Rick Shiels Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Rick Shiels Net Worth, Age, Height

Rick Shiels

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jul 03, 1986
Age: 36 years old
Height: 6 feet (182cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Youtuber, Former professional golfer
Instagram @rickshielspga
Last Updated: March, 2023

Rick Shiels currently worth 3 million dollars. He has managed to accumulate this net worth primarily from his career in golfing.

How Did Rick Shiels Become Rich?

Rick Shiels was born in 1986. His birth month is July and he was born on the third. He is currently 36 years old. His birth place is Bolton, England. There is not much known information about his parents available to the public at this time.

Rick Shiels began playing golf at the young age of 11. He played at a golf club located in Westhoughton. He later went on to Myerscough college. It was there where he earned a diploma. He studied golf.

Rick Shiels began PGA training at the age of eighteen. After he completed his training, he went on to become a certified pro. He then started to work at a Country Club. The club was located in Cheshire, England. It was named Mere Golf Country Club. There he found work as a golfing coach. He has stated that his main goal when coaching someone is to make sure they enjoy and understand the sport. He went on to say that he has no particular regimen or routine when coaching but rather caters to his trainee as an individual.

Rick Shiels later got to work at another golf center, where he started his YouTube channel in 2011. This time he worked for the Trafford Golf Centre. On his channel his content consisted of various golf-related videos like giving tips and golf club reviews. He also commonly featured the center he was working at around the time. He would do this to bring attraction to the center so they could pull in more customers.

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With time his popularity on YouTube and among golfers gradually rose. In the year 2020 during the month of June, Rick Shiels had become the first golf blogger and content creator to garner one million subscribers on YouTube. This was a milestone for him. Shiels then went on to be a part of a ‘Golf Day’ in 2019. The event was hosted by YouTube and had been the very first one by theplatform. The event went on to generate over fifteen thousand pounds for Prostate Cancer UK.The fundraising event attracted over forty creators with a total of over nineteen million followers.

Rick Shiels has also had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of major brands. Some of the companies he has worked with are Nike, MasterCard and Garmin. He has also created several golfing series for his YouTube channel where he taught some of his personal tricks when golfing. Rick Shiels has had many celebrities appear in his videos over the years. Robbie Williams has made an appearance in one of his videos.

In early 2021, Rick Shiels had accumulated over one million subscribers on his channel. He also had amassed over three hundred seventy four million views on YouTube. His content covers a wide range of topics related to golf, such as golf stories, tips for playing etc. He also does equipment reviews and gives his recommendations based on his knowledge and experience. Rick Shiels is also the host of a podcast series. The podcast is branded under him and is called The Rick Shiels Golf Show. The podcast is available on related platforms, as well as his second channel on  YouTube. This channel uses the same name and he posts podcast clips and episodes there.

Shiels made an announcement early in the year 2021 that he would no longer be working with the company Nike as their partnership had expired. Nike had been a major sponsor of Shiels’ for four years. His contract with the company eventually expired however the company had hoped to convince Shiels to take a new contract with them. In this new contract they wanted him to become one of their modes that would be paid to post on their Instagram and other social platforms. This was because Rick Shiels had now become a household name and garnered lots of attention. This move would help to promote Nike’s sales among athletes and related businesses. Shiels however had no such plans and declined to renew the partnership.

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He then went on to leave Trafford Golf Centre and proceeded to introduce a new academy. He gave it the name Quest Golf Studio.

In early 2022 Rick Shiels YouTube channel has reached 2 million subscribers and 500 million views. His most popular video is him playing versus another popular youtuber Dude Perfect.

pular video is

What Is Rick Shiels Net Worth?

Rick Shiels has a net worth of three million dollars in 2023. This net worth is primarily accumulated through his career in professional golfing and coaching. What is a golf prodigy or have professional training to become a coach. Experience and coaching he is paid handsomely whenever he has a trainee.

Rick also is a Youtuber whose channel has over a 2 viewers that are subscribed. He is paid by YouTube ads for his views and content. In addition to this Rick earns money through sponsorships from various companies that want to use his popularity to improve their company sales and promote them. Because of his immense popularity among golfers, he is paid well whenever he does promotions for sports companies.

Rick Shiels has worked for a well-known company called Nike where he had a contract with them for several years which earned him thousands.

Rick also co-owns an Academy where he trains young golfers and earns money from.

How  Spends His Money?

Rick Shiels earns lots of money but also spends frequently as well. One of his spending outlets is traveling. Rick coaches and attends golf games all over the world so as a result he spends quite a bit of money on traveling and living accommodations.

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He also co owns an academy and has to pump money into it to keep it up and running successfully. The amount he has invested into since the first day until now varies from thousands to millions.

Rick Shiels is also a Youtuber and has invested into his channel and content. He has had to buy recording and editing equipment for his videos. He also pays a cameraman and crew for their work in making his content successful on the app. Rick has spent money on golf equipment as well.

He also bought a house and a car. His biggest purchase to date is his home where he lives now.

Interesting Facts

  • Rick Shiels is currently married to a woman named Claire Shiels.
  • In this marriage he has 3 kids.