Polo G Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Polo G Net Worth, Age, Height

Polo G

Net Worth: $7 Million
Birthday: Jan 06, 1999
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Instagram @polo.capalot
Last Updated: December, 2022

Polo G is an American rapper born in Chicago. He currently has a net worth of $7 million and most of his wealth comes with rapping.

How Did Polo G Become Rich?

Polo G (real name Taurus Tremani Bartlett) grew up in the Cabrini-Green neighborhood of northern Chicago. His childhood was tough considering that he grew up in housing projects in northern Chicago. He started rapping when he was a teenager after passing on of his friend T-Gucci. After graduating from high school he was accepted in Lincoln University, but decided to focues on music.

And in the nearest future Polo G has became rich from his writing music and rapping. He posted his first song “ODA” in 2017 but did not receive any attention immediately. But Polo G continued perfecting his craft and finally launched his official YouTube channel in 2018 and created the SoundCloud account the same year.

2018 became a special year for Polo G. His songs “Welcome Back” and “Neva Cared” received several million views, but with a release of single “Finer Things” – after leaving Cook County jail – Polo G has became really famous. His music has quickly gained the acceptance of fans since he is known to get vulnerable in his lyrics and rap about sensitive stuff.

Just like any GenZ rapper and musician, his success is acknowledged on social media platforms and the internet. His 2019 song “Pop Out” featured Lil Tjay has been on the top 40 hits competing with A-list celebrities like Ariana Grande and quickly gained much recognition.

Polo G’s next breakthrough was achieved with a release of song “Go Stupid“. He made it in collaboration with NLE Choppa and Stunna 4 Vegas In 2021 he continued his collaboration with NLE Choppa releasing song “Unapologetic”, although it didn’t become that popular.

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Nowadays Polo G makes money from YouTube, Sound Cloud and Spotify streams, featured appearances, album sales.  His third album “Hall of Fame” album got 143,000 sales in the United States alone in the first week.

In 2021 he played himself in a documentary movie called ‘Juice Wrld: Into the Abyss‘ focused on rapper Juice Wrld and his death.

Polo G has become rich despite not being in the music scene for a long time. In under 5 years, he has been able to accumulate his wealth to close to $7 million and it is still growing.

What Is Polo G Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Polo G in 2022 is around $7 million including his immovable property. He has made this money through different avenues but it all comes back to his talent and hard work in music. Although his early years were rough, he has been able to go beyond that and produce good music.

Polo G’s has had a successful music career. Music and rap have made him a millionaire in under 5 years in music. Most of the money comes from album sales and also the streaming his music on SoundCloud and Spotify. He has an active YouTube channel that receives millions of views every year.

Apart from his music career, Polo G is also a content creator. He has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers and also an active Instagram account with over 10 million followers. Polo G makes money from the content he creates in social media to increase his net worth.

He also recently started a clothing line called Capalot after gaining recognition. On the site capalotapparel.com his fans can buy brand hoodies, T-shirts, hats and other merchandise.

In 2020 Polo G started his record label in partnership with Columbia Records. The label called ODA Records that stands for Only Dreamers Achieve Records. This brings in some money and has helped to increase his net worth over time.

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In fall of 2021 the rapper toured across the United States in support of his newly released album “Hall of Fame“, earning additional several hundred thousand USD.

Polo G has also revealed on Twitter that he charges $150,000 for a performance on an event.

How Polo G Spends His Money?

Polo G spends his money on his family. He recently bought a house for his mom. On Instagram, his mom showed pictures of the house with a caption saying that Polo has fulfilled the promise to buy a house for her.

Apart from buying a house for his mom, Polo G has also bought a house worth $5 million in a posh neighborhood Indian Falls Estates of Los Angeles. The 2 acres mansion was built in 2018 and features a place for 14 cars, a two-car garage, 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, giant kitchen and 2-story living rooms with a bar. A swimming pool and tennis court located at the backyard.

Polo G loves the flashy lifestyle of a rapper and has spent a lot of money on luxury cars (and now he has a space to store them!). Some of the luxury cars that he owns include: BMW i8 Roadster ($150 000), BMW M4 ($71 000), BMW X7 ($75 000), Lamborghini Urus ($220 000) and Rolls Royce Wraith ($289 000).

The rapper also spends a lot of money on his music videos. After watching the videos you can see how he spends money to put everything together. In one of the videos, the rapper arrives in a private jet and buys luxury BMWs for his friends. This is to show that he must have spent a lot of money to shoot the music video.

Just like any other rapper, Polo G sends a lot of money on jewelry. It was reported that he spent over $500,000 on IceBox  jewelry.

Interesting Facts

  • Polo G has a girlfriend named Crystal Blease. It is not known how long the two have dated but the two have a sun together. Their son Tremani “Dooda” Bartlett was born in July 2019 and the two are always sharing pictures of their son on Instagram. He even has his personal Instagram account that is run by his mom.
  • The early years of Polo G’s were tough. During that time he was involved in theft, car chasing and was even taken to jail at some point. He also did drugs for three years but was able to get out of it. Polo G has gone out of his way to becoming the successful rapper that he is today.
  • His mother Stacia Mac is highly involved in his music career. She is his manager and is very active on Instagram. On her Instagram, she is always sharing information about the rapper and giving details on upcoming shows and music about Polo G.
  • Polo G has a different kind of rap music. His style of rap has a great influence on Chicago where the rapper grew up. It is also worth noting that the rapper’s kind of music is based on his experiences and he is not afraid to talk about his past in his music.
  • He has two sisters Leilani and Leia, and a brother named Taurean.
  • There are a lot of cartoons featuring Polo G on Pinterest.
  • On November 15, 2021 he was arrested once again.