Scrub Daddy Net Worth, Age, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Scrub Daddy Net Worth, Age, Wealth

Scrub Daddy

Net Worth: $250 Million
Foundation Date: 2008
Last Updated: March, 2023

Scrub Daddy is an American-based cleaning product manufacturing company, founded back in 2008 by Aaron Krause. And let’s not forget Smiley Sponge, which open up the gates for Aaron Krause.

And after all that hard work, in 2019, in an ABC reality show known as Shark Tank, Scrub Daddy achieved the highest revenue in any product, amazing right? And again in 2023, Scrub Daddy finally managed to pull off a total worth of $250 Million.

The Story of Scrub Daddy

So now let’s set up some history classes. The story begins with a kid named Aaron Krause, who loved to invent new things, which pretty much annoyed his family. So time traveling to 1992, when he graduated from Syracuse University in Psychology and marketing.

2 years later, when he started detailing cars in Pennsylvania, which gave him a big boost. And things started to shine up when he damaged a car while polishing it. Which lead him to the invention of a new type of buffing pad, which was the first-ever foundation of Scrub Daddy.

As in 2008, 3M Corporation bought that buffing pad. Back when he used to work as a detailer, his hand often become greasy, that where his mind clicked. And he started to play with chemicals to invent something for his hands, and thus, came up with the idea of Scrub Daddy.

Later on, a time came when Aaron Krause lost hope if his product “Scrub Daddy” isn’t worthy enough. But Lori Greiner commonly called Queen of QVC help him massively by offering him $200,000 & introducing his product in stores like Walmart, Target, etc.

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In the middle of investing things, and setting up the business, Aaron also continues his hard work to make Scrub Daddy more worthy of your money.

As for his potential, his aims also started to become higher, which includes, test sponges on different surfaces, making sponges odor free and many more.

In 2011, by the intelligence of Aaron Krause, Scrub Daddy manufactured their most selling product Smiley Sponge. And in 2014, Scrub Daddy writes its name in the history books of Shark Tank, as the most successful product in their history.

What Is Scrub Daddy Net Worth?

So, now after all the hard work pays off, Aaron Krause has become an inspiration for some and hope for others. Talking about his net worth, he has made up to $70 million in 2021. And by looking at him, you can’t tell he has made that much.

But above all, you can’t deny his hard work and strive for perfection in Scrub Daddy. And also you can’t deny his love for Scrub Daddy sponges.

As he said “To wash my deck Furniture, I take Scrub Daddy sponge to home, and left some in the sink. My wife cooks at home, and I do the dishes, it was the greatest kitchen sponge I’ve ever used”.

But this doesn’t stop Aaron from working on his products, he continues to hard work also now, to invent more products to provide the best to his customers. He has expanded his business internationally.

Aaron Krause Net Worth and Expenditures

Aaron Krause is the type of person who tends to invest more in products than in himself. And it becomes very obvious when you see him in any picture or reality. Also, he doesn’t own many houses and cars but he continues living his luxury life.

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Scrub Daddy only hits those milestones and those heights, only by Aaron’s hard work and intelligence, which is in fact in front of everyone. As in 2020, the net worth of Scrub Daddy has increased massively from $210 Million to $250 Million, also they have retained that in year 2023 also.

Aaron did plan to invest in a manufacturing facility with some advanced equipment to increase the production rate. But instead, they found a subcontractor, who is now doing the job for them. And with investors like QVC, ShopRite, Aaron himself feels no need of investing on a facility, he said in an interview in SJ Magazine.

Interesting Facts

  • AARON WIFE & KIDS: Aaron Krause married Stephanie Krause back in 2010, and then both couples was blessed with twin, a boy named Bryce Krause and a girl named Sophie Krause.
  • Aaron Krause like in his products also has success in his marriage life, as there aren’t any ups and downs in his marriage. And Above all of Aaron is living his dream life, with a loving wife and supportive children and a lot of fans of whom Aaron made life easy.
  • SMILEY FACE SPONGE: So in 2011, Aaron becomes the new, king of the sponge industry as Scrub Daddy manufactured Smiley Face Sponge. And this isn’t a normal sponge with a smiley face. Aaron describes its cool features in SJ Magazine that this polymer sponge has an efficient effect on all types of surfaces.
  • It also changes its hardness on the temperature of the water. And you can use it as a dishwasher, machine washer, etc.
  • AARON HAS BEEN ON SHARK TANK: Being a big fan of the show, his strive for inventing things leads him to the show. As in an interview in SJ magazine, he says about the show, “The show highlights the process of people inventing new things in a good and entertaining manner. It brings the creative juice of participants out of them in a fun way.”
  • Aaron applied to be in the show to showcase his sponge, after 3 months Aaron got a call and got a contract. After all, things started to go smooth as he was getting contracts and calls, but the most difficult part Aaron has faced was to impress the producer.
  • As he has to answer some quick-fire 20 questions in just only 3 minutes on a video call. But the things were on his side, he succeeded and now Shark Tank in one of the investors in Scrub Daddy, along with Lori Greiner, who also meet him in Shark Tank.