Mr_Organik Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Mr_Organik Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Sep 29, 1981
Age: 42 years old
Height: 6.5 feet (198cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Singer, Writer
Instagram @mrorganik
Last Updated: June, 2023

Mr_Organik as of 2023 has a net worth of 3 million dollars. He is a rapper, fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur and Youtuber that has found success within his career paths.

How Did Mr_Organik Become Rich?

Jarvis Rivers, better known as Mr. Organik was born in 1981. His birth month is September and he’s currently 42 years old. He was born in San Diego, California, United States. He was born to Kimberly Riv who was a health technician.

Mr.Organik father died early on and there isn’t much information about him that is known to the public. Organik has two brothers by the names of Brandon Saint Rivers and Lawrence Trend Blackedge. Mr. Organik has stated that his grandmother was a special part of his life as she always supported and believed in him.

Mr. Organik went to Hoover High School and later dropped out. Growing up, Organik has liked sports and even played professionally for a time. Even into adulthood, Mr. Organik has made it a point to remain fit and healthy. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to his fitness journey and building his physique. He also helps his followers learn about different equipment in the gym.

Mr. Organik started his YouTube career back in April of 2017. His channel has become one of vlogging, rapping, etc. Mr. Organik has become especially known for his lavish lifestyle and is often seen making videos with fancy sports cars and houses. He has managed to amass a subscriber count of over two hundred thousand on his main channel. This channel is named Mr_Organik.

Besides his main channel, he has three other channels called Top Of The Mook, Organik Fitness and Gargoyle Gang. He has followers in America and worldwide. The majority of his income comes from his YouTube videos. He also has merchandise for his channel that his subscribers happily purchase.

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Other than YouTube, Mr. Organik is an established entrepreneur. He has become a brand ambassador for several companies. He even has his own clothing and male cosmetics brand. All of his items are available on his website Mr. Organik has even announced that he will be adding more products to his lines and maybe even start a new line altogether.

There’s no doubt that he has become very successful and has earned a fortune and it is evident why. Mr. Organik is always busy doing something to earn him a new profit as he loves a luxurious lifestyle. He also has written books like Organic Seeds Of Greatness. The purpose of this book is to help entrepreneurs achieve success.

Mr. Organik has also dabbled in music-making. He is recognized locally and internationally as a recording artist. He has released an album Me Season Memories and Legacies. This is a thirteen-track project. He often has flashy cars and other material items in his music videos. He mostly makes music in the rap genre. Mr. Organik has announced that he had been working on another project with E Mixed Studios. You can find snippets of the studio session on his YouTube channel.

Along with his business endeavors, Mr. Organik has made profitable investments in cryptocurrencies. The two main ones he invested in are Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Throughout his career, Mr. Organik has made sure to share with his fans the ups and downs he experiences. He has stated that when it comes to the “ups” he will never dim his light for anyone to feel comfortable. He has worked hard to achieve his success and material items so he will show them off. His rawness is the reason his fans love him and stay consistent with making up the views on his channel.

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What Is Mr_Organik Net Worth?

Mr. Organik has several streams of income responsible for his 3 million USD net worth. He is the owner of multiple cars. These cars count for thousands of dollars in his net worth.

Next, he owns a mansion in Malibu. He has recently purchased this and it comes in at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He also owns businesses. Mr. Organik has a clothing and male cosmetics line that rakes in lots of money. He has made plans to expand on his lines and business.

He makes music and YouTube videos. Mr. Organik has over three hundred thousand subscribers. The numbers grow every day and he earns a substantial amount from YouTube.

Mr. Organik also has invested in crypto currency in which he has seen profits.

Finally, he has published a book “Organik Seeds of Greatness: How to Become a Successful YouTuber & Entrepreneur” and earns money from its sales.

How Mr_Organik Spends His Money?

Mr. Organik has become widely known for his love of luxurious things. On his channels, he is often seen flaunting cars, homes, and other expensive items. He invests in making content for his channel. He loves jewelry and often spends money on flashing chains and rings to show off. He is always traveling and as a result spends a lot of money on tickets, housing, and food. He has a collection of sports cars with name brands such as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari.

Cryptocurrency has been one of his spending habits that makes him the money back.

Along with these purchases, Mr. Organik invests in his own businesses. Currently, he owns two. He has a clothing and male cosmetics line that he spends money on manufacturing and deliveries. He also has spent money on publishing his book and producing music.

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Organik has been proud to announce one of his latest purchases was a mansion. It is located in Malibu and sits on two acres. Organik is no stranger to large purchases but his home in Malibu is his biggest purchase to date.

Interesting Facts

  • Organik is currently not married and has no known children.
  • He has stated that his religion is Christianity.
  • His ethnicity is African American and Filipino.
  • Mr. Organik has once stopped his friend from being robbed. His friend owns a shop and one day when a masked man entered the shop to steal Mr. Organik stepped in using his stature to intimidate the man into leaving.
  • In summer 2021 he was caught lying about his $5 million Malibu mansion.