Robert Duvall Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Robert Duvall Net Worth, Age, Height

Robert Duvall

Net Worth: $76 Million
Birthday: Jan 05, 1931
Age: 92 years old
Height: 5.7 feet (174cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer
Instagram @robert_duvall_official
Last Updated: March, 2023

Robert Duvall is an 92 years old American legendary and well-liked actor, iconic film producer, authoritative director and a sitting CEO of Butcher’s Run Films and Robert Duvall Children’s Fund (RDCF). He has a net worth of $76 million as of March 2023. His name has been nominated more than 60 times for national and international awards in the category of best actor, best leading role as well as for best Golden filmmaker and he won 56 out of them. The professional career of Robert spreads far more than seven decades in the Hollywood industry and has witnessed and garnered an Oscar nomination in the leading role in The Great Santini in the year 1979. He has maintained a busy film profession and appearing in movies as many as 2 in one year. He received an Oscar nomination for his portrayals of Evangelical preacher Euliss in The Apostle (1997).

His efficient acting skill, golden filmmaking and competent writing art have helped him in the accumulation of a handsome fortune. Let’s uncover his career and have a deep look into his lifestyle and see how he has become a millionaire.

How Did Robert Duvall Become Rich?

From his childhood, Robert showed keen love for acting and started his career as an actor. He has worked with many well famous theaters firstly and then he turned his face towards Hollywood movies.

Arguably Robert Duvall’s stage debut was in 1952 when he played the pilot in  the In The Stars at Gateway Play House. At the beginning of his career, he worked with more than 10 theaters in a row. In 1959 he made his first television appearance as a guest actor, often in crime, suspense, detective and action dramas.

In his mid-career from 1970 to 1989, he started an important appearance in American movies. His first major success came in 1971 with his main lead role in The Godfather part 1 and Part 2. Surprisingly, these movies became iconic in the history of Hollywood and were strong enough to prove him an efficient actor. By mid-1972, Robert Duvall was a top character actor in America and people described him as Hollywood No 1. In the mid of 1970s, he became the main character actor and received an Oscar nomination for the best supporting role and won both Global Golden Award and BAFTA Award for his role as a Lt. Colonel Kilgore in Apocalypse.

Later In the 1990s, he refused to take part in Godfather III unless he was paid an extensive salary comparable twice or thrice to his co-star AI Pacino’s. This proposal was accepted and Robert became the then highest-paid actor in the history of American movies.

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In 1992, he founded his own film production company with the name of Butcher’s Run Films and his production house produced and directed more than 10 superhit movies. Assassination Tango in 2002 and Gods and Generals in 2003, were supposedly his best and unforgettable produced movies of all time.

Later In 2005, he became the oldest actor and was nominated for the Academic Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film Judge Robert. In the same year, he got The Golden Globe Award and National Medal Of Art Presented by president George W Bush.

Apart from all this successful acting career, he is also one of the well-known scriptwriters. He has scripted more than 5 crime dramas and thrill movies and has got paid an extensive salary for that.

What Is Robert Duvall Net Worth?

As of the latest report of March 2023, Robert Duvall has a net worth of $76 million. His reliable sources of income are his efficient acting skills, authoritative scriptwriting, filmmaking, and his production house.

He earned $36,000 for his work in the first Godfather movie which is actually twice more than his co-star AI Pacino. In the late 90s, when he became the Hollywood No 1, he demanded double salary for Godfather III ($500,000) after he was paid half a million for Godfather II.  Given his legendary expertise, the proposal was accepted right away. Thus, he earned more than $1,500,000 for the complete series of Godfather. After portraying the main lead role in Godfather, he became the leading actor in Hollywood and gave superhit movies one by one. Ultimately, he earned an estimated wealth of $25 million from movies as a leading actor.

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Along with this, He owns a  film production house with the name of Buther’s Run Films, which is also contributing to make such an extensive net worth for him. His production house has produced more than 5 best thrill and crime movies, suspense dramas, and short detective films. It’s estimated that he earns more than $1 million from his production house, which is a pretty reliable addition to his hefty net worth.

How Robert Duvall Spends His Money?

Robert Duvall lives in a 300-acre farmhouse in Rural Virginia, United States with his 4th wife Luciana Pedraza. The couple is happily married after being in a relationship for 3 years. Prior to this current marriage, he was married to three others women: Barbara Benjamin in 1964, Gail Youngs in 1982 and Sharon Brophy in 1995. Unfortunately, his marital life was not as successful as his career is.

Horse riding and buying advanced, reliable and luxurious cars are his most liked things. Usually, he spends his free and leisure time with horses in his farm. He owns more than 3 luxurious cars, which are Maserati MC20 an estimated worth of $200,000, Rolls Royce Ghost with a worth of $315,000, and Ferrari SF90 with a worth of $580,000.

Apart from his professional life, he and his wife run an organization for the betterment of children with the name of Robert Duvall Children’s Fund (RDCF). This non-profit organization aims at helping many impoverished families across the world through renovations of homes, schools and medical facilities. In addition, he is an active supporter of Pro Mujer, a non-profit charity organization dedicated to helping Latin America’s poorest women.

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Interesting Facts

  • Before his acting career, he had worked in the U.S Army, clerking at Macy’s sorting emails at the post office and driving a truck.
  • Throughout his career, Robert Duvall has been nominated for 60 awards and won 56 of them.
  • In the movie Tender Mercies, he has performed at his own music.
  • In September 2003, he was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • He is a strong supporter of the Republican Party and was invited By George W. Bush to his 2001 inauguration ceremony.
  • He has been married four-time but still, he doesn’t have any child.
  • Robert Duvall is also known as a pre-eminent Argentine tango dancer, having his tango studio in the United States and Argentina.
  • He has got his bachelor’s from Principia College in drama and Art back in 1953.
  • He has a farmhouse which is estimated to be 300-acres in rural Virginia.