Scott Morrison Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Scott Morrison Net Worth, Age, Height

Scott Morrison

Net Worth: $43 Million
Birthday: May 13, 1968
Age: 54 years old
Height: 6.1 feet (183cm)
Birthplace: Australia
Occupation: Politician
Instagram @scottmorrisonmp
Last Updated: March, 2023

Scott Morrison is the 30th prime minister of Australia who has a net worth of $43 million as of July March 2023. As a leader of the Liberal Party, he took office in August 2018 when his party won the 2018 general election with conclusive results. Apart from his political career, he is the current Vice President and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Ball Corporation – a US-based aerospace company that manufactures home canning products like glass jars and lids. The Australian prime minister has an interesting and challenging career that enables him to be a self-made millionaire. A lot is known about him as a politician, but his hefty income, trade, and net worth are rarely talked about. Let’s uncover what the prime minister is up to and how he has made himself a self-made millionaire.

How Did Scott Morrison Become Rich?

Born in Sydney Australia, Morrison had a brief career as a child actor in his early childhood. He appeared in different television commercials and in several local TV shows. Upon graduating from the University of New South Wales, it is reported that Morrison was insisted by his father to focus on his professional career. Following that, he became a National Policy Manager and Researcher at Property Council of Australia for six years (from 1989 to 1995.)

His career shift in early 2000 was a turning point in his life when he joined the Australian Liberal Party. This was the era when his fame and reputation increased and his net worth took a pace of a rapid growth. After joining the party, he actively participated in election campaigns and took part in political activities. This is when his reputation increased throughout Australia and he became the leader of the Liberal Party.

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Joining the Ball Corporation in late 2010 was another major successful decision of the Aussie prime minister. In the Ball Corporation, he owns a fabulous stock worth approximately $30,500,359. He is still serving as a Vice President, Chief Finance Officer and active trader of the corporation.

What Is Scott Morrison Net Worth?

The Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has a staggering net worth of $43 million as of the latest report of March 2023. His hefty net worth has multiple sources. The foremost known source is his political career. He has been making a hefty income as a leader of the Liberal Party over the course of the last twenty years. As a prime minister of Australia, he has an annual salary of $550,000 which, in other words, is $1500 a day.

Another gigantic source of his income is his affiliation with the American aerospace company Ball Corporation, as he is the sitting Vice President and Chief Finance Officer of the Ball Stock since 2010. He owns more than 21,300 units of the Ball Corporation which is worth roughly $30,500,359. It is reported that he has sold an approximate stock in the Ball Corp worth $9,152,204. On top of that, he has a handsome salary of roughly $300,000 as a Vice President and CFO of the corporation.

An important factor of the Aussie prime minister’s close affiliation with the Ball Stock is that he has made some 61 trades over the course of the last ten years. Most recently on July 15, 2021, he traded 21,100 units of the block stock which was worth approximately $484,700. Likewise, he traded 68,536 units of the Ball Stock worth over $1,141,500. As of the latest updates of March, 2023, he still owns some 376,553 units. These figures of his successful trading have a pivotal role in his ever-growing net worth.

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How Scott Morrison Spends His Money?

Morrison is happily married to his teenage crush Jenny Morrison for the last twenty-one years and they have two daughters named Abigail and Lilly. The couple tied the knot in 1990 after dating for a long term – Scott was dating Jenny since he was 21. They live in the official Australian government residence in Kirribilli House, New South Wales.

The Aussie prime minister travels in a bulletproof BMW which offers a luxurious package, updated features, and above all security protection. It is pertinent to mention that being an Aussie prime minister, Morrison almost always faces security risks. The victory night sack of his armored BMW is an obvious example. On the election victory night at the Sydney hotel, his BMW was ransacked despite strict security. Given this security risk, the prime minister travels in the BMW 6 Series GT car.

The prime minister travels around the world mostly for his official tours, and it seems like he sometimes misses his wife.

In a recent interview with Karl Stefanovic, Morrison shares a special love and empathy for his wife. He pays homage to her saying that “she has been carrying all the load of our married life for the last twenty-one years,” he blushes while sitting for the interview with The Weekend Australia news agency. As the prime minister is occupied with his official work during the Corona Virus pandemic, she is the one who takes care of and homeschools the children.

Interesting Facts

  • Back in 1998, Morrison was an active member of the 100% Pure New Zealand in collaboration with Murray McCully, who was then the tourism minister of New Zealand.
  • He joined the Liberal Party of Australia in 2000.
  • The Aussie prime minister and his wife Jennifer waited and struggled for 14 years to have their first kid. Their two daughters Abbey and Lily, however, are now 11 and 9 years old respectively.
  • He has lived in New Zealand for almost five years.
  • Morrison is amongst the five highly paid leaders in the world with the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong being the number one.
  • The Aussie prime minister got married to his long term girlfriend Jenny Morrison on Valentine’s Day (February 14) in 1990.
  • His parents were workers and active volunteers in a Church Youth Group.