Scott Gottlieb Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Scott Gottlieb Net Worth, Age, Height

Scott Gottlieb

Net Worth: $1,5 Million
Birthday: Jun 11, 1972
Age: 49 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (179cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Physician, Investor
Instagram @scottgottliebmd
Last Updated: January, 2022

Scott Gottlieb who is both a physician and an investor has a net worth of 1,5 million US dollars. He started his early career as a medical journal writer. Then he moved into medical health center. Soon after, he got in high-ranking positions of Food and Drug Administration and later Pfizer. He also invested in Pfizer and bought stock units. This is mainly the source of his huge income through which he becomes a rich person.

How Did Scott Gottlieb Become Rich?

Scott Gottlieb was born on 11th June 1972. His birthplace is East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. His father’s name is Stanley who was a psychiatrist. His mother is Marsha Gottlieb. As his parents were from a medical background he was also influenced by them and attended the Icahn School of Medicine. He also did his post-graduate training from Mount Sinai Hospital in “Internal medicine.” After that, he did a job as the analyst of healthcare at the bank of investment Alex. Brown & Sons. This is where his career in the medical field started.

Before that he worked as a writer in the British Medical Journal in 1997 and the American Medical Association in 1996. In 2003, Scott Gottlieb started working as a senior advisor in the Administration of Food and Drug in the United States. He was promoted to the director of medical policy development of the Food and Drug Administration.

After that at the end of 2003, he left FDA to become an administrative senior advisor of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. After that in 2007 Scott Gottlieb became an partner at the new Enterprise Associates which is big venture capital firm in the world. From this time Scott Gottlieb started to get rich at an exponential rate. He was also serving on the board of directors of American pathology partners and Bravo health plan.

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In 2016 Scott Gottlieb invested in Pfizer by buying 1000 units of PFE stroke that has a value of 37,000 US dollars. One of the largest transactions of Scott Gottlieb was made on the 9th of May, 2016 when he bought 4000 units of Pfizer stocks which are estimated as 121,200 US dollars. In 2017, Scott Gottlieb became the FDA commissioner. He worked here for 2 years until 2019 where he earned 160,000 US dollars yearly. After that, he joined the boards of directors of Pfizer in 2019 and still working there. He was elected as an independent director. He gets 231,621 US dollars yearly compensation as an independent director of Pfizer.

What Is Scott Gottlieb Net Worth?

It is estimated that Scott Gottlieb’s net worth is 1,532,000 US dollars. Now, it will be shown how we calculated his total net worth.

His total share numbers in Pfizer is 5,000 units which have a worth of 158,200 US dollars. When he was working as the FDA commissioner, he earned 160,000 US dollars yearly. Which makes it 320,000 US dollars. After that, he receives yearly compensation of 231,621 US dollars as an independent director of Pfizer. So, from there he received a total of 463,242 US dollars. He also received a total of 30,000 US dollars in his writing career.

Now comes the part of Scott Gottlieb’s property. He has a Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 that is worth 52,100 US dollars. His wife Allyson Nemeroff has another car that is worth 32,000 US dollars. Scott Gottlieb has a total immovable property of 700,000 US dollars that includes lands, houses, flats, and similar properties. He also paid a total of 21,000 US dollars as tax for his immovable properties. He was also fined 1,600 US dollars for late submission of taxes. It was also found that he has a total liabilities of 150,000 US dollars. He also donated 50,000 US dollars for helping the community during the pandemic of COVID-19. So, after accumulating all of the incomes and assets and minus the expenses and liabilities, Scott Gottlieb net worth is approximately one and a half million US dollars.

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How Scott Gottlieb Spends His Money?

So, where does Scott Gottlieb spends his money? We will now find it out. The favorite car of Scott Gottlieb is the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 car that he bought around 2018. As he is an investor of the stock market Pfizer, he spends a lot of money to buy stocks units. It was also found that Scott Gottlieb does a lot of charity for those who cannot afford their medical expenses.

Recently, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, Scott Gottlieb donated a lot of money for the betterment of the community. He also gifted an expensive car to his wife. It was further found that Scott Gottlieb spends a huge amount of money to buy properties. He has a flat in central New York. He also has a house in New York City and New Jersey. He also spends money for the education and other basic needs of his three daughters. Naturally, he will spend a handsome amount of money on his family. One of the largest purchase of Scott Gottlieb was 4,000 units of Pfizer share.

Interesting Facts

  • Scott Gottlieb was nominated as the head of the Food and Drug Administration. He was one of the rumored mainstream choice by President Trump for the head of the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Scott Gottlieb worked as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign advisor in summer of 2020.
  • He is married to Allyson Brooke Nemeroff. They seem to be such couple who do not have any interest in other men or women. They are loyal to each other. It has been 16 years since they started to live together.
  • Scott Gottlieb has his name ranked in the most popular physician list. He was also successful to make his name as one of the famous celebrities born in the US.
  • Scott Gottlieb made a policy in December 2017 where it was mentioned that the homeopathic drugs will be highly regulated and the unsafe homeopathic drugs will be eliminated from the market.