King Cid Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

King Cid Net Worth, Age, Height

King Cid

Net Worth: $500,000
Birthday: Aug 26, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5.8 feet (178cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Youtuber
Instagram @_kingcid
Last Updated: June, 2023

King Cid is a 21-year-old American YouTuber and internet personality. He is known for his bold and energetic personality and this is what has made him a successful internet personality. Apart from having over 2.5 million subscribers, he also has a huge following on TikTok and Instagram. His content is about challenges, pranks, and comedy. Cid started his YouTube channel in 2011 but did not post a single video until 2018. He started by creating challenges but his content has evolved over time to pranks and comedy. King Cid has a net worth of $500,000 in 2023 and he has made all this money in about three years with his internet persona.

How Did King Cid Become Rich?

Cid is not yet a millionaire but he is definitely on his way to making millions. He is in his early 20s and most of his age mates are still in college so he is definitely considered rich among his peers. Just like any other teenager, Cid took his first job at a call center. This was an entry-level job but he soon decided to quit doing it and focused on creating videos after reaching 5000 subscribers.

Since he was young, King Cid always loved entertaining people and playing basketball. However, he did not manage to make it on his high school basketball so he decided to focus on creating YouTube videos. He is currently known as the most successful YouTube content creator in the pranks niche.

He started created videos in October 2018 but his first successful video was in August 2019. This was a challenge video on the last person to kneel on rice wins $10,000. He has since continued to upload prank and challenge videos and became very successful on it. Cid is now doing collaborations with some of the most successful Youtubers and internet personalities in the space.

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What Is King Cid Net Worth?

King Cid has a net worth of $500,000 he built up for his internet personality and content creation career. However, he has managed to diversify his income over different platforms to gain maximum success and profits. In 2021, his YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers. The channel gets close to 200,000 views per day and this translated to around $1600 per day. This is good money from his YouTube channel considering that he also has other income streams.

He makes money from brand endorsements and collaborations.  Cid has a huge following on YouTube but also has a large Instagram audience. He uses his social media space to collaborate with brands and also makes money from it. King Cid charges about $3000 for every single post that he makes on Instagram for brands. This is added to his income and certainly his net worth.

King Cid is a fashionable guy. He recently started an apparel clothing company that was registered in October of 2020. The company has not yet received a lot of media press and popularity but it is likely to launch shortly. Since he is passionate about fashion, this company will add a huge income to his net worth.

Cid has recently added the title rapper and musician to his profile. He released his first single Bosses Take Losses and it was a huge success. The music is available on apple music for downloads. King Cid has launched his music career and he is becoming successful at it. His rap and music career is likely to increase his income and add to his net worth.

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Apart from his main YouTube channel, he started another channel called King Cid Vlogs. This is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to his vlogging videos. Despite being a new channel, it has grown to over 270,000 subscribers. This will be a good addition to his net worth and income. His income will continue to grow as this new channel continues to earn money.

How King Cid Spends His Money?

King Cid spends a lot of money on his looks. He loves looking good and he is a very stylish guy. Cid spends some of his money to look good and he is seen wearing stylish clothes. He also wears design brands like Gucci. It is clear that he spends a significant amount of money on buying clothes and shoes.

Cid also spends good money on content creation. His YouTube videos are elaborate and he likely spends money to create them. In most of the challenges, he gives the winners money and this adds to the amount of money that he spends to create content.

He revealed in a video that he bought a brand new car that was custom-made. The red Mercedes Benz looks luxurious and he shared the news and even drove with fans in a YouTube video. King Cid is young and he definitely loves cars so this was a proud purchase for him.

He has also shown a video of his new crib. It is not known whether he rents or owns the place but it is definitely a luxurious apartment with everything that he needs. He lives a luxurious life and he shares it with his fans on YouTube.

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Interesting Facts

  • His parents are from the Dominican Republic although he is an American born in the United States. He also has three siblings that he frequently talks about. His mom has appeared on his YouTube channel severally so it means that his family supports the work he does to create content.
  • In 2021, King Cid is not dating anyone. He has had former girlfriends Dymond Flawless and Bre both of who are famous in the internet personality scene. Cid broke up with his latest girlfriend Bre after he caught her in a hotel with another man.
  • He lives a flashy lifestyle on Instagram. He loves fashion and he is always showcasing different fashion designer brands. On his page, you can see flashy cars and shopping bags with luxury designer brands. He also lives showcasing dollar bills on his Instagram. Cid has started living the rapper lifestyle.
  • On November 4, 2022 King Cid was arrested for a prank 991 call.