Loni Love Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Loni Love Net Worth, Age, Height

Loni Love

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jul 14, 1971
Age: 51 years old
Height: 5.5 feet (167cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Comedian, TV-personality, Author, Actress
Instagram @comiclonilove
Last Updated: June, 2023

Loni Love is an African-American comedian, actress, author and IV-personality. She is known for her humor all across the country. Entertaining millions of Americans Loni Love has managed to grow her net worth up to $3 million.

How Did Loni Love Become Rich?

Loni Love (real name Yolanda Gill) was born on July 14, 1971 in Detroit, Michigan. she grew up in a poor family that was residing if one of buildings known as Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects.

After graduating local Cass Technical High School in 1989 she went to work on a General Motors facility to assemble Oldsmobile Cutlasses. Working at an assembly line had sparkled her interest in electronics and electrical engeneering.

Pursuing the newfound interest, Loni moved to Texas to attend Prairie View A&M University to get her bachelor’s degree. During the time at the university, she took part in a music lessons and performed stand-up comedy. At one day the future comedian also managed to win $50 in a local competition.

After finishing the university, Loni Love moved to California to work for the Xerox company. In her days-off she attended local stand-up clubs to practice the art of comedy. One of the clubs was Laugh Factory.

Loni Love worked for eight years at Xerox before deciding to commit herself completely for career in a stand-up comedy. She left Xerox and sighed up for the show Star Search in 2003, losing only in the finals to John Roy. Despite the defeat, her participation in the show has boosted her fame and morale, only motivating Loni to continue her career as a comedian.

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In 2000s Loni Love appeared in various shows, sketches and TV-panels like Chelsea Lately or I Love the 2000s. Slowly but surely Loni was building up her following and gaining more and more experience in the field. As a result, in 2009 she won Hot Comic award from Campus Activity magazine and was mentioned in TOP-10 comics by Variety and Comedy Central. That same year she covered the inauguration of USA President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009 after getting the job at CNN.

In 2010s Loni Love’s popularity has been growing continuously. She appeared in various movies, TV-series, and talk shows. In 2013 Loni was chosen to co-host talk show The Real; later she even became an executive producer. In 2016 Loni won the ninth season Worst Cooks in America, a reality television series.

Loni Love career hasn’t seen high spikes nor downfalls. It’s just an example of a person who wants to achieve success in a selected field and slowly but surely climbs the ladder of a success by working hard and smart.

What Is Loni Love Net Worth?

Loni Love net worth is estimated at 3 million USD in 2023. She managed to get rich by constantly pushing her boundaries and following the dream she had since 90s: to become a famous comedian and make people laugh all across the America.

When it comes for sources of Loni’s income, there are several of them:

  • starring in movies;
  • appearing in TV-series and shows;
  • her talk show The Real where she is an executive producer;
  • Sponsored posts in Instagram with a following of over 1,5 million people;
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How Loni Love Spends Her Money?

Loni Love mostly spends money on her hobbies such as photography, reading and travelling. She is not a fan of fancy jewelry or cars.

Interesting Facts

  • Loni Love longtime boyfriend is actor James Welsh. They have been dating since 2018 at least, but haven’t married yet.
  • She is on her weight loss journey since late 2010s: Loni has lost approximately 30 pounds since then. Her detox diet consists of vegetables and fruits for 4 days and drinking a lot of water.
  • Loni had miscarriage in her late 20s.