Opal Tometi Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Opal Tometi Net Worth, Age, Height

Opal Tometi

Net Worth: $4 Million
Birthday: Aug 15, 1984
Age: 38 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (172cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Activist
Instagram @ayotometi
Last Updated: October, 2022

Opal Tometi as of 2022, has amassed a net worth of 4 million dollars. The activist and public voice has managed to create a strong presence and profit from her passion in life.

How Did Opal Tometi Become Rich?

In the year 1984 Opal Tometi’s was born. Her birth month is August and she was born on the fifteenth. Her birth place is Phoenix, Arizona.

She attended the University of Arizona where she earned a BA in History. She also earned a Master’s degree in communication and advocacy. Clarkson University recognized her in the year 2016. She had received an honorary doctor of science degree.

Opal Tometi later found work managing cases for survivors of domestic violence and continues to educate the public about the subject.

After a while Opal Tometi and a few others including Patrisse Cullors created a movement called Black Lives Matter. The movement came into existence in the year  2013. It had taken America by storm in the year 2020 because of a lot of racial tension at the time. The movement blew up with the questionable death of an african american man. His name was George Floyd. Since then countries across the world have joined in solidarity with the movement. The movement however came under scrutiny after some of the protests attracted police attention because of violence and looting. Even the President at the time had gotten involved.

Opal Tometi has been credited with being the one who set up the social media and publication for the movement. Tometi is credited with spearheading the movement’s social media efforts. Tometi also found work as an Executive Director for a company named BAJI. After holding this position Opal Tometi served as Co-Director and Director of Communications. She organized a march for immigrant fairness and equality and the first Legislative briefing dedicated to immigrants in Washington with the target group being black people.

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In addition, Opal Tometi has been allowed to speak at places like Susquehanna University, 2012 Facing Race Conference, an Idea Summit for the Aspen’s Institute, etc. She does many public speaking events and does not hold back on her opinions and ideologies. She has also spoken at the Grinnell College. This event was their technology and human rights symposium. She then went on to give her input during an United Nations event. Tometi has gone on to take part in the worldwide conference that was devoted to making a difference with migration and commission. This forum was dedicated primarily to women.

She also served with the American Civil Liberties Union as a volunteer while at the university. Opal is also a member of a sorority. The groups name is Theta Nu Xi Multicultural. Opal also found herself associated with and working for a company that is geared toward leadership and dignity. She has been featured in magazines like Glamour and Essence. She made debuts one news stations and television channels like CNN, BET and MSNBC, among other publications. Various media outlets, such As the Huffington Post and Time, have featured her authored works. Tometi is still working with various communities. A few of them are Los Angeles, Oakland, New York City and Phoenix and Washington.

During her career, Opal has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors. In the year  2014, Essence magazine and the Times Magazine for Las Angeles had both given Opal Tometi recognition as a rising civil rights activist. She was later given recognition among other young successful African American achievers. She went on to be named one of Cosmopolitan’s list. It was their Top 100 Women of the Year list. She had received this honor in the year 2013. She went onto be featured in the Politico 50 magazine. This was in the year 2015 and it was in specific a guide based on who they believed to be thinkers and visionaries. She had been honored next to Garza and Cullors. She was recognized along with her co-founders in a greatest leaders list.

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Then in 2017, she had the privilege of receiving a human rights award. Opal Tometi is also displayed in the National Museum that is dedicated toward African American history and culture. It is located at the Smithsonian. In the year 2018, she had been selected to have a place on a list of leaders that exemplify Frederick Douglass’ efforts. The following year, her co-written memoir won a literary award. The memoir was titled When They Call You A Terrorist. It was written by Opal Tometi and a few other members of the BLM movement.

Within the same year, Opal won a legacy award. Tometi was recently featured in more popular magazines like Time magazine and the Nigerian newspaper The Guardian. Opal Tometi was also featured in Time magazine’s. She appeared on their top one hundred most influential people list for the year 2020.

What Is Opal Tometi Net Worth?

Opal Tometi has a net worth of four million dollars in 2022. She has accumulated this through her books and memoirs, speaking events, etc. She is paid for her degrees in her field which earns her thousands. She also owns multiple houses and a car.

How Opal Tometi Spends Her Money?

Opal Tometi spends money on things like traveling as she is always moving around to different events and award shows. She invests money into her books and their publishing. She also spends money investing in the BLM movement that she proudly supports and co-founded. She has bought multiple million-dollar houses. She stated they were for her family as she considers her money to be her family’s. Tometi has spent money on a car as well. Her biggest purchase to date would be the multiple homes she bought for her family.

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Interesting Facts

  • Opal Tometi is currently happily married.
  • Opal had once come under public scrutiny as she was accused of spending the BLM movement’s money for the house she purchased for her family. Opal however quickly cleared up the claims by stating everything she purchased had been out of her own pockets. She even shared that pictures of the houses had been leaked to the public and she spent a whole week with security because she felt they were at risk of being targets.