also worked as a face model in Left 4 Dead 2, a survival game that was released back at 2009, and ranked 4+ by

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What Is Shanola Hampton Net Worth?

We all know Shanola strive and hunger for perfection, her career is the best example of hard.

Apart from acting, she’s also famous on social media, with 1.3m followers on Instagram, almost 120k likes on Facebook & 250k followers on Twitter.

This means she is earning $2,729-$4,548 per post from Instagram, similarly $1000-3000 from Twitter per post, And as for Facebook, she has made up to $126,343 in total.

She’s been in the eyes of everyone! And now talking about her net worth, many of the sources has concluded that she has made $1 Million.

But Social Media isn’t the only source of her $1 Million net worth, her other best business making movies like Things Never Said (2013), They Die By Dawn (2013), and Scrubs (2001-2010), also helped her massively.

You may see a decrease in many of the net worth of celebrities, but Shanola Hampton isn’t holding back. She’s giving everything she got!

How Shanola Hampton Spends Her Money?

Despite earning $1 Million, and being a mother, 44 years old Shanola Hampton doesn’t seem to spend much on herself.

Well, that’s one intelligent move. There is no such amount of cars, houses, yachts she owns, we all just don’t know the exact amount. Shanola Hampton isn’t into showing off her purchases and wealth, as she only focuses on her family and her career.

Shanola Hampton now lives in Atlanta, Georgia and as for her house and vehicle we own, we don’t have the information about any of her purchases just yet.

As she is maintaining the 6 figures in her bank account, she is also maintaining the balance between family and career.

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Interesting Facts

  • She isn’t always as rich as she is now. Her family was living an average normal life. And before acting Shanola Hampton worked as a bartender for almost 10 years!
  • Shanola Hampton has been married to Daren Dukes since March 2000. Daren Dukes is a producer and a writer. But the twist here is that he is commonly known for his efforts in Grand Theft Auto V, The Hanged Man (2007), The Marriage Tour (2013).Both couples are blessed with one baby girl in the year 2014 and a boy in the year 2016 named Cai MyAnna Dukes, and Daren O.C Dukes respectively.
  • And with being mom, she is also a sister of Andrea Hampton and Felicia Richardson. Andrea Hampton is also an actress, she has worked in numerous films including The Broken Spirit, released back in 2015.
  • Along with being the best actress, a diehard gaming fan, she’s also professionally trained in hand-to-hand combat.