Persia White Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Persia White Net Worth, Age, Height

Persia White

Net Worth: $700,000
Birthday: Oct 25, 1972
Age: 49 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (173cm)
Birthplace: Bahamas
Occupation: Actress, Singer
Instagram @misspersiawhite
Last Updated: October, 2022

Persia White is an American actress most notably known for the role of Lynn Searcy in TV-series Girlfriends. In 2022 she hold a net worth of 700 thousand USD.

How Did Persia White Become Rich?

Persia White was born in Nassau, Bahamas, to a Bahamian father and Irish-American mother and spent her early years in Nassau. Three years after she has moved with her mother to South Florida and at the age of 5 settled in Miami. Her father was paralyzed in a car accident and couldn’t move to the US.

Some time after, she attended Miami Coconut Grove Children’s Theater where she got basic skills of acting. Later she also studied painting, dance and singing.

After Persia White finished high school she was signed by Ford Modeling Agency. To purse her career she moved from Miami to Los Angeles obtaining her Screen Actors Guild card of the American labor union.

Her career started in 1994 after appearance in a basketball drama Blue Chips. Next year she received small role in one episode of The Client TV-series and in 1996 she appeared in 4 different TV-shows: NYPD Blue, Malibu Shores, Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Goode Behavior. These were all recurring roles; Persia’s first main project was teen c0medy-drama series Breaker High, that aired for one season from 1997 to 1998 where she played Denise Williams.

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People started recognizing her on the streets after the premiere of the first season of UPN’s (later CW) TV-series called Girlfriends. In the sitcom she player the role of Lynn Searcy. The first season managed to bring around 4 million viewers.

Despite increased recognition, Persia White didn’t made much of a use out of it on TV: after Girlfriends she got a recurring role only in the 3rd season of The Vampire Diaries (Abby Bennett Wilson). She starred in several other TV-series, but only in one episode (Angel, Unscripted, Black-ish and Will & Grace).

AS for her movie career, it wasn’t much of a success too. She was a part of main cast in the movie Spoken Word released in 2009 and appeared in some independent movies as well.

In 2009 Persia White tried herself in music industry and released her first album called Mecca produced by Tricky. It didn’t received much recognition and Persia abandoned her music career.

In 2011 American Black Film Festival awarded her with the Best Performance Actor for her portrayal of Trenyce in 2012 movie Dysfunctional Friends.

The latest work in Persia’s acting career is HBO’s show Ke Nui Road.

What Is Persia White Net Worth?

Persia White net worth is $700,000 in 2022. He income is totally depends on movies and TV-shows she stares in as her music career was unsuccessful.

How Persia White Spends Her Money?

Currently Persia White lives in her L.A. mansion purchased in April of 2004. For the 4-bedroom & 4-bathroom house she paid $1,135,500.

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In 2022 she continues to live in this mansion with her family: her husband Joseph Morgan and daughter Mecca White (born in 1995).

Interesting Facts

  • Persia White is vegan and animal rights activist; in 2005 she was awarded a Humanitarian of the Year by PETA. She’s also a board member of non-profit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
  • Her first husband was singer Saul Williams which she married in 2008, but one year later they got divorced.
  • She met her current husband Joseph Morgan on the Vampire Diaries set.