Randy Santel Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Randy Santel Net Worth, Age, Height

Randy Santel

Net Worth: $2,5 Million
Birthday: Jun 24, 1986
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @randysantel
Last Updated: June, 2023

Randy Santel as of 2023 has a net worth of 2.5 million. His net worth has been amassed from multiple sources of income but his main one is YouTube.

How Did Randy Santel Become Rich?

Randy Santel was born in the year 1986. His birth month is June and he was born on the 24th. His birth place was Missouri. He is currently 36 years old. His parents are Joe and Karen Santel. He has one little sister whose name is Shelly.

As a child, Randy and his family moved from St Louis to St. Peters, Missouri. Randy went on to attend Duchesne High School. During his time in the school, Randy played football and volleyball. During this time he has stated that he was not interested in music whatsoever. While in school Randy also joined the Eagle Scouts.

Later on, after high school, Santel made the decision to go to Missouri State University. Once in college, Randy also joined the football team. Their team was named the MSU Bears Football Team and Randy played as an offensive lineman for three years. At the University he studied construction management and earned a degree in it. He graduated in the year 2008.

After graduating, Randy worked in the construction field for over four years. He found work as a concrete estimator for J.E Dunn Construction. Although he worked in construction Randy’s weight was always on the heavier side. In the year 2010, Randy decided to participate in a Spartacus transformation. The purpose of the challenge was to lose twenty-five pounds within the span of two weeks. With the challenge and just one week after completing it, he ate over twenty-five pizzas from Pointer’s Pizza for a challenge. He won the challenge and five hundred dollars. Doing this has inspired Randy to make a career by teaching people how to transform their own lives.

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Randy Santel now participates in eating contests all over. Randy loves going to food events and being able to meet some of his fans and supporters. Randy rarely participates in private events. He makes sure that his events are public so that any of his fans can have the opportunity to show up no matter their social standing or financial state. He has stated before eating he has to get in the mood for it by listening to pop music-preferably girly. Some of the artists he listens to are Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, etc. Soon after, he created a YouTube channel where he shares content about eating and working out. He often eats unbelievable amounts of food and yet is still fit. His channel is self-titled and has over a million subscribers. He also creates content on his Facebook page.

Later on down the year the operator of a company called foodchallenges.com. Although Randy went to school and graduated with a degree he chose to go back to college where he pursued another degree in Dietetics. He knew he wanted to teach people how to eat lots of food and still be fit but he needed to know how to do so in a healthy way. He wanted to be sure he wasn’t signing his fans up for health problems in the long run. When he went back to college for Dietetics, he once again attended the University of Missouri. This time he graduated on May 17, 2019. Randy had a minor in Biomedical Sciences but majored in Dietetics. He has his own office set up in Springfield.

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Later on in the year 2015, Randy set out to become a registered dietitian nutritionist. He completed this endeavor and graduated in 2019 in the month of May. He has moved to Milwaukee recently to start an internship at Mount Mary University. Randy has also started a personal website that focuses on diet and similar content. Overall Randy Santel has found his passion in life and pursues it wholeheartedly. He sometimes faces others that don’t believe in his work but he doesn’t let it stop him. This mindset played a key factor in his success and his being rich.

What Is Randy Santel Net Worth?

Randy Santel has a net worth of two and a half million dollars. This stems from money he earns from his eating competitions and YouTube. Randy also earns money from his website and mentoring people to be like him. He owns a home and a car.

How Randy Santel Spends His Money?

Randy Santel mostly invests his money into himself. He has funded his way to college multiple times. He also invests in his website. He has bought a car and a house. His biggest purchase to date is his home in Milwaukee. This home is furnished with office spaces and an indoor gym.

Interesting Facts

  • Randy Santel is not married although he is in a serious relationship with Katina Eats Kilos who is also a YouTuber who shares similar content with Randy.
  • Randy Santel does not have any known children.