Laura Clery Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Laura Clery Net Worth, Age, Height

Laura Clery

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Jul 22, 1986
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5.4 feet (165cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Internet personality, Comedian, Actress
Instagram @lauraclery
Last Updated: March, 2023

Laura is an American internet personality, comedian and actress. She is known for producing viral videos on Instagram and YouTube. Laura is also famous for the television series “Till Death”. Her career started as a young girl when she decided to go to New York City with only $40 in her pocket. Unfortunately, things did not go as she expected in the big city and she decided to move to Los Angeles. This is where she found her luck and got married to the famous music composer Stephen Hilton. She started a comedy career on Facebook and managed to get a huge following of millions. Clery currently has a net worth of $3 million from acting, comedy, and also her internet persona.

How Did Laura Clery Become Rich?

Clery became rich from acting and comedy. Her initial career as an actress was not brilliant because she was only getting small acting roles. In 2006, she got her first role in a short film called Stranded but it did not bring her to the limelight. Since then she has acted in many films and television series over the years such as The Hitchhiking Game, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Leaf, The Longest Weak and the League. These are not big roles but she finally got noticed when she acted in “Till Death”.

Laura did not just stop at acting on television. She took advantage of the internet and made it her stage. Clery started making comedy skits that became viral on Facebook and Instagram. The viral videos quickly made her audience grow and she became a famous internet personality.

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The hallmark was when it made an appearance at Comedy Central. This was a big boost to her comedy career and it further grew her following and made her known as a comedian outside the Internet.

What Is Laura Clery Net Worth?

Laura has a net worth of $3 million from his acting and comedy career. She has been acting since 2006 but she did not start making significant money until she became an internet personality and became famous.

Her acting career brings a good portion of income and this is a significant percentage of her net worth. She has not done very big roles but even today she still makes money from her acting career. Recently, she has become famous so she is likely going to get major acting roles and make more money from acting.

Clery probably makes the biggest income from the internet. She has a huge following on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is her biggest audience and she currently has over 3.6 million followers and on Instagram she has around 1.5 million followers. It is estimated that she makes at least $200,000 from the internet.

Laura also makes a lot of money from doing partnerships and brand collaborations with brands. A quick visit on Instagram will show you her brand collaborations with all kinds of brands. She works with different brands from beauty to fitness. This adds a good percentage to her net worth considering that she has a huge following on social media.

Clery is also an author. She has written a pseudo memoir Laura Clery’s Confessions of a Young Idiot. In this book, she talks about her journey to fame with no filter. The storyteller goes into detail explaining explicit details on her she used to do inappropriate comedy about her body. Laura also earns some money from the sales of books that have gained popularity due to her amazing storytelling and narrating skills.

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How Laura Clery Spends Her Money?

In 2021, Laura bought a home in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Calif. The $2.4 million home has everything luxury. It covers 5,297 square feet and has 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The house was constructed in 1964 vintage home has a swimming pool, walk-in closet, and large airy windows. The house is about a mile from where they currently live so it is not yet known whether they will be moving into their new house. In a video, Laura and her husband are seen renovating the house to fit their standards.

Laura Clery also spends her money giving to the community. She has helped to raise money to support private college tuition. Together with her husband, they are known to give back to the community. Recently, they gifted their housekeeper a huge sum of money. The money was given as a gift to appreciate the housekeeper for years of dedication working for them.

Interesting Facts

  • Clery is currently married to Stephen Hilton. The two got married in 2012 and they have two children together. Laura and Stephen live in Los Angeles California with their two children Alfie and Penelope. Their first child was born in November 2018.
  • Laura once battled addiction in her younger years. In her book, she talks about dealing with addiction, her road to recovery, and how she finally met her husband. She goes into details about how her life was dangerously impulsive during her younger years.
  • She first gained popularity on Facebook. Unlike other comedians or internet personalities who start out on YouTube or Instagram, Laura made a name for herself on Facebook. With the growth of Facebook watch, Laura has been able to grow her audience on Facebook over time. Currently, she has more than 3 million followers on Facebook and the audience continues to grow.
  • Laura has two kids and shares a lot about motherhood. She is not afraid to share about the post-partum struggles that she is going through on her social media. In her social media, she is always sharing different aspects about motherhood and has been even criticized for sharing too much.
  • Clery shared weight loss tips with her audience. She shares her weight loss journey of how she was able to lose weight in a short time. She also promotes products that are related to weight loss on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Laura is growing to become a fitness influencer on Instagram.