Pepe Garza Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Pepe Garza Net Worth, Age, Height

Pepe Garza

Net Worth: $5 Million
Birthday: Dec 01, 1965
Age: 57 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: Mexico
Occupation: Musician, Songwriter, Youtuber
Instagram @pepegarza
Last Updated: March, 2023

Pepe Garza as of 2023 has an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars. He has accumulated his wealth from the success he has found as a musician, songwriter and Youtuber.

How Did Pepe Garza Become Rich?

Jose Francisco Garza Duron better known as Pepe Garza was born in the year 1965. His birth month was December and he was born on the first. He is currently fifty-five years old. His birthplace is Mexico. Information about his parents is scarce at the time. Pepe has a brother named Alejandro Garza. His brother is a part of his music company.

Pepe Garza’s career began in the field of radio work. He started out as an announcer for a station in his hometown. Soon enough he had been promoted to a programmer. His worth ethic gained him points with many well-known radio stations in Mexico. Over time he would go on to have several jobs at important radio stations.

Pepe Garza later moved to America and began working in the radio industry once again. He directed a station in California. The station’s name is La Que Buena and Pepe has worked there for over ten years. Pepe then went on to co-found a company named Arpa Music. The other co-founder was his brother Alejandro. They worked hard and recruited composers and musical artists together.

Their company has been the breeding ground for many successful composers and musicians in Mexico. A few of the artists that came up under them are Luciano Luna, Joss Favela, and Espinozo Paz. Pep and his brother have gone on to win awards thanks to their company. They have won awards like Publisher of the year from the Billboards. They won this award in the year 2009. Within the same year, they won a BMI award.

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Later down in the year 2011 they won an award for the publisher of the year again. Pepe has moved on from just the company to promoting live events. He has promoted many major events like Recordando A Chalino XXV Aniversario and many more.

Pepe Garza then went on to television appearances. He had become a judge on a television contest show called Tengo Talento Mucho Talento. This was a talent show that aired on Estrella TV Network. Pepe Garza had been on the show for over fifteen seasons. After television cameos, Pepe decided to busy himself with a social platform. He chose YouTube and created an account that now has over two million subscribers. His most popular videos are the ones where he has a series called Office. These videos garner thousands of views daily and he is consistent in creating them.

His content also consists of music videos and similar content. Pepe Garza also has a large following on his social platforms. His Instagram alone has a following of over nine hundred thousand. Pepe is active on social media and always gives updates and insight to his fans about his daily life career.

In his career, Pepe has had lots of recognition for his talent and has even been nominated for a Grammy Award. He was nominated back in 2001 for a musical production for kids. Pepe had been a producer and the project was received positively. Pepe Garza has also been nominated to receive a Lo Nuestro Award. This nomination was in 1993.

He has also been the recipient of an American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers Award. He won this award for his song titled You Forgot. Pepe went on to win a Broadcast Music Inc award in the year 2004. This award had been for his song Caprico Maldito. Pepe had composed the song and it was sung by a musical group called Los Rieleros del Norte. He won another BMI Award two years later for his song I’m In Love.

Other than his career, Pepe is very active with social platforms. He has a fan base of over nine hundred thousand followers that tune in for updates and content about him and his daily life. He has over one hundred thousand followers on Twitter. Pepe Garza has certainly made a turnaround from his humble beginnings. He has created a name for himself and found success because of his strong work ethic.

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What Is Pepe Garza Net Worth?

Pepe Garza currently has a net worth of five million dollars. This net worth is primarily accumulated through his career as a musician and songwriter. He earns money for his actual music and every time he performs a song live.

Pepe Garza also has a YouTube channel where he posts music and other related content. His channel has over two million subscribers and his views are in the thousands daily. He also earns money from sponsorships and endorsements. Pepe also occasionally promotes businesses and earns money from them.

How Pepe Garza Spends His Money?

Pep Garza spends his money investing back into himself. He invests in his music by purchasing equipment for recording and playing music.

He also spends money on traveling as he often travels to various places for performances.

He also spends money on his content for YouTube. He often has guest appearances from singers and other artists that he has to pay. He also has to fund his crew that does his editing and recording.

He has also bought a house and a car.

Interesting Facts

  • Currently Pepe Garza is married to a woman named Elisa Beristain. He has 2 children with her.