Phil Mickelson Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2021)

Phil Mickelson Net Worth, Age, Height

Phil Mickelson

Net Worth: $400 Million
Birthday: Jun 16, 1970
Age: 51 years old
Height: 6.3 feet (191cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Professional golfer
Instagram @philmickelson
Last Updated: October, 2021

Philip Alfred Mickelson, also known as Phil or Lefty, is a professional and world-renowned golfer from the United States of America who is known in the golf industry for his incredible talent and admirable journey towards success. Being the oldest Grand Slam winner and the second-best golfer of the current generation, it is no surprise that the net worth of Mickelson grew from $375 million in 2016 to $400 million in 2021.

How Did Phil Mickelson Become Rich?

On the 16th of June 1970, Mickelson was born in San Diego, California. The rising golf star has spent much of his childhood playing golf with his father named Philip Mickelson. He was an airline pilot and previously a naval aviator who has greatly influenced Mickelson to get interested in playing golf during his youthful years.

Taught and inspired by his father, Mickelson started to mimic his father’s style. This led right-handed Mickelson to adapt the way his left-handed father swings the golf club; eventually, he got used to it and from then on, swings using his left hand. This unique practice of Phil got him the nickname “Lefty”. For Mickelson, his father’s influence has greatly urged him to continue playing golf for the entirety of his future.

Mickelson started as an amateur golfer during his high school years at the University of San Diego High School where he started to establish his reputation as one of the best novice golfers of all time. After winning over thirty local tournaments in San Diego and being the National Junior Player of the Year for three consecutive years from 1986 to 1988, Mickelson was able to obtain a full scholarship in Arizona State University (ASU) where he became an ultimate amateur star golfer.

During his collegiate years in ASU, Mickelson gradually made his name for being hailed as a champion for three years (1989, 1990, and 1992) in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) golf tournaments. He was also celebrated for being a Haskin awardee three times which are only awarded by the Haskins Commission to acknowledge the best collegiate golfer in the country. After winning the US Amateur Championship in 1990, he even proved his talent by bringing the bacon in Northern Telecom Open, a PGA Tour event in 1991. This became his very first PGA Tour championship and is considered his biggest achievement as a junior golfer. He is the fourth amateur golfer to earn this huge milestone in the history of golf.

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These impressive feats immediately turned Mickelson into a professional golfer right after he graduated from ASU. In 1992, he re-joined PGA Tour as a professional golfer. He won his first professional competition the following year at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego where he also participated in several golf tournaments during his amateur years. As several years passed, Mickelson continued to impress the golf enthusiasts as he consistently got at least one win in each tournament. In 1996, he finished the PGA Season taking the seventh spot in the top ten world ranking. This was his first time to be included and recognized in the said ranking.

In 2001, five years later, Mickelson rose from seventh place to second. He fell behind the ultimate Tiger Woods. This time, the two remarkable golfers of all time divided the golf enthusiasts as they have different approaches and techniques in playing the sport. This created the rivalry that still dominates the golf industry even today. However, one thing that differentiated the two well-known golfers was the fact that Mickelson had never won any of the four major tournaments at that time. Between 1999 and 2003, he fell at six second- or third- place in the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open or the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship but never came as the overall champion. Setting aside the pressure of being great yet lacking these prestigious awards, Mickelson took his chance to change that the year later.

In 2004 and after over a decade of being a professional golfer, Mickelson finally won his very first major championship and took home his first Green Jacket being the Masters’ champ. He defeated his opponent Ernie Els in just over a single stroke. This win gave him a whopping $1.117 million for his victory. However, Mickelson was not yet over because in 2005 he added another $1.17 million to his bank for winning that year’s PGA Championship. His victorious era even continued from 2006 to 2013 as he took home over $4 million more from winning two championships from the Masters in 2006 and 2010, and one win in Open Championship in 2013. His momentum just lasted for a decade because after 2013 Mickelson did not win any major tournament, but he continued to rake off money from playing golf. In 2018, Mickelson got even richer when he defeated Tiger Woods in a pay-per-view golf tournament in Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. Here, he earned a tremendous amount of money amounting to $9 million.

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In 2021, Mickelson won his sixth major title at the age of 50 in PGA Championship. He broke the history of golf as the oldest golfer to win the PGA Championship. As of this writing, the only major tournament that he is yet to win over would be the US Open. Nonetheless, his impressive golf journey still inspires and entertains golf fans all over the world.

What Is Phil Mickelson Net Worth?

Being one of the most admired golfers of all time, who is continuously rocking the golf industry as of today, it is no surprise that the net worth of Mickelson has been growing ever since. As of 2021, the professional golfer has recorded an estimated $400 million of net worth.

According to Forbes’ Highest-Paid Athletes in the World 2021, Mickelson is ranked 29th overall with $41 million earned as of this writing. The $40 million of which has been earned from endorsements and $1 million is from on-course winnings.

In terms of salary and tournament prizes, Mickelson has been reported to receive over $50 million annually as his salary for playing golf, and at present, Mickelson is ranked behind Tiger Woods for earning $94,666,977 from tournament prizes. According to PGA Tour’s career money leaders list, Mickelson falls in second place, next to Tiger Woods who has been earning over $30 million than Mickelson or $120,851,706 to be exact.

Aside from his salary and tournament prizes, one of the biggest sources of Mickelson’s wealth is his endorsements earning around $50 million yearly. His huge endorsements from Amgen, Grayhawk Golf Club, Callaway Golf, Heineken N.V., Melin, Intrepid Financial Partners, Mizzen+Main, KPMG, and Rolex pay even greater year by year as he continues to play golf. In 2021, he also added other endorsements, VistaJet being one of them.

His sources of income could even expand in the future as Mickelson is rumored to join the Premier Golf League, or Super League Golf where he can own one of the teams. According to reports, Mickelson is enticed to join in exchange for tens of millions of dollars. Though unconfirmed, the possibility of this league gives an idea that Mickelson’s wealth can even go higher in the future.

To date, Mickelson’s has earned over $800 million throughout of his career.

How Phil Mickelson Spends His Money?

Unlike other athletes who lavish on cars or other fancy properties, Mickelson spends his money on real estate and business.

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In 2001, Mickelson bought and resided at Rancho Santa Fe in California. The property shelled out an enormous $6 million from the Mickelsons. However, after seven years, they decided to move out of their home for years and sell the house. The interesting thing about it is that they sold the property for only $5.725 million which is contrary to what a property should be valued at after years. One of the reasons for leaving their property is because of the growing taxes that it incurs given the fact of living in California.

Mickelson’s passion for golf also never stops from playing and winning but also for owning and designing golf courses. His earnings gave him the Mickelson Golf Design, Mickelson Golf Properties, and Mickelson Private Golf. Last year, he opened Mickelson National Golf Club open in Canada. It was also believed that Mickelson and other investors owned about six golf courses in Arizona and earn from its memberships. Aside from golf-related properties, in September of the 2020, Mickelson also cofounded Coffee For Wellness with Dave Phillips.

With all his money and investments, it is reasonable to find him having a private jet as his primary vehicle in getting between different golf tournaments.

Interesting Facts

  • Mickelson found the love of his life during his collegiate years at Arizona State University. He has been married to Amy McBride, who was then a cheerleader, for about 25 years. The couple has three children.
  • He took interest in playing the sport as young as 18 months when he was believed to do baby strokes using his father’s club.
  • Mickelson is right-handed, and the only thing he does with his left hand is playing golf.
  • Mickelson has attempted to take the title of US Open, the only major he has not won over, for six times but have never gotten it ever since.