Ryan Friedlinghaus Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Ryan Friedlinghaus Net Worth, Age, Height

Ryan Friedlinghaus

Net Worth: $15 Million
Birthday: Apr 22, 1975
Age: 47 years old
Height:  5.6feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Businessman, CEO, TV-personality
Instagram @ryan
Last Updated: March, 2023

Ryan Friedlinghaus, American businessman, is the co-founder and CEO of West Coast Customs (WCC). He started WCC alongside Quinton Dodson in the early 1994 following his lifelong passion for cars. Believe it or not WCC was started with a $5000 loan from Ryan’s grandfather and currently, WCC is currently valued at $150 million which is his largest income stream giving him an estimated net worth of about $15 million.

How Ryan Friedlinghaus Become Rich?

Ryan Friedlinghaus is a native American born in Los Angeles, California on April 22, 1975 and grew up to be the only child in their family. His father owned a liquor shop and he would later end up working for him. During his early years he developed a passion in cars, bikes and skateboards. He would then learn how to fix them which got him to be the repair man for his friends’ bikes and skateboards; little tweaking and minor repairs. In his 20’s is when he began learning the craft of car repairing and this was the beginning for him.

At 18 years of age, Ryan famously known as ‘Shady in the Shop’ got a $5000 loan and gathered up his savings from working for his father and started his car repair and modification shop, West Coast Customs. He opened WCC’s doors in 1994 with Co-founder Quinton Dodson and he became the CEO. WCC has since then grown to a multimillion-dollar franchise putting Ryan Friedlinghaus on the financial map to look out for. The first shop was located in Laguna Niguel, California which later moved to Compton, California in 1998. WCC has changed to various locations of different sizes as it grew but It was when WCC moved to Olive Street, Inglewood California that it gained popularism associated with quality standards they provided for their clients.

As their notoriety grew celebrities started showing up at their location. The likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Sean Combs led the patronage to WCC’s celebrity status which led to the debut of West Coast Customs on main stream television. WCC made its first appearance on TV signed to the show on MTV Pimp My Ride in the year 2004. The show was mainly involved in customizing people’s old cars and rebuilding them to their desired taste and personality.

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On MTV’s Pimp My Ride individuals with junk cars would meet up with the host of the show, Xzibit, together with co-founder Quinton Dodson where they described their hobbies, passions and their vision of the car they’d want. The WCC team would then be in charge of remolding the cars to the Americans desires. They would then surprise their clients with the final version of the remade car. The TV show was able to attract a really huge viewing and was ranked the number one show watched during its scheduled slot time.

Although, this format of customization was not what Ryan wanted to do. The 46-year-old was more focused on rebuilding and customizing new cars and once he got to leave MTV’s Pimp My Ride, he got a new Television gig on Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel simultaneously under the title Inside West Customs. Ryan mentioned he enjoyed the new show because it allows him to build cars on Tv and not for TV, what MTV had him do.

The show grew on to customize and rebuild countless celebrity vehicles and expanded to reconstruct vehicles for global brands like Microsoft, Nintendo and Virgin placing WCC on the forefront of car customization.  Although with Inside West Coast Customs, he focused more on individual daily customers that agreed to be on TV, West coast customs continued to work on celebrity wheels the likes of Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner and Sylvester Stallone.

Some of the most famous works done by Ryan included Shaq O’Neal’s three wheeled bike, Nick Canon’s Toyota Tundra and a 1958 Corvette. Due to WCC’s prominence, Ryan was able to work on a 1955 Ford F-100 pick-up truck for Sylvester Stallone’s movie The Expendables and would later then be hired to customize and modify a car by using the body of a Ford Maverick and the internals of a Ford Ranger for the movie Mad Max.

WCC still has managed to stay afloat and on top of the car customization game. You can easily spot growth when a business starts opening up franchises. In 2007, a Dubai franchise was opened up by Al Ghussein Global Investments which continues to operate to date. The Investment Group cut a huge pay check to Ryan summing to $4.9M for using the brand name; West Coast Customs. A decade later Ryan announced the opening of another franchise in Shanghai, China. The opening ceremony was awarded huge publicity gaining reports from all main stream China and articles all round. Some other franchises have been up and running but eventually closed.

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What Is Ryan Friedlinghaus Net Worth?

Generally speaking, WCC is the hugest income earner for Ryan Friedlinghaus grossing at a value of close to 150 million dollars. Reports have mentioned that he earns an annual income of about $300000 estimating his net worth at around $15 million. His time on mainstream TV together with his general operations at WCC will ensure that his net worth is on an ever up stream direction.

WCC still has managed to stay afloat and on top of the car customization game. In 2007, a Dubai franchise was opened up by Al Ghussein Global Investments which continues to operate to date. The Investment Group cut a huge pay check to Ryan summing to $4.9M for using the brand name; West Coast Customs. A decade later, Ryan announced the opening of another franchise in Shanghai, China. The growth of WCC’s net worth is definitely Ryan’s growth in net worth.

How Ryan Friedlinghaus Spends His Money?

Although his personal life is not well known, from his social media, you can tell that Ryan Friedlinghaus lives large. Together with his wife and 3 kids he lives in a huge mansion in Los Angeles, California which is estimated to be worth around $4 million. Due to his passion in cars he is often seeing around driving the BMW i8 which has an estimated cost of $ 150,000. He also owns a pretty awesome 2007 Dodge Charger which he and his WCC team fully customized from its door hinges to the engine to fit his weekend drive away vehicle.

As a publicity stunt and to earn more money he spent a lump sum to be part of Will.I.Am’s prank. He joined hands with the famous rapper and part of the band; The Black-Eyed Peas, to claim that his customized DeLorean done by WCC was stole. The claim was that the car cost more than $700,000 which was a bit overpriced. Ryan Friedlinghaus’s role was to act like he was able to locate the vehicle and bring it back to the famous rapper. This stunt received a lot of publics condemn ruining both their reputations and credibility.

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Interesting Facts

  • Ryan Friedlinghaus is quite the interesting fellow owing to the fact that all the skills he has are all self- taught. He never had a mentor to show him where to place the spanner or how to weld. Ryan’s passion was enough to elevate him in the car industry as he taught himself the basics from car repair to paint work. Notably, he got so much expertise that he wrote a book on welding and was published in 2013; The Art of Welding.
  • Ryan is a happily married man to Meagan Friedlinghaus who they tied knots with on Christmas party in 2011. He took it to twitter to announce his newly wed status and they would later on be blessed with 3 kids; Ryan Jr, Dylan and Briana. He is often seen posting them on his social media pages seaming a proud father. As of now Dylan is singer, actor and face of popular YouTube channel Dylan’s world. He mostly engages his viewers with toy and product reviews as well as his music videos.