Omar Epps Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Omar Epps Net Worth, Age, Height

Omar Epps

Net Worth: $20 Million
Birthday: Jul 20, 1973
Age: 49 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (179cm)
Birthplace: United States
Occupation: Actor, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer
Instagram @omarepps
Last Updated: March, 2023

Omar Epps is an American producer, actor, rapper, poet and songwriter who has a net worth of $20 million, as of March 2023. He is 49 years old and he has earned numberless awards in movies, television series and dramas and his rape songs are super hit and award-winning. These awards include two Teen Choice Awards, nine NAACP Image Awards, one Screen Actors Guild Award and one Black Reel Award. He is best known for his star character in popular 90s movies like In Too Deep, Higher Learning, Love and Basketball and Juice.

How Did Omar Epps Become Rich?

Born in Brooklyn New York, Omar had a god gifted tendency towards poetry. He started writing poems and songs at the age of ten. In 1991, he formed a rap group called Wolfpac along with his cousin and became a part of it for a brief span of time. But Wolfpac did not turn out to be a good start to execute his diverse talents.

Amid his struggle for a reliable platform, he opted for Hollywood which drastically changed his career. His feature film debut where he starred in, Juice, got widely appraised among many folks. The film exhibits racial suppression and survival of the indigenous black community in the United States and abroad.

This film was immediately followed by his masterpiece Deadly Voyage in that he won the best actor award at the Carlo Television Festival. Likewise, he played an athletic role in Higher Learning – a super hit movie that sheds a deeper look into politics and racial tensions in college life. It was the era when he was climbing the apex of his career. The entire decade witnessed Epps thriving in Hollywood.

In 2000, he continued starring in multiple movies with his acting mastery. Love & Basketball, Big Trouble, Brother, and Against the Rope are the most popular among them. Subsequently, he was three times rewarded with NAACP Image Award in 2007, 2008, and 2013 respectively.

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What Is Omar Epps Net Worth?

As of March 2023, Omar Epps has a speedily increasing net worth of $20 million. A fair share of his net worth – some 80% according to Forbes – comes from his acting both in movies and television series. The top hit movies where he stars are the solid source of his rapidly growing net worth.  He has played a featuring role in more than twenty-four movies and six television series till now; all of them have been widely appraised both in the United States and abroad. This is where he efficiently succeeds and earns a handsome amount of money.

His debut film Juice was super hit in the early 90s and played a key role in setting a cornerstone of his fabulous career. Later Epps starred in the film Deadly Voyage where his performance was spectacular, and he was awarded the best actor award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. In the film Epps plays the role of Kingsley Ofosu who was the sole survivor of an African Stowaway Group’s slaughter where eight men were slaughtered. He magnificently portrays the only survivor Kingsley in this real-life story. This Ofosu character doubled his fame and reputation throughout the United States, South Africa and overseas eventually adding up to his net worth.

Apart from his tremendous Hollywood character, Epps also earns a handsome amount through his role played in television drama series. His key role in the popular television drama ER – a series where he plays the role of Dr. Dennis Grant as a troubled surgical internee – is the most famous among them. The series had 15 seasons and 331 episodes in total and aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004. The series had keen viewers and Epps had diehard fans in thousands. This was a breakthrough in his career where he slightly sided away from Hollywood. But this turned out to be very successful and played its role in increasing his net worth.

In 2018, Epps starred in the thriller movie Traffik along with Paula Patton. The movie revolves around human trafficking and gang terrorization in the countryside. It was his most viewed film of the year and grossed $9 million throughout the world. The most recent film where Epps starred is the psychological thriller Fatal Affairs which was streamed on Netflix. As always, the film was cheered and appraised by people of all walks of life. Power Book III: Raising Kanan that premiered on July 18th, 2021 is the most recent movie starring Omar Epps which sets in the 1990s. All episodes of the series have been streamed in the summer of 2021; each episode has roughly one million views.

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To date, Epps consistently stars in Hollywood movies and TV series, which widely pays him off and increases his hefty net worth of $20 million.

How Omar Epps Spends His Money?

Epps lives in a lavish house in Beverly Hills California and is happily married to his ten years long-dated crush (from 1996 to 2006) Keisha Spivey. The love birds have three children – a son named Amir Epps and daughters Aiyanna and K’mari Mae.

Epps had a tough and challenging life in his childhood when his mother was divorced and was his only caretaker. Being a school principal she certainly well nurtured Epps. “My mother is an inseparable character of my success who plays behind the scene which none of the audience sees; my mom instilled a sense of self-worth and perseverance in me at a very early age,” says Epps as he sits for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter agency. It was his consistency that brought him the luxury and comfort that he enjoys today.

Much less is known about the car he drives and personal expenses. It is pristine clear that he lives a joyous life and lives it to the fullest.

Apart from his daily life and professional activities, Epps also serves in the Cultural Council of  Represent Us. This non-profit organization aims at contributing to passing anti-corruption laws in the United States. It is obvious, as he repeatedly clarifies, that he feels good and “feels a sense of existence” by contributing to the greater good and well-being of his fellow countrymen.

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Interesting Facts

  • Omar Epps had a special acquaintance with the legendary solo rapper Tupac Shakur. He made his film debut Juice with him.
  • He is the author of the famous self-published autobiographical book From Fatherless to Fatherhood.
  • Mike Epps, who is one of the famous stand-up comedians, is his first cousin.
  • Omar is arguably the only celebrity who made his career in Hollywood and made a sheer part of his net worth from it, despite his diverse talent. He is a top-class songwriter, poet, solo rapper and music producer.
  • He is multilingual; a native English speaker and fluent in French and Spanish.
  • Epps was once a backup dancer for Queen Latifah.
  • His height is 1.79 meters and he weighs some 78 kg.
  • Marlon Wayans, the famous Hollywood Actor and Producer, is his high school classmate and long-time friend.
  • He was raised solely by his mother, who worked as a school principal at a time, due to the early divorce between his parents.
  • Despite the fact that Epps never knew his father in person, who divorced his mother when he was a kid and died later on, Epps has a special love for him. “No grief or agony at all; I have a sense of love for him as a human being,” he once said.