Manjit Minhas Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Manjit Minhas Net Worth, Age, Height

Manjit Minhas

Net Worth: $200 Million
Birthday: May 31, 1980
Age: 42 years old
Height: 5.3 feet (165cm)
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Business Woman, TV-personality
Instagram @manjit.minhas
Last Updated: March, 2023

Manjit Minhas is a Canadian entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an astounding net worth of over 200 million USD, as of 2023. Aside from being a television personality and co-owner of Minhas Brewery, Distillery & Winery, she specializes in marketing with interests in sales and branding.

How Did Manjit Minhas Become Rich?

Born on May 31st in 1980, and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Manjit Minhas started her career very early on in life. At the ripe age of 19, while she was still studying engineering at the University of Calgary, Minhas started a business with her younger brother. They scraped together around 10,000 USD and founded a beer brand called Mountain Crest Classic Larger, launching their spirits in 1999 and their beer in 2002.

In the beginning, the Minhas brothers sold their manufactured and imported beer at their parents’ private liqueur store. Surprisingly, if you consider their ages, the company was one of the first to successfully enter the Canadian brewing industry in many decades. Nowadays, the Minhas Brand offers a grand variety of alcohol products (over 90 options) and their products are sold in five provinces: Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

In June of 2012, Manjit Minhas opened a second brewery called the Minhas Micro Brewery, in addition to other businesses she owns such as Minhas Kitchen, that provide a revenue of 155 million USD, as last reported in 2014.

What Is Manjit Minhas Net Worth?

Apart from the beer industry, Minhas is also involved in the media and television business. She co-owns Spotlight TV and Film Production, a company that produces a large number of feature films, documentaries, lifestyle programs, digital and TV commercials, and corporate videos.

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In 2015, CBS invited Manjit Minhas to star on Dragon’s Den, a reality television program created and owned by Nippon TV, where entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in hope of obtaining an investment from them. Her presence on the show allows Minhas to share her knowledge and expertise while representing a big source of income.

Manjit Minhas is an extremely successful woman. Her businesses had revenues above 220 million USD in the last year. She received a multitude of business industry awards, such as the Canadian Business Icon Award, Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada, Top Growth Entrepreneur Award, Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, Alberta Centennial Medallion, Alberta Chamber of Commerce Marketing Award, Young Achiever Award from the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40, India Abroad’s ‘The Power List’ Award, Compelling Calgarian Award, Famous 5 Foundation Leader Award, Canada’s Women Executive Network Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs Award, Global TV Woman of Vision Award, Famous 5 Foundation Leader Award, Chatelaine Magazine’s Top Entrepreneur Woman of The Year, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist, and The Sikh Centennial Foundation Award.

How Manjit Minhas Spends Her Money?

Manjit Minhas started investing as soon as she started her first business with her brother. The first thing they bought was an office building in northeast Calgary. From that moment on, real estate has been a big part of their portfolio, while they were continuously expanding their operations. Minhas also invested in commercial real estate across North America and overseas. She claims that she prefers to hold on to an investment for as long as possible, as she is not a buy-and-sell investor.

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Apart from real estate, Manjit Minhas invests in different industries. Over the last decade, she has invested in the coffee industry, the energy drink industry, and in health care. The first stock Minhas bought was Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which later became Keurig Green Mountain Inc. Feeling like she can take care of herself, Minhas does not have a broker, managing the investments alone.

Manjit Minhas has invested in multiple other products such as Peapod Mats, HEAVEN Safety Fire Device, PartySkirts, Split Tree Cocktail, Peau de Loup, and MakeMyBellyfit. All of these investments have been made over the ten seasons of the TV series. Manjit Minhas claims that she looks for two main things when choosing a product to invest in: the practical side and the passion she can see in the young entrepreneurs. Minhas helps the competitors that have a great product and a zealous attitude towards work because she knows that that’s the only way to succeed in this domain.

When it comes to her lifestyle and personal purchases, Manjit Minhas prefers to keep silent. There is almost no record of the prices of her house, car, and other valuables. However, we do know that she cares very much about charities, donating to non-profit organizations such as United Way and Ronal McDonald Charity.

Interesting Facts

  • The Minhas alcohol empire is extremely successful: to date, her companies have sold over seven billion pints of beer.
  • The so-called beer baroness is very environmentally conscious. She created a special pack of beers that is sold in COSTCO and which has the least amount of packaging materials compared to any other alternatives on the market in Canada and the USA. Her products, having no plastic hi-cone rings and very little box material, will prevent millions of pounds of packaging materials from ending up in the overly polluted landfills.
  • Manjit Minhas puts her engineering knowledge to good use. Her beer is produced using the least amount of water, treatment chemicals, electricity, and gas.
  • When it comes to Social Responsibility, Minhas takes the matter very seriously. She was the first Canadian brewer to voluntarily put a Managing Warning on all her beer cans.
  • In November 2020, she started her own podcast that was an immediate success, hitting the Top 10 Podcast charts on its debut day. In her business podcast, Minhas interviews successful people from different fields. So far, famous names such as Jim Pattison, Lisa Lisson, Ed Sims, and Vincenzo Guzzo have starred in the episodes.
  • Minhas’ business was sued by Molson Brewery in 2002 over some similarities between two of their products. Fortunately, the matter was settled out of court.
  • In 2008, she and her brother published a book titled Brewing Up a Damn Good Story in which they share their story about entrepreneurship.