Mike Lookinland Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Mike Lookinland Net Worth, Age, Height

Mike Lookinland

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Dec 19, 1960
Age: 62 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (172cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Businessman
Instagram None
Last Updated: June, 2023

Mike Lookinland is a famous former American actor who started acting while still young. His role in the Brady Bunch as the youngest brother named Bobby Brady gave him international recognition right from the year 1969 to 1974. Lookinland had appeared on television as a commercial actor even before he got cast in The Brady Bunch. As per the recent public records, Lookinland has an estimated net worth of about $3 million and this represents all the wealth the actor has gained from his career and business until now.

How Did Mike Lookinland Become Rich?

Mike Lookinland was born on 19th December 1960 in Mount Pleasant, Utah. Mount Pleasant is one of the tiny cities that neighbors Salt Lake City. His parents Paul Lookinland and Karen Lookinland grew him up in a Christian background. Mike Lookinland was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he was very active in the church kids’ activities. Everything was conducive for him, including having supportive parents. Mike explored the world of acting at the tender age of 7 and his appearance on television commercials started at 9.

Talking of television commercials, Lookinland was featured in commercial adverts of products such as toys, cheerios cereal, and Band-Aid bandages. The brands/companies that featured the young actor had signed great deals, earning him a considerable amount of money at a young age. Mike provided the voice of Oblio in the animated film named The Point in 1971. Being an extraordinary actor, Lookinland acted alongside Paul Newman and Jennifer Jones in the 1974 blockbuster film titled The Towering Inferno. In 1970, he appeared in the television show, The Secrets of Isis.

Mike Lookinland also worked as a television camera operator for a few years, a period where he took part in the episode of Brady Bunch. In addition, Lookinland had contributed a lot to several television series and movies as a character of his natural uniqueness. He has appeared in The Towering Inferno, Gambler V: Playing for Keeps as Bosun, Funny Face as Richie among many films. Later in 2019, his fans were not surprised to see him in the Brady Bunch cast crew in the famous television series called A Very Brady Renovation that aired on HGTV. The latter marked his retirement on the television show business. The determined and hard-working Lookinland then ventured into entrepreneurship and runs a business that deals with the making of decorative concrete in Salt Lake City.

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Mike Lookinland is very skillful in the industry and he has gained a lot of wealth from acting before transitioning his career to business, which still facilitates his success.

What Is Mike Lookinland Net Worth?

Although his current business of making concrete decorations brings him a good amount of money, his former acting career attributes his fortune. Mike began earning at 9 years for taking part in television commercials before becoming an actor. His fortune for wealth started right from 1969, when he first appeared in The Brady Bunch and other many television commercials. Back then, an average actor/actress could at least earn $57,000 annually. It would not be fair for a competent and famous actor like Mike Lookinland to earn less than that.

In 1971, his net worth increased by a noticeable margin when he provided the voice of Oblio in the animated film called The Point. While serving as a television commercial, he approximately accomplished over thirty commercials from popular brands, such as Cheerios cereal, Band-Aid bandages and toys. These brands lead to a rapid rise in his net worth.

In addition, Lookinland also worked as a camera operator in the 2000 television film Growing Up Brady, an episode of Brady Bunch.

Lookinland has established himself as the biggest brand of acting since his childhood. He is contemplated as one of the most successful and richest actors in America and he has accumulated a lot of wealth from acting and his business in Salt Lake City.

In 1976, Lookinland requested a double salary only to appear on an episode of Donny and Marie alongside the famous Susan Olsen and McCormick, and Maureen. The request he made was an intention not to be part of the cast. This led to an increase in the salary of all the cast members, including him.

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Doing the math, Lookinland’s assets, salary, income, and all the money he has saved over the years from both acting and business sum up to at least $3 million. This exhibits his net worth according to the public sources.

However, his net worth encountered a drastic decline after he got involved in a car accident in 1997 that crippled him body-wise and career-wise. The accident made him arrested and released on $1,550 cash bail and later fined $1,500 for driving under the influence of alcohol. Another factor that affected his net worth is after he left the television commercials and the acting. Lookinland’s fortune started flourishing again when he ventured into a business that brought positive impact on his net worth.

How Mike Lookinland Spends His Money?

The former actor lives in Salt Lake City with his family. He has a mansion there whose worth is not disclosed to the public since they live a kind of private life thus leaving no room for the public and media to know the detailed part of his assets, house and cars.

Mike Lookinland broke the mentality of many people who thought that the entertainment industry is real. Lookinland in an interview said that everything is fake including your face, lifestyle, clothes and everything.

Interesting Facts

  • Michael Paul Lookinland is his birth name.
  • Mike married Kelly Wermuth in 1987.
  • They have two children, Scott Michael Lookinland and Joseph Kelly.
  • Lookinland dropped out from college at the University of Utah.
  • He has natural, sand-colored and wavy hair.