Peter McKinnon Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Peter McKinnon Net Worth, Age, Height

Peter McKinnon

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Oct 28, 1985
Age: 37 years old
Height: 6.2 feet (187cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @petermckinnon
Last Updated: June, 2023

Peter McKinnon as of 2023 has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars. Peter is a widely known photographer, filmmaker, and YouTuber who has found success in his career paths.

How Did Peter McKinnon Become Rich?

Peter McKinnon was born in the year 1985. His birth month is October and he was born on the 28th. He is currently 37 years old. His birthplace is Toronto, Canada. His father’s name is Monty McKinnon and he builds guitars from scratch. The name of his mother is unknown but it is known that she is a housewife.

Peter McKinnon  grew up in a settled family and good community. He schooled locally and went on to attend a private college in Canada. He however did not finish and is one credit away from a degree. He had always been interested in photography and film making so he decided to make something out of it. He then went on to earn a degree in photography and cinematography and later after a series of jobs went straight into the photography business to make a name for himself.

Peter McKinnon started out going to work for Apple but walked off of the job during the interview process and never returned. He stated that the employees there were acting too strange for his liking and that he felt like he didn’t belong there. He also recalled Apple calling him back but he told an interviewer that he was not interested. He has gone on to work several other jobs like State Farm, being a magician, etc.

His time at State Farm did not last long as he was fired on his three-month probation day. He stated that he had asked to leave work sick and took a flight somewhere else and blogged about it at the time. His employer found out and confronted him and his job was taken away from him. Peter  went on to work for a landscape company, which he recalled as a bad time. Later he stated that he received unfair treatment from other employees for fun.

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Peter also found work at a wood factory. His job there was to sort wood based on measurement. He stated that during his time there he would often crack the door open and watch the nearby planes fly while daydreaming about having a more exciting job. He eventually found his dream job as a photographer.

Peter McKinnon began his career in the year 2010. He created a YouTube channel where he began posting content related to photography. His very first video on his channel with one where he gave details about a photoshoot. He has branched out into other content like vlogging where he shows his fans the daily routines and tasks of his life.

He has also shown fans his wife whose name is Janice. The couple has been together for years and she often makes appearances in many of his videos.

Peter McKinnon has also become widely known for his photography tutorials. When it comes to sharing what he knows, Peter doesn’t hold back and often teaches other photographers how to take photos, good lighting, and other tips and tricks he has learned over the years. He also shows viewers how to create short films and shares his own. Some of his more popular videos are Photoshoot for Cyril, Camera hacks, and related videos.

He started a plaid chair series that has gone on to become very popular. The series was one based on showing his abilities in photo manipulation and allusions. He often changed things in a photo that only the most skilled eyes could detect.

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His recent videos are focused more on the business aspect of cinematography rather than the actual thing. Peter McKinnon has earned himself a loyal fanbase of over five million subscribers on YouTube. Peter has also worked at a company called Ellusionist. This company was dedicated to teaching magic and allusions to Novice magicians. There he worked as a photographer and production manager. He went on to have features in popular magazines.

Peter McKinnon had also caught the attention of and worked for big companies like The Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, and Gizmodo. During his time working for those companies, he gained lots of skills and experience to put on his resume for his own business. He captured nature in its purest form and earned the respect from the teams at Nat Geo and Discovery.

He is especially known for his unique color coding and editing skills. His content is usually always pleasing to the eye. He went on from the jobs with those companies to create an article about his profession which he presented to a live audience at a Magic convention.

Other than YouTube, Peter is very active on other social platforms as well. He has over two million followers on Instagram. He posts regularly there as well. He also has his own merchandise line where he sells photographed accessories that have been customized.

Peter McKinnon has also won a nomination and award for Best Breakout YouTuber of The Year.

What Is Peter McKinnon Net Worth?

Peter McKinnon has a net worth of two million dollars in 2023. This net worth consists of his monthly income from YouTube. He also earns money from any ads on his videos.

Another way he makes money is through brand deals and sponsorships from companies. Many cameras and video equipment reach out to Peter to advertise for them because of his popularity. Peter in turn receives a decent amount of money for his services.

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Peter also earns from the actual photography that he sells.  He also makes films for clients. Peter has a personal site dedicated to business opportunities.

How Peter McKinnon Spends His Money?

Peter has to spend money to make money. He has several spending outlets. The first being traveling. Peter often travels to different states and parts of the world depending on his clients needs. As a result, he spends a substantial amount on traveling.

Peter McKinnon also has invested in his photography and film-making business by purchasing the necessary equipment he needs at the time. He also pumps revenue into creating his YouTube content.

Interesting Facts

  • Peter McKinnon is currently married to a woman named Janice. They met at Best Buy and have been married for over a decade. Together they have a daughter.
  • Peter has one pet which is a dog.
  • Peter McKinnon is also a drummer. He recalled playing from a young age.