Mongraal Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Mongraal Net Worth, Age, Height


Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Aug 13, 2004
Age: 18 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (175cm)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Professional gamer, Youtuber, Twitch streamer
Instagram @mongraal
Last Updated: June, 2023

Kyle Jackson, or more famously known as Mongraal, is a famous professional gamer with millions of followers on various social media platforms. He started to play video games at the age of eight and then became a professional gamer at the age of thirteen. He is one of the richest and youngest gamers in the world. Currently, he has a net worth of $3 million.

How Did Mongraal Become Rich?

Mongraal was born Kyle Jackson on August 13, 2004, in the county of Kent, England. There is not much information available about his family background or educational background. All we know is that he is still a school-going boy. He says that his parents are very supportive of his gaming profession and constantly encourage and support him to do what he loves.

Mongraal developed an interest in video gaming at a very young age of eight and after his parent’s support, it was only at the age of thirteen that he became involved in professional gaming. At thirteen, he became one of the youngest professional players.

Mongraal initially started his gaming career by playing the Call of Duty series, then he switched to H1Z1. After H1Z1, he finally switched full-time to Fortnite Battle Royale. Since then, he has participated in a number of tournaments like BP open squad tournaments, UMG Friday Fortnite, and POG Solo Tournament. He has been a part of these tournaments not only as an individual player but also as a duo and squad.

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Earlier, he used to play for a Europe-based team named Team Secret which is led by John Yao but in 2019, he joined the FaZe Clan created by Faze Apex. The other members of the clan include Faze Jev, Nickmercs, Faze Adapt, Faze Sway.

Mongraal is a very famous and sought-after gamer in the gaming field. He has received over $160,000 for making an appearance in seven tournaments. He earns an impressive sum of money from his gaming career. He is one of the highest-earning Fortnite players. His biggest earning through Fortnite was when he received a $150,000 cash prize at the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals in 2019.

Mongraal does not depend entirely on his Fortnite tournaments for money, he has several income sources that bring him a good sum of money. Mongraal earns a great amount of money through Twitch where he has 5 million followers. It is estimated that he earns more than $22,000 every month through Twitch. Subscribers can also directly donate money to their favorite streamers on Twitch, through donation Mongraal also earns $1-$2k more.

Furthermore, his YouTube channel is also a great source of income for him, it is estimated that he earns somewhere between $24,500-$38,500 a month. Apart from this, Mongraal has many big brand sponsorships under his belt, like Nissan, Wix, Corsair, Secret Lab, and many others, which earned him an impressive sum of money.

The sale of his merchandise on the FaZe Clan store further boosts his net worth. According to reports, he has earned around $688,000 solely from his Fortnite career. From all his income sources, it can be calculated that he earns nearly a million every month. Mongraal is highly dedicated and skilled at his job which has resulted in a highly successful career.

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What Is Mongraal Net Worth?

With his hard work, Mongraal  has constructed a net worth of around $3 million which is huge keeping in mind the fact that he is just 18 years old. With this passion and skills for his profession, Mongraal is expected to go a long way in the gaming industry.

Just at the age of 15-16, he was making around half a million dollars just by sitting at home and playing video games. Mongraal has participated in a variety of tournaments and has been estimated to earn around $688,000 from these tournaments.

He also earns a huge sum of money from his game streaming on Twitch and YouTube. In total he is calculated to be earning nearly a million dollars every month, making him one of the highest-earning professional players in the world. He also earns a great deal of money from the sale of his merchandise and his brand sponsorships.

How Mongraal Spends His Money?

Being just 18 years old, Mongraal still lives with his parents and has no assets, like a property or car of his own. He spends most of his money on his gaming setup. He has a fully furnished gaming room of his own where he spends most of his time of the day.

He constantly keeps updating his gaming equipment to be a better player.

Mongraal also enjoys traveling a lot, in an interview he said that all a kid wants is to play games and travel, and being a professional gamer gives you both. Apart from this, not much is known about his lifestyle.

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Interesting Facts

  • Mongraal never planned or even imagined to be a professional gamer. As a child, he used to play for fun. It was at the age of thirteen that he properly got involved in professional gaming.
  • In an interview, Mongraal stated that his parents had been very supportive since day one. They never pressurize him to give up games in order to pay more attention to his studies.
  • Mongraal has created his own building and editing course.
  • Mongraal promised to give a $500 giveaway to the person who finishes his course the fastest. It was given to a guy who finished it in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.