Rylo Rodriguez Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Rylo Rodriguez Net Worth, Age, Height

Rylo Rodriguez

Net Worth: $500,000
Birthday: Sep 30, 1993
Age: 28 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @rylorodriguez
Last Updated: August, 2022

Rylo Rodriguez as of 2022, has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars. He is a popular rapper who has found success within his rap career.

How Did Rylo Rodriguez Become Rich?

Ryan Quincy Adams better known as Rylo Rodriguez was born in 1993 on September 30th. His birthplace is Mobile, Alabama where he was also raised. His grandfather played the role of caretaker of Ryan and his family. Rylo has a sister and two brothers. He has stated that his childhood took a turn for the worse after his grandfather died. He has recalled witnessing a staggering amount of gun violence while in his youth. In fact, he has gone on to share that he has lost a significant number of friends because of all the violence in his neighborhood growing up. It was hard growing up in that kind of environment but Rylo held on because of his dream. He knew someday that he wanted to have a career as a rapper.

His environment impacted Rylo in his daily life and his music early. Oftentimes Rylo’s lyrics are centered around his struggles, lifestyle and hustling growing up. He also likes to rap intensely and get personal about things that he faces in his current life.

In the beginning stage of his career, Rylo was often praised for his beats. In 2019, he released a project called Project Baby. This song sampled the instrumental from a Mariah Carey song. The song he sampled was called Always Be My Baby. This song was focused on stories about life in the hood. Soon after Rylo released a video following the song and in the first year it received over ten million views.

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Rylo Rodriguez officially received his big break in the year 2017. Rylo featured in a well-known rapper’s hit song called Eat or Starve. It soon became a sensation on YouTube and went on to receive over one million views on YouTube.  Since then he has been featured on the rapper’s song Stick On Me. This song also was a big hit on YouTube on streaming platforms. The song received high views in the millions and had the chance to be featured on WorldStarHipHop channel.

In the year 2018 Rylo’s released a single called BMF. He later released another song titled Mufasa. All two of the songs received high streaming numbers on different streaming platforms.

In later November of that year, he collaborated once again with Lil Baby. Rylo had a feature on his song called No Friends. The song received positive reviews and responses like many of the rapper’s earlier songs.

In the year 2019 Rylo had major hits with the songs Melvin and More Problem. Later on that year, Rylo released an EP that features a rapper named NoCap. There were four tracks on the EP.

More recently Rylo has released songs in November 2020. He has worked on collaborative projects with several popular rappers including Lil Baby. He has also gone on to release a song titled Walk. Rylo and Lil baby have a good music history together because he has been featured on many of his songs including a song the two worked on together in September 2020 called Forget That.

The same year Rylo had gotten a deal to be signed to the same label as Lil Baby. Their label is titled 4 Pockets Full. Rylo went on to release his debut album called G.I.H.F. in the year 2020. The album peaked at number 2 on the Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25. It also appeared on the Rolling Stone artists 500 where it debuted as number forty-eight.

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Rylo has also made another hit song Home Run. This song was released early in 2021. The song’s music video produced high views in the millions on YouTube.

In March of 2021 Rylo released a new music video. This video has garnered over three million views.

Rylo has grown big as a rapper because he is consistently making music and working on his craft.

What Is Rylo Rodriguez Net Worth?

Rylo currently has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars. This comes from his career as a rapper. He also owns a home and car.

How Rylo Rodriguez Spends His Money?

Rylo Rodriguez has known all too well struggling in life and now that he has money, he spends it on living in luxury. He spends on clothes, jewelry, cars and lots more. His biggest purchase to date however is his home.

Interesting Facts

  • Rylo Rodriguez is currently not married.
  • He does not have any known children.