Lou Ferrigno Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Lou Ferrigno Net Worth, Age, Height

Louis (Lou) Ferrigno

Net Worth: $12 Million
Birthday: Nov 09, 1951
Age: 71 years old
Height: 6.4 feet (196cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Bodybuilder, Actor
Instagram @theofficiallouferrigno
Last Updated: March, 2023

Lou Ferrigno was the king of his era, and you also might have heard of him from one source or another. 71 years old old Lou Ferrigno is currently working as a lawman, but used to be famous bodybuilder & actor.

At his early age, he used to win awards because of his physique, which also lead him to choose bodybuilding as a career. Along with being one of the best bodybuilders, he was also a great actor.

As he was cast in the top-earning movies like Rage (2017), The Incredible Hulk (2008), I Love You Man (2009) and so on.

But with his success, he also suffered from ear disease, which only motivated him to be the best. He was also cast in the Avengers (2015), but become the real superhero as he also worked as a sheriff.

And after all those hardships, sources concluded that Lou Ferrigno has made a total of $12 million.

How Did Lou Ferrigno Become Rich?

The Hulk came to this earth on the day 9th November 1951, in Brooklyn, New York. And he was among those lucky people, who saw the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of 21th Century.

Lou Ferrigno was the son of Victoria and Matty Ferrigno, who was a commanding officer back in his days and as for his mother, she’s was a housewife. Lou’s love for fitness and bodybuilding was since his childhood, as he started lifting weights at the age of 13.

His determination was so high that he used to make his own weights for training because his family wasn’t able to bear the expense.

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He used to train himself day and night. But unfortunately at an early age he suffered from ear infections, due to which he had to use ear aids since when he was only five, as he lost almost 75% of his hearing ability.

But his hard work started to pay off, seeing that, he started to win many titles in his school. As for the studies, Lou Ferrigno used to go to St. Athanasius Grammar School.

Then Brooklyn Technical High School played an important role in his education, the place from where he got graduated in 1969.  He also learnt metalworking at Brooklyn Technical school, which helped him in future when he started working as metal sheet worker.

Lou Ferrigno has been with great personalities since his graduation. As Arnold Schwarzenegger was his mentor and Lou Ferrigno started to be in history books after he attempted to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1975.

Furthermore, he also competed in World’s Strongest Man competitions along with honorable personalities like Robbie Robinson and Boyer Coe. But, after 1977 things started to turn around for him, as he takes retirement from bodybuilding.

His love for bodybuilding and acting started from his childhood, as he is a big fan of Hercules, Spiderman & Steve Reeves.

Then, his main focus was to be an actor. And we cannot deny his determination in the field of acting too. He has been cast in multiple movies which include Pumping Iron (1977), Hulk (2003), The Avengers (2012) Instant Death (2017) and many more.

What Is Lou Ferrigno Net Worth?

So, after all the hard work, now it is time to see what fruit did that hard work bears. Lou Ferrigno has made up to $12 Million, sources concluded.

But, behind those 7 digits in his bank account, there is a lot of hard work. Lou Ferrigno worked for hours, moved from one job to another, the school bully made him even stronger.

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Lou Ferrigno also switched from job to job, which also helped him in earning those digits. As in 2006, Lou Ferrigno became a sheriff in New Mexico and restrained illegal immigration from happening.

We all know that Lou Ferrigno is one of the best actors, bodybuilders and great living motivation you can ever find. Pure Italian from blood, a true warrior from outside! Lou Ferrigno is also somewhat popular on social media, with over 70k followers on Twitter (earning $500-1000 per post), 240K followers on Instagram (earning an estimate of $1k-2k per post).

How Lou Ferrigno Spends His Money?

So, where does that money go? Where did he spend it? Calm down, Lou Ferrigno bought a house back in 1980 in Santa Monica.

The 4,500 square feet (1000 square feet of garage included), which includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, living room, dining room, etc. Lou Ferrigno also upgraded his garden and kitchen, with and beautiful view which you can see from the living room.

The house was originally built in 1926. And Lou Ferrigno bought it for $2.9 Million. But in 2020, the star sold the house for $3.9 million.

Lou Ferrigno also owns a second house in SLO County, the 8000 square feet house, which was built in 1980, and Lou Ferrigno bought it for only $2.9 million in 1988. The house also contains five bedrooms and five bathrooms, in addition to it also contain a swimming pool.

Interesting Facts

  • Now, every bad guy must be afraid of those big biceps, as, in the year 2006, Lou Ferrigno worked as a Sheriff in Los Angeles. Also in 2006, the attempt of illegal immigration goes into vain, as Lou Ferrigno was part of Maricopa County Arizona, the team which restrains it from happening.
  • Lou Ferrigno has married 2 times in his life, one with Susan Groff in 1978, but this marriage wasn’t that stable, as both couples got divorced pretty quickly. Not long after in 1980, he got married to Carla Green, who was a physiologist, and his personal trainer during his hardship after the divorce with Susan Groff. Both couples were blessed with one daughter Janica, and two sons Louis Jr. and Shanna Brent. And comparing it to his previous marriage, it’s way more stable.
  • As for his Siblings, Lou Ferrigno has only one brother named Andy Ferrigno, and to be honest, things didn’t seem to go right between them. Lou Ferrigno has charged his brother and his wife for running an fitness store under his name.
  • Despite being the winner of numerous trophies in bodybuilding in school, he used to get bullied because of the ear aids. But this only made him even stronger, and that’s the true motivation.