Michele Romanow Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Michele Romanow Net Worth, Age, Height

Michele Romanow

Net Worth: $150 Million
Birthday: Jun 12, 1985
Age: 37 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (171cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Entrepreneur, TV-personality, Venture Capitalist
Instagram @micheleromanow
Last Updated: March, 2023

The 37 years old Michele Romanow is a prominent and young Canadian tech entrepreneur. Clearbanc, a company she co-founded, is a provider company sharing revenue solutions that aid in funding new business ventures online. In 2015, at the age of 30, she was named as one of the 100 most powerful women in Canada, having a net worth of around USD 150 million.

She started her first business at a very small age of 22 years when she was herself a student. She set up this business when she was studying for an engineering degree. It is estimated that she made 4.7 Million USD each year of her life.

How Did Michele Romanow Become Rich?

On 12th June 1985, Michele Romanow was born in a Romanow family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her parents are Marvin and Dagmar. Michele Romanow’s father Marvin Romanow served as the chief executive officer (CEO) and president of CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC (formerly identified as Nexen Company). She also has two sisters and one brother. She is of Ukrainian descent and primarily grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is a civil engineer and also has a degree in MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston.

Michele Romanow began her professional career along with two colleagues from her college’s engineering class named Ryan Marien and Anatoliy Melnichuk. The trio worked together in her first couple of business endeavors. Along with her co-founders, the shrewd businesswoman Michele Romanow altered her tact. The turning point of their enterprise emerged in 2012 when they saved over USD 100 million of their subscribers’ money.

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She also founded SnapSaves which she later sold to Groupon. Michele Romanow is also a co-founder of Buytopia, her third and current business and smartphone app SnapSaves was created by Buytopia.

2015 was a remarkable year for Michele Romanow’s career. She brought a new perspective to the CBC show when she joined the Dragons’ Den’s tenth season. Currently, she is Dragons’ Den’s youngest investor in Canada. Plus, according to Forbes, she is the only Canadian to reach the rank of TOP 20 Sisruptive Millennials on a Mission.

Michele Romanow has invested in the project of the world’s smart fingerprint padlock in Tapplock. Canada-based entrepreneurs Kayden Li and David Tao were looking for a 5% stake in their venture. While three dragons offered Angel investments, Michele Romanow struck the final deal and received a 6.5% equity stake along with 5% royalty. It is because she wanted to secure an investment she wanted to run.

In 2015, Michele Romanow also offered a 27% stake in TDot performance for a staggering price of USD 800,000. It is an eCommerce store with the ability to ship car parts all over Canada. The venture’s projected turnover was USD 10 million.

What Is Michele Romanow Net Worth?

According to the sources, her estimated net worth in 2023 is over USD 150 million. She is a successful entrepreneur and investor and founded several companies. One of the companies was bought by Groupon for millions of dollars, and she is also a new investor in the reality television show Dragon’s Den, where she is an evaluator of new business ideas and decides whether to invest in them or not.

At the ripe age of 22, Michele Romanow initiated her first small scale green business venture, which pioneered the growth of environment-friendly technologies. She set this business with her two other friends while studying at Ontario’s Queen College for an engineering degree.

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She is currently doing three jobs at a time, including the director at Freshii, a fast-food company that provides nutritious meals and catering services to their consumers in Canada. She is a co-founder of Buytopia, which offers various deals online in Toronto. Moreover, she is the co-founder and President of Clearco which is a lending institution.

How Michele Romanow Spends Her Money?

She has made up to five investments now. The latest investment is in the Seed Round of RVezy. Michele Romanow invested here on May 28, 2021, $23 million Canadian Dollars. RVezy is the community of RV enthusiasts who look for an outdoor affordable RV rental experience.

Along with RVezy, she invested in Disco, a platform for creators building learning empires. Michele also invested in Trufan in 2021, an audience management platform that helps the brands and influencers grow their social community and sell directly to their fans. In 2017, she invested in Endy too, which is a Canadian-made mattress company having perfect firmness.

Michele Romanow participated in various sorts of events and created a fuss in the media. Events included the Money 2020 Europe 2020, Slush Helsinki 2019, TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019, Collision 2019, Techonomy California 2018, Elevate 2018, Web Summit Lisbon 2017, and Empire FinTech Conference Toronto in 2017.

Interesting Facts

  • There are no previous records of past relationships for Michele Romanow, and she is possibly single till now.
  • An exciting thing about Michele Romanow is that she does not like to tap on tablets or Ipads. She prefers to use a proper book.
  • Michele Romanow is addicted to Vitamin water for years and prefers sugar-free lemonade flavour.
  • She loves to wear the ring, which was a reminder of society’s obligation when she graduated from Queen’s.
  • Nikes Marathon shoes are Romanow’s favourite, and she had also run in Toronto Scotiabank Marathon in these shoes.
  • Romanow loves to use Lewis N. Clark’s top-rated face masks.
  • Michele Romanow has various ranges of down coats. She likes to wear Patagonia jackets whenever she is stuck working in air-conditioned rooms. And, in September, she uses Canada Goose.
  • Uber is her favourite app, along with the one she created herself.
  • Romanow has been given several honours and awards such as:
    • 2018 Angel investor of the year at 7th Annual Canadian Innovation Awards
    • 31st fastest-growing company on profit magazines
    • W100’s 21st fastest-growing company
    • EY Ontario Entrepreneur of the year – Finalist (2013, 2014)
    • 100 most influential women of WXN
    • Finalist of RBS Canadian Women Entrepreneur award
    • Toronto board of trade business excellence award
    • Forbes mentioned as the millennial on a mission from Canada.
    • Recently, she won The PWI Next Gen Woman Entrepreneur of the year award 2020-2021.