Mopi Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Mopi Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $1 Million
Birthday: Apr 06, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (171cm)
Birthplace: Untied States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @commonmopi
Last Updated: June, 2023

Tyler Mopi as of 2023 has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars. The young Youtuber has found success in the career path of gaming.

How Did Mopi Become Rich?

Tyler Mopi, better known as Mopi was born in the year 1999. His birth month is May and he was born on the 6th. He is 24 years old old. His birthplace is Los Angeles. He has a brother named Preston. Little to no information is known about his parents.

Tyler Mopi grew up in a middle-class home. He had always wanted to go into the field of gaming as a career. He first started gaming at a young age when his father bought a Nintendo game for his brother and him. This led to a growing interest and before he knew it he was deep into gaming.

Tyler played through middle and junior school and when he graduated high school he wanted to pursue a career in gaming. He had an original plan of going into game designing instead of playing. He made plans to go into The Art Institutes and study there, however, later he rethought and made the final decision to do YouTube full time instead of college.

Mopi shared that this revelation came as a shock to his parents but they both supported him. His mother took the longest to get on board as she had more reservations about whether gaming could be a long-term career or not. Nonetheless, she believed in and supported her son.

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It was in the year 2016 when Mopi created his YouTube channel. He has stated that another YouTuber named Criken had been his inspiration to start gaming. He watched his videos religiously and wanted his content to be similar. Tyler went on to say in an interview that he just wants his content to inspire and make people happy. He wants to create unique videos that people have never seen before. His YouTube channel consists of skits, comedy material, gaming, and other related content.

He also attempts challenges on his channel. Tyler Mopi has even suffered an injury in the name of creating content for his viewers. Tyler Mopi’s first YouTube video was one titled Spinner Wheel Basketball Challenge. This video featured his friend named Jesser And Mobcity. Some of his other videos that have garnered millions of views are 2Hype 2v2 Mini Hoop Tournament and 100 Belly Flops for 100,000 Subscribers. Many of his videos have accumulated large view counts. His YouTube channel now consists of over a million subscribers to date.

Mopi later branched out into vlogging and other types of videos. After creating his channel Mopi started to rise in popularity. He soon attracted a few gamers who he then collaborated with and joined a group. Their gaming group is called 2Hype and they have over a million subscribers on YouTube. Their channel is solely dedicated to sports and gaming-related content. Mopi even moved into their group home.

They later went on to film together as a group in the same house. They made sure that in every video all of the members of the group were there. They maintained a sense of brotherhood. When asked about the group Mopi replied he loved the guys and living with them because he could never really be bored with them. He also went on to say that sometimes it’s annoying living with them because they eat his food but that was the only downside at the time in their great friendships. Mopi lived with the group for a while before moving out and buying his own home.

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Unfortunately, in 2021, Mopi has left 2Hype due to conflict within the group. He went on to make a video explaining why he felt the need to leave and about the terms he is on with the group now.

He still posts on his YouTube channel where he is supported in his solo endeavor by his fans. He has gone on to start a luxury brand for his merchandise. His fans gladly show their love by buying his clothing and merch.

Mopi is also very active on his social media, specifically his Instagram where he posts videos and pictures. He often chooses to post inspirational quotes and related content. His likes are in the thousands and his follower count is over three hundred thousand. Tyler often says that he only wants to be a light to others and inspire his community.

What Is Mopi Net Worth?

Tyler Mopi has a net worth of one million dollars in 2023. This net worth consists of his YouTube earnings that have been estimated to be anywhere between two thousand and twelve thousand. Ad revenue and sponsorships can be counted in his net worth.

He owns a modest house and car. Mopi also has a luxury clothing brand that brings in money. He also earns from getting brand deals with companies, especially in the gaming area.

How Mopi Spends His Money?

Tyler Mopi has several spending outlets. He has invested money into his YouTube channel. He had to buy equipment for recording like cameras, green screens, microphones, headphones, etc. He has also bought a car.

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Tyler Mopi has recently bought a house that is his biggest purchase to date. He also invests in his clothing brand and its manufacturing, shipping, etc. Tyler has hobbies that he spends on like traveling. He has spent on tickets, living accommodations, and food.

Tyler also spends money on his photography hobby. He has bought equipment specifically for it.

Interesting Facts

  • Tyler Mopi is currently not married. He has just moved out on his own and is focusing on his career at this time.
  • He doesn’t have any known children.
  • His religion is Christianity. He was born into a Christian home and continues his journey within the religion.