Luke Wilson Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Luke Wilson Net Worth, Age, Height

Luke Wilson

Net Worth: $60 Million
Birthday: Sep 21, 1971
Age: 51 years old
Height: 5.9 feet (180cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Actor
Instagram None
Last Updated: March, 2023

Luke Cunningham Wilson has a net worth of over $60 million dollars as of 2023. Luke is an American actor who has managed to amass a considerable amount of value through money, movable property and real estate.

How Did Luke Wilson Become Rich?

Luke Wilson was born on September 21st, 1971 in Dallas, Texas, America. He is currently  51 years old. His parents are Robert and Laura Wilson. His father was an advertising executive and his mother was a photographer. Luke has two brothers by the names of Owen and Andrew Wilson. Luke, along with his brothers, attended St Mark’s School of Texas where he earned the title of class president in the very first year. His hobbies at the time were sports. He ran track and field events. It wasn’t until later on when he attended Occidental College that he became interested in acting.

Luke’s career officially began in 1994 with his lead role in a short film called ‘Bottle Rocket’. This show was co-written by his brother Owen Wilson. It was made into a full-length film later in 1996. He then played the role of David in Bongwater in 1998.  He also had roles in ‘Telling lies in America’ and ‘Scream 2’ in 1997. Later on, in the early 2000s, Luke was featured in iconic movies like ‘Legally Blonde’. In this film he played Emmet Richmond; Elle’s love interest. He also featured in ‘Charlie’s angels’ where he played Peter Kominsky who is a love interest of one of the angels. He was called back to feature in the sequels for both movies. Moving along in 2003 he appeared in a film with Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn in ‘Old School’ which is a comedy.

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In 2004 he hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ which is a TVshow where comedians, actors and other famous people get together in the name of comedy. They perform skits and bits.

In 2007 he acted in and directed the movie ‘The Wendell Baker Story‘. This was the first movie he had ever directed. Wilson also made a cameo in the horror film ‘Soul Survivors’ where he played a local priest named Father Judde. Luke made a small debut in ‘The Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy’. Luke is widely known for his role in the movie ‘Idiocracy’. In this film, he co-starred with Maya Rudulph playing a character that was frozen in a cryogenic project who finally awakened after hundreds of years. The film was a dystopian movie that was directed by Mike Judge.

Luke Wilson transitioned into television for a while where he acted in ‘The X files’. He later went on to have a feature in ‘That 70’s Show’ where he played a character called Casey Kelso. Luke appeared on ‘That 70’s Show’ for six episodes. He also debuted as Remus in the 2019 TV show called ‘Room 109’. More recently in his career, Luke has starred in the HBO series ‘Enlightened’ as Levi Callow and also in a comedy-drama series called ‘Roadies’. Luke has starred in a Netflix Movie called ‘All The Bright Places’. In 2020 Luke played Pat Dugan on ‘ Stargirl’. This show premiered on the Dc Universe streaming platform. Additionally, he hosted a television show called ‘Emergency Call’ in 2020.

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In the years Luke spent shifting between acting and directing he managed to dive into screenwriting as well along with his brother Owen. The two brothers co-wrote a biopic for the Wright brothers. Luke plans to star in the film as well.

Luke Wilson has won numerous awards for acting, directing, and screenwriting over the years. Some of them include the Lone Star Award For Debut Of The Year for his role in ‘Bottle Rocket’, Best Actor from the High Desert International Film Festival, Best Screenplay, and Short Drama Film for ‘Satellite Beach’ and Best Fiction Short from the Red Rock Film Festival. Luke along with his brother won a German Independence Honorary Award from the Oldenburg Film Festival in 2015. Luke was inducted into the Texas Film Hall of fame during their award ceremony. Luke has had a successful acting/directing/screenwriting career and is still set to debut in films to come.

Other than acting, Luke has accumulated his large net worth through possessions as well. He has invested in multiple pieces of real estate. He typically invests in the more highly valued properties. He has also become a brand ambassador for Austin Clothing company croquet which has earned him a nice lump sum of money.

What Is Luke Wilson Net Worth?

Luke’s Net worth mostly comes from his salary as an actor/director. He has reportedly earned up to $14,000,000 from one movie role alone. Approximately $ 25 million of his net worth comes from acting. Besides his main salary, real estate plays a major role in his large net worth. Luke owns multiple homes ranging from millions to thousands. He has one home in Santa Monica worth over $19 million alone. It’s on a double-lot property. In addition to his homes, Luke also owns a Dodge Challenger which is estimated to be valued at $58,300. A decent sum of money also comes from his brand deals.

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How Luke Wilson Spends His Money?

Luke is a focused and goal-oriented individual. He claims to not spend his money frivolously but rather chooses to invest. He had invested in multiple homes that he now owns. He also loves traveling and advises others to travel now and then. One of his larger purchases is his Dodge Challenger, however, his largest purchases to date would be one of his multiple homes. Luke is also a part of The Bel-Air Country Club.

Interesting Facts

  • Luke Wilson once held the top five all-time school records in the 800 and 400-meter track and field races.
  • He created a line of golf products for athletes in 2008. He collaborated with a Swedish golf player named Jordan Edfors.
  • Like is currently not married and does not have any children although he has expressed interest in wanting to be a father one day.