Nabela Noor Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Nabela Noor Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth

Nabela Noor

Net Worth: $2 Million
Birthday: Aug 04, 1991
Age: 31 years old
Height: 5.2 feet (157cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @nabela
Last Updated: October, 2022

Famous for DIY tutorials, content creation at YouTube and size Inclusive self-Love-focused movement and clothing brand, Nabela Noor, a 29 years old Bangladeshi American is with a net worth of $2,114,812 (as has been estimated in the year 2022). She might have been body shamed at a lot of places because of being a plus-sized Celebrity however, the way she stood up for herself and people like her, can be a motivation for others who plan to walk on a similar path. So, let’s get to know her success story, investment interests and some interesting facts without further delays.

How Did Nabela Noor Become Rich?

Nabela was shown typical career options like being a doctor or a lawyer, but social media has helped her in self-acceptance. Nabela started her YouTube channel under her own name in 2013.  She Instantly became friends with two famous Youtubers Andrea Brooks (also known as Andreas Choice) and Alba Mayo.

Nabela Noor gained fame and started earning through YouTube in mid of 2014. On her YouTube channel, she started with basic beauty hacks DIY gift ideas. She also made some light and fun vlogs about her husband speaking English. Then their marriage, voiceovers, surprises, etcetera. Her content was mostly liked because she focused on photography and videography skills.

Nabela Noor made personal content where she talked about daily life and individual struggles. As an influencer, she collaborated with different brands as well. She even collaborated with Selena Gomez. Throughout her career, Nabela Noor has had the support of her husband, Seth. She also launched a YouTube channel with him called “Nabela and Seth” on June 28, 2014.

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Nabela Noor knew that people mostly body shame women on the basis of color and body size. Not following society’s beauty standards, she still displayed herself beautifully. She was a plus-sized celebrity, but she took that in notice and started working towards her new goal. In June 2019, she launched her own size-inclusive brand. She called it Zeba after her mother’s name.

In Zeba sizes are replaced with positive words that represent each size to spread a positive message for all body types and sizes. In 2019 she spoke at the CurvyCon and has said that ‘even in New York that has influencers and different people celebrating body positivity and size diversity‘. She emphasized about body shaming of plus-sized women of color and how they too are gorgeous.

Throughout her career, she has remained a positive influence as well as a good business figure. She did collaborations with a cosmetic brand called “Eye Lips Face” in October of 2019. It provides different cosmetics in affordable as well as luxury ranges. In July 2020, she spoke up for Bangladeshi RMG workers to get paid. She also exposed all of the brands and people involved in bad practices. Her belief about teaching children the right beauty standards made her write a book called ‘Beautifully Me’ that is now available for Pre-Booking.

The book shows the life of girls like her from childhood. It has illustrations representing a Bangladeshi-American Family. She completed it in 546 Days and refers to it as her ‘Life-Long Dream‘.

Her YouTube channel is still up and growing in 2022. She not only became an influencer on YouTube but also manages her Instagram, Twitter and TikTok profiles along the way that got her more reach. On her Instagram, Nabela Noor mostly posts about home decoration, personal life photographs, positive thoughts, beauty tips, collaborations and a lot of other interesting things. She even has posts of fertility issues and pregnancy issues. Her profile is mostly filled with cool colors and is aesthetic for viewers.

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Today she has over 9 million followers on various social platforms. Not only good marketing and influencing strategies, photography and content creating skills got her where she is today, but her non-materialistic approach towards spreading positivity in every way possible.

What Is Nabela Noor Net Worth?

The estimated Salary of Nabela Noor is $525,920. Her Net worth is based on her estimated salary and income she has earned as a celebrity. It is estimated to be $2,114,812.

How Nabela Noor Spends Her Money?

Being a celebrity and a beauty blogger, she mostly spends her money on her own lifestyle. Nabela Noor buys different beauty and skincare products and reviews them. Her social media platforms show that she also likes to decorate her home and produce content for TikTok as well. Nabela’s dressing also seems to be of a kind that gets spent on a lot. Gym and work out too are a priority for her healthy routine. She spends money on both western and eastern style dresses and accessories. Nabela Noor also has a luxurious house.

Interesting Facts

  • Being a Bangladeshi Muslim born in New York, she is one of the rare women who follow both traditions.
  • On her YouTube channel, she posted a video that had both kinds of shoots in it. In Bengali style, her husband is wearing a sherwani and she is wearing a traditional Lehnga. Hence, she had a Bengali-American fusion wedding.
  • She had an artistic sight from the beginning. She used to Write and paint that further developed into her making most of her content online.
  • Coming from a Bangladeshi American Family, she struggled in school because of her background and skin color.
  • Social media is not only a way for her to spread positivity, but it has been an influence for her to discover real beauty as well.
  • She not only loves Bollywood movies but also knows how to speak Hindi.
  • The Typical Right Career Path shown to her was being a doctor or a lawyer, but she chose to become an influencer.
  • She dealt really well with body shaming and did not try to lose weight to look good at her wedding.
  • Spreading her message through illustrations in her book, she has done a remarkable job of representing a Bangladeshi American Lifestyle.