Kaitlin Bennett Net Worth, Age, Height, Wealth (Updated 2022)

Kaitlin Bennett Net Worth, Age, Height

Kaitlin Bennett

Net Worth: $200,000
Birthday: Oct 15, 1995
Age: 26 years old
Height: 5.5 feet (167cm)
Birthplace: United States of America
Occupation: Activist
Instagram @kait.meow
Last Updated: October, 2022

Kaitlin Bennett is a right-wing, conservative, capitalist, gun rights activist and social media personality. Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth is 200,000 US dollars in 2022.

How Did Kaitlin Bennett Become Rich?

Kaitlin Marie Bennett was born in Zanesville, Ohio, in the USA, on October 15th 1995. Although her family members identify as Republicans, Bennett considers herself a Libertarian Conservative. She attended and graduated from university with a degree in biology in 2018.

Her graduation photo was one of the initial reasons for her gaining infamy; she posed with a gun in front of the university’s sign, her graduation cap sported the words ‘come and take it.’ She posted the picture on Twitter in May of 2018. Since then, it has amassed over 5,000 retweets, over 5,000 quote tweets and over 27,000 likes.

She was well-known for her gun rights activism and even organized an ‘open carry’ rally on Kent State University campus grounds; this resulted in the university ordering a cease-and-desist order against the event.

Bennett has been or is still also a correspondent and writer at organizations like InfoWars, San Luis Obispo Tribune, archive.is, libertyhangout.org, International Policy Digest and thegatewaypundit.com.

Kaitlin Bennett went viral on social media for her controversial interviews at liberal colleges. During the 2020 American presidential elections, she would interview random strangers on the streets, getting their opinions on their preferred candidate and why they were voting for that specific person. As a self-proclaimed right-wing conservative, she openly voiced her support for Donald Trump during these elections.

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Bennett’s career took off after 2019 due to appearing as a reporter on the Liberty Hangout YouTube channel. Liberal, moderate and left-wing Youtubers would respond and react to her street and college interviews. Well-known commentary channels like HasanAbi from YoungTurks critic her statements and often praise the people who challenge her views and opinions, but the audience that Bennett attracts are not just people who dislike her content; contrary to popular belief, Bennett has much support as well. She has amassed over 300,000 followers on Twitter, over 200,000 followers on Instagram, over 600,000 likes on Facebook and over 600,000 subscribers on the Liberty Hangout YouTube channel.

What Is Kaitlin Bennett Net Worth?

Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth is approximated at 200,000 US Dollars; most of the income comes from her work through social media. As a social media personality, her salary is estimated to be over 50,000 US Dollars a year.

Her YouTube channel, ‘Liberty Hangout’ also sells merchandise on the Liberty Hangout website, including branded bottles and men’s and women’s shirts with logos. The merchandise ranges from 15 US Dollars to 50 US Dollars.  She also has a Patreon account that charges around 30 US Dollars per membership.

Although YouTube social blade has reflected that the channel has been losing followers, it still takes around 600 US Dollars per video from sponsorships. YouTube monetization is between 100-400 US Dollars a month, meaning she and her husband make about 1200 US Dollars to 5000 US Dollars a year from the channel.

How Kaitlin Bennett Spends Her Money?

There is not much information about how Kaitlin Bennett spends her money, but after perusing her Instagram page, one can assume that it is spent on travelling, her previous wedding expenses, the house she lives in with her husband and her gun collection.

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As she is married to Moldow, she may help fund the expenses required by Liberty Hangout to pay employees or restock merchandise.

Interesting Facts

  • Bennett is referred to as a ‘gun girl’ by social media users and critics due to her gun-rights activism. She is primarily disliked for her skepticism about the holocaust happening, her transphobia, anti-Semitism, disfranchisement and even sexism – she claims that she is not a feminist and believes that women should play a submissive role prescribed by a patriarchal society.
  • Bennett became engaged to Justin Moldow, the founder of the YouTube channel ‘Liberty Hangout’, in 2019 and wed him later. They had previously worked together collaborating on article writing before Bennett started reporting for Liberty Hangout.
  • Bennett was excluded from a campaign event for Bernie Sanders due to her ties with Infowars; she is often criticized by right- and left-wing activists for her extreme ideologies and approach to sensitive topics of conversation.
  • In October 2017, she was forced to resign as president of the Kent State chapter of Turning Point USA, a well-known conservative non-profit organization founded in 2012.
  • Since 2020, some college campuses have banned her from visiting because students often protest her presence and students at Ohio University managed to get their administration to force her to leave. Bennett states that these protests violate her right to free speech and an apparent attempt by liberals to silence her opinion because it is contrary to their own.
  • On December 9, 2021 Kaitlin Bennett has announced in her Twitter that she is pregnant with a baby.