Luisito Comunica Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Luisito Comunica Net Worth, Age, Height

Luisito Comunica

Net Worth: $20 Million
Birthday: Mar 20, 1991
Age: 31 years old
Height: 5.6 feet (170cm)
Birthplace: Mexico
Occupation: Youtuber, Instagram celebrity, Writer, Enterpreneur
Instagram @luisitocomunica
Last Updated: February, 2023

Luis Comunica as of 2023 has a net worth of over 20 million dollars. He has achieved fame and fortune while still getting to do the things he loves.

How Did Luisito Comunica Become Rich?

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, who is better known by his YouTube name Luisito Comunica, was born and raised in Mexico. Luisito was born in the year 1991, on March 20th. He is currently 31 years old. He went to college and studied communication sciences but unfortunately never finished to get his degree. There is little to no known information about his family available.

In the year 2007, Luisito started a YouTube career when he made his channel called Piano Para Gente Cool. Later on in his career Luisito changed his channel name to LouieArtie. On this channel, Luisito made tutorials and piano covers of songs. This channel was unsuccessful and prompted him to abandon it altogether and start over with a new channel and content.

Further along in 2011, Luisito created another channel called OciodeLuisito. The channel made some progress but soon after Luisito stopped and left this channel inactive for a while. The video with the most views on that channel is one titled PERREO INCÓMODO (Al Volante). It was also the last video uploaded.

Finally, in 2012 he made his current channel named after him. Around the time of its origin, he moved from his native city to Mexico City because he believed he had more opportunities there for work creating content for online viewers. On his new channel, he did vlogs and showed viewers the ins and outs of his daily life. He also talked about his travels and compared prices in different areas while giving insight into cultures etc. He even has had some controversy due to the things he’s said but remained popular on YouTube.

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Later on in the year 2012, he joined a group of YouTubers named NoMeRevientes. This group helped to gain even more popularity.

Luisito Comunica was the channel that pushed him into stardom and gave him his big break in his career. It went on to be the most popular channel of his. In this channel, he uploads videos of his expeditions around the globe for mainly Spanish-speaking fans.

Moving along in 2018, Luisito made a new channel named Luisito Around the World.  This channel was similar in content to his other channel. However, this one was primarily intended for his English-speaking fans.

In the same year, he launched his own clothing line which he gave the name Rey Palomo. He has worked hard on coming up with everything on his own and his fans showed their love and appreciation by putting their ‘money where their mouth is’.

In 2019, he started dabbling in acting. In the very same year he debuted in the film Dedicada A Mi Ex. He later found work in the voiceover industry when he dubbed a Spanish version of the movie Sonic The HedgeHog. In October of 2018, Luis published a book that was titled Amazing Places. This book was his first and it managed to reach first place in the pre-sale of  Alfaguara, which is a publishing house. Luisito’s book is dedicated toward providing travel tips and talking about his own experiences traveling around the world. The book is very on brand for him and is available as an audiobook as well.

Moving forward to 2020, he was in a YouTube documentary that was given the title Aislado: un documental en cuarentena. He debuted with Juanpa Zurita. The short documentary was a recount of the global lockdowns that happened by COVID-19. In October that year, he announced to his fans and followers that he would launch his own business. Later on, after the launch it was revealed that he started a mobile phone company. He named it PilloFon.

Luisito has managed to earn billions of views on his channel. The estimated number of views is around five billion. He has garnered vast popularity from those interested in his lifestyle and travel/vlog videos. His fame also extends to his other social platforms like Instagram where he has almost 30 million followers. As far as Mexico, Luisito has the second most subscribed channel around. Even more impressive, Luisito is ranked as the forty sixth most-subscribed YouTube channel in the world.

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With being successful there are some downfalls for example people that set out to sabotage you. In Luisito’s career, he has been publicly and wrongfully accused of heinous crimes like poisoning animals, sexual assaults, terrorism etc. He has been falsely accused so many times by malicious people that the police has come out and cleared it up so that his career would not be ruined for something he did not do. They went on to explain that it was in fact one person who was spreading these rumors and had influence but they were hoaxes and Luisito had never been in any trouble with the law especially for the above-mentioned crimes. Luisito handled the situation maturely and as best he could considering the circumstances. Despite the setbacks and effects the accusations had on his career, he still managed to come out practically unscathed by it all.

What Is Luisito Comunica Net Worth?

There is more than one source that is responsible for the $20 million net worth of Luisito Comunica. He makes the majority of his funds from YouTube. His subscriber count and views are very high and he makes thousands daily from his videos. He also pulls in extra revenue from ads and brand deals. Luisito earns money from book sales as well. He owns property, a house, and a car. Finally, Luisito Comunica owns a mobile phone business and a clothing line both of which make him good money His diverse business ventures are the reason his net worth is high and it’s only expected to increase from here.

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How Luisito Comunica Spends His Money?

Luisito Comunica is no stranger to spending large amounts of cash. To begin with, his brand is traveling. He is always going to new places which costs a great deal of money. He has been known to visit the most exotic places and doesn’t mind spending on traveling and living accommodations. Next he invests into his YouTube channel and content. He also has invested into his book and it’s publishing. He also has two companies that he runs and has to pump money into. Finally he has bought a house, car and property. His biggest purchase to date is his home. Overall most of his money is invested into his brand.

Interesting Facts

  • As of 2023 Luisito Comunica is not married and has no children.
  • His religion is Judaism.