Kofi Kingston Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Kofi Kingston Net Worth, Age, Height

Kofi Kingston

Net Worth: $3 Million
Birthday: Aug 14, 1981
Age: ERROR: no day value. old
Height: 6 feet (183cm)
Birthplace: Ghana
Occupation: Wrestler
Instagram None
Last Updated: March, 2023

As of 2023, Kofi Kingston has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars. The Ghana native has made a name for himself and found success within the world of wrestling.

How Did Kofi Kingston Become Rich?

Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah was born in the year 1981. His birth month is August and he was born on the fourteenth. His birthplace is Ghana. His parents are Elizabeth and Kwasi. He has one brother and one deceased sister.

Kofi was only three years old when his family had relocated to America from Ghana where Kofi went to Boston College. After graduating, Kofi decided he wanted to pursue a professional career in wrestling. One of his first gigs had been with the New England Independent Circuit. There he would perform by the name of Kofi Nahaje Kingston. He later changed his ring name to Kofi Kingston after he had received a professional deal with WWE in 2006.

Kingston went on to make his WWE appearance in the year 2008. At the time he was still using the same Jamaican persona he had on the indie circuit. He ceased being labeled from Jamaica in late 2009 and eliminated the accent. He however maintained his ring name. Soon after, he began to be billed from Ghana, his home country.

Kofi Kingston was the first African WWE wrestler in the history of the WWE. His first win was over a wrestler named David Owen. His first major win came during the WrestleMania event that the WWE hosted. In 2008 during the month of June, Kofi had been drafted into one of the WWE’s Raw events.  During his first match as a part of the brand, Kofi went on to win a championship over a wrestler named Chris Jericho.

Soon Kofi Kingston had earned an ally when he helped a Heavyweight Champion after he was attacked by a wrestler named Randy Orton. The two went on to win a Tag Team Championship together.

In 2009 it was planned for Kofi Kingston to appear in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber. Unfortunately, he did not make it because he had come under ambush by a wrestler named Edge. Instead of Kofi at the event, Edge went on to take his place. After this, Kofi went on to win two wrestling matches and earned himself a place in the Money In The Bank event at Wrestle Mania. The match was won by a wrestler named CM Punk.

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Later on, Kofi Kingston went on a several-month streak where he defended his title in several events like Hell in a Cell, Night of Champions, and Breaking Point.

Kofi Kingston had become a four-time Intercontinental Champion and the three-time United States Champion from 2009 to 2013. Kofi along with two other wrestlers by the name of Big E and Xavier Woods went on to create The New Day in 2014. The three men then went on to set a new WWE record for the longest Tag Team Championship reign. They defended the title from August of 2015 to December of the following year.

Kofi Kingston had gotten in a feud with Randy Orton during his time with the WWE. They began feuding after Kingston interfered in one of Randy’s matches. They went on to appear in a five-man team match where Kingston and his team had come out victorious. The two had been pitted against each other again in an event called Tables Ladders and chairs. Randy had been the winner at this event.

Later down the road, Kofi Kingston had been drafted in the SmackDown brand where he went on to win a tournament and a title that was passed back and forth between him and another wrestler by the name of Drew McIntyre. Kingston went on to beat Drew McIntyre on Team SmackDown at an event called Bragging Rights. Kingston Also was victorious over Jack Swagger and became the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

This event had been under the WWE’s Smackdown brand. Kofi Kingston later failed to reclaim the championship after Swagger attacked him during the match. Kingston competed in a triple threat ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship at TLC, which Ziggler won again.

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In August of 2011 Kofi Kingston was the winner of a WWE Championship title. It was a tag team championship that he won with a wrestler named Evan Bourne. The two became a team that was called Air Boom. They went on to defend their titles at a series of events. Unfortunately Evan had gotten a suspension in November of that year due to a violation of the company.

After he made his return the two went on to retain their title against Primo and Epico. Their streak was broken early in 2012. Bourne was later suspended again for another violation of company policy. Kofi Kingston went on to appear in the Royal Rumble event but did not win. Even so, he did have an eye-catching moment. He managed to save himself from being eliminated by walking on his hands.

In the year 2014 Kofi formed a team with two wrestlers. The team was called The New Day. The team made their first cameo together on Smackdown where they won a match against three other wrestlers. They failed however to win the WWE championship title for a tag team in 2015. Despite this loss, Kofi and his team went on to have a winning streak at Elimination Chamber. The New Day defeated many tag team groups like The Lucha Dragon, Kidd, and Cesaro, The Ascension, Los Matadores, etc.

Later down their team had lost the titles at Money in The Bank against a team called The Prime Time Players. During an event called Summerslam they won titles again. Some of Kofi Kingston’s more recent matches were tag teams in which he joined up with a wrestler called The Big E. They won their match and had victory over a team called the O.C. Kofi Kingston and Big E had later gone on to compete in the WWE Tag Team World Cup but did not come out victorious.

The two later paired up to wrestle against a team called The Rival. They won and were named Smackdown Tag Team Championship winners. This was a record for the two men as they were now four-time champions as a team. They later lost their titles in a table match where Kofi Kingston was unfortunately injured. He took a break from wrestling for a while and returned to win another tag team event. In 2021 Kofi was drafted into Smackdown again.

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Other than wrestling Kofi Kingston has made appearances on a Disney sitcom and a television show called Let’s Make A Deal. He also has made cameos on YouTube although he does not own a channel.

What Is Kofi Kingston Net Worth?

Kofi Kingston currently has a net worth of three million dollars. This net worth is solely from his career in wrestling. He has been in the field of wrestling for over ten years and as a result makes a substantial amount of money from his appearances and events. He also earns money through brand deals and promotions.

How Kofi Kingston Spends His Money?

Kofi Kingston managed to keep a fairly low profile for a celebrity. He however has been known to spend money on his home and car. Kofi’s home is his biggest purchase to date at almost five hundred thousand dollars. He also spends money on traveling to various events and his living accommodations.

Interesting Facts

  • Kofi Kingston is currently married to a woman named Kori Kingston. The couple have two sons together: Kee Sarkodie-Mensah and Orion Sarkodie-Mensah.